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Lineup Changes

Big Papas Patriots AA30-9 1 - Thomas Fiori

BenchedWRKenny Golladay, DETOwnerTue Dec 3 11:19pm ET
BenchedTEDallas Goedert, PHIOwnerTue Dec 3 11:19pm ET
StartedWRAlshon Jeffery, PHIOwnerTue Dec 3 11:19pm ET
StartedTEJack Doyle, INDOwnerTue Dec 3 11:19pm ET

Cash Money Brothers - Artavesis Baker

BenchedTEGreg Olsen, CAROwnerThu Dec 5 5:38pm ET
BenchedKMason Crosby, GNBOwnerThu Dec 5 5:38pm ET
StartedTEKyle Rudolph, MINOwnerThu Dec 5 5:38pm ET
StartedKJosh Lambo, JACOwnerThu Dec 5 5:38pm ET

Chicago Blitz - mauro dandrea

BenchedTEJimmy Graham, GNBOwnerWed Dec 4 10:05pm ET
StartedTETyler Higbee, LAROwnerWed Dec 4 10:05pm ET

Dice man 59 - Larry Drashner

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Draft Machine - jeremy Brock

BenchedRBPhillip Lindsay, DENOwnerThu Dec 5 7:03pm ET
StartedTEEvan Engram, NYGOwnerThu Dec 5 7:03pm ET

Flood City 22 - Edward Early

BenchedRBBo Scarbrough, DETOwnerThu Dec 5 4:14pm ET
StartedRBPatrick Laird, MIAOwnerThu Dec 5 4:14pm ET
BenchedQBRussell Wilson, SEAOwnerWed Dec 4 8:07pm ET
StartedQBDak Prescott, DALOwnerWed Dec 4 8:07pm ET
BenchedWRA.J. Brown, TENOwnerTue Dec 3 2:05pm ET
StartedRBBo Scarbrough, DETOwnerTue Dec 3 2:05pm ET

Mr. Randy Watson - S+ - Jughead

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

NERD B0 - Michael Lott

BenchedWRJohn Brown, BUFOwnerWed Dec 4 9:11am ET
StartedRBDerrius Guice, WASOwnerWed Dec 4 9:11am ET


BenchedWROdell Beckham Jr., CLEOwnerThu Dec 5 11:46am ET
StartedQBPhilip Rivers, LACOwnerThu Dec 5 11:46am ET
StartedWRDeVante Parker, MIAOwnerThu Dec 5 11:46am ET

Roethlisbergers and Paradise! (AA1) - Donald Wilson

BenchedDEFPittsburgh Steelers, PITOwnerThu Dec 5 2:58pm ET
StartedDEFNew York Jets, NYJOwnerThu Dec 5 2:58pm ET

Say What - Vincent Trigg

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Thunder v5 - Kyle James

BenchedQBJacoby Brissett, INDOwnerThu Dec 5 1:21pm ET
StartedQBRyan Tannehill, TENOwnerThu Dec 5 1:21pm ET
BenchedQBDerek Carr, OAKOwnerWed Dec 4 12:06pm ET
StartedQBJacoby Brissett, INDOwnerWed Dec 4 12:06pm ET