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Lineup Changes

Ariella Ferrera's 16 - James Nicola

BenchedRBChris Thompson, WASOwnerWed Oct 16 12:25am ET
BenchedDEFJacksonville Jaguars, JACOwnerWed Oct 16 12:25am ET
StartedRBJosh Jacobs, OAKOwnerWed Oct 16 12:25am ET
StartedDEFBuffalo Bills, BUFOwnerWed Oct 16 12:25am ET

Big Papas Patriots AA30-4 2 - Thomas Fiori

BenchedRBChristian McCaffrey, CAROwnerThu Oct 17 10:05am ET
BenchedTEVance McDonald, PITOwnerThu Oct 17 10:05am ET
StartedRBDamien Williams, KANOwnerThu Oct 17 10:05am ET
StartedTEDawson Knox , BUFOwnerThu Oct 17 10:05am ET

Dice man 40 - Larry Drashner

BenchedRBAdrian Peterson, WASOwnerThu Oct 17 1:28pm ET
StartedRBDavid Montgomery, CHIOwnerThu Oct 17 1:28pm ET

Lost in Pigskins - david stanczyk

BenchedQBMatthew Stafford, DETOwnerThu Oct 17 6:48am ET
StartedQBJacoby Brissett, INDOwnerThu Oct 17 6:48am ET
BenchedQBKyle Allen, CAROwnerTue Oct 15 7:54am ET
BenchedRBJames Conner, PITOwnerTue Oct 15 7:54am ET
BenchedWRChris Godwin, TAMOwnerTue Oct 15 7:54am ET
BenchedTEWill Dissly, SEAOwnerTue Oct 15 7:54am ET
BenchedDEFPhiladelphia Eagles, PHIOwnerTue Oct 15 7:54am ET
StartedQBMatthew Stafford, DETOwnerTue Oct 15 7:54am ET
StartedRBRoyce Freeman, DENOwnerTue Oct 15 7:54am ET
StartedWRMecole Hardman, KANOwnerTue Oct 15 7:54am ET
StartedTEHunter Henry, LACOwnerTue Oct 15 7:54am ET
StartedDEFChicago Bears, CHIOwnerTue Oct 15 7:54am ET

Mer2 - Michael Richmer

BenchedQBAaron Rodgers, GNBOwnerSat Oct 19 9:00am ET
StartedQBKyler Murray, ARIOwnerSat Oct 19 9:00am ET
StartedTEJordan Akins, HOUOwnerSat Oct 19 9:00am ET
BenchedWRMike Evans, TAMOwnerTue Oct 15 9:42am ET
BenchedTEGreg Olsen, CAROwnerTue Oct 15 9:42am ET
StartedRBMarlon Mack, INDOwnerTue Oct 15 9:42am ET
StartedTET.J. Hockenson, DETOwnerTue Oct 15 9:42am ET

NERD A2 - Michael Lott

StartedKBrandon McManus, DENCommissionerThu Oct 17 5:00am ET
BenchedRBJames White, NWEOwnerWed Oct 16 4:49pm ET
StartedRBSaquon Barkley, NYGOwnerWed Oct 16 4:49pm ET
BenchedKMatt Gay, TAMOwnerTue Oct 15 11:16am ET

PEGS71 - Patricia Pegelow

BenchedRBJordan Howard, PHIOwnerSat Oct 19 12:04pm ET
StartedRBTodd Gurley, LAROwnerSat Oct 19 12:04pm ET
BenchedTEDelanie Walker, TENOwnerThu Oct 17 2:17pm ET
StartedTEDarren Fells, HOUOwnerThu Oct 17 2:17pm ET
BenchedWRMohamed Sanu, ATLOwnerTue Oct 15 8:25am ET
StartedWRT Y Hilton, INDOwnerTue Oct 15 8:25am ET

RB AA 1 - Cody Gibson

StartedDEFNew Orleans Saints, NOROwnerSat Oct 19 10:43am ET
BenchedRBMalcolm Brown, LAROwnerTue Oct 15 9:30am ET
StartedRBCarlos Hyde, HOUOwnerTue Oct 15 9:30am ET
BenchedTEJared Cook, NOROwnerTue Oct 15 9:29am ET
StartedTEEvan Engram, NYGOwnerTue Oct 15 9:29am ET

seantaylor26 - brandon peck

BenchedWRA.J. Green, CINOwnerThu Oct 17 7:40am ET
StartedWRRobby Anderson, NYJOwnerThu Oct 17 7:40am ET
BenchedRBKenyan Drake, MIAOwnerWed Oct 16 10:55am ET
BenchedWRD.J. Moore, CAROwnerWed Oct 16 10:55am ET
BenchedWRJuJu Smith-Schuster, PITOwnerWed Oct 16 10:55am ET
StartedWRA.J. Green, CINOwnerWed Oct 16 10:55am ET
StartedWRAllen Robinson, CHIOwnerWed Oct 16 10:55am ET
StartedTEDarren Waller, OAKOwnerWed Oct 16 10:55am ET

Shower Power AA 2 - Justin Bander

BenchedWROdell Beckham Jr., CLECommissionerThu Oct 17 4:43am ET

Thatguy2222 - rodney tate

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

The Shield 1 - Lawernce Hadley

BenchedRBAlvin Kamara, NOROwnerSat Oct 19 5:43pm ET
StartedWRDede Westbrook, JACOwnerSat Oct 19 5:43pm ET
StartedKMike Nugent, NWEOwnerSat Oct 19 5:43pm ET
BenchedTEO.J. Howard, TAMOwnerFri Oct 18 3:35pm ET
StartedTEMark Andrews, BALOwnerFri Oct 18 3:35pm ET
BenchedWRDede Westbrook, JACOwnerFri Oct 18 3:34pm ET
StartedWRJohn Brown, BUFOwnerFri Oct 18 3:34pm ET