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Any Given Sunday
FFL: Week 5 | NFL: Week 5

Lineup Changes

08 Dominosaurus -

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

11 Angry Men - Donald Tuohy

BenchedQBJared Goff DETOwnerThu Oct 6 2:18am ET
BenchedRBAntonio Gibson WASOwnerThu Oct 6 2:18am ET
StartedQBKirk Cousins MINOwnerThu Oct 6 2:18am ET
StartedRBChase Edmonds MIAOwnerThu Oct 6 2:18am ET

Compromised -

BenchedRBKhalil Herbert CHIOwnerThu Oct 6 7:46am ET
StartedRBRashaad Penny SEAOwnerThu Oct 6 7:46am ET
StartedRBDameon Pierce HOUOwnerThu Oct 6 7:46am ET

CPA14 - Brad Whitten

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Crap Nuts AA20 -

BenchedRBJames Robinson JAXOwnerThu Oct 6 5:24am ET
StartedRBMiles Sanders PHIOwnerThu Oct 6 5:24am ET
BenchedWRCurtis Samuel WASOwnerThu Oct 6 5:24am ET
StartedQBZach Wilson NYJOwnerThu Oct 6 5:24am ET
StartedWRChris Godwin TBOwnerThu Oct 6 5:24am ET

Orangecrush AA056 -

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

rbwr - Chris Peterson

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Sheba's dream team - James Finfinger

BenchedRBJonathan Taylor INDOwnerWed Oct 5 2:32pm ET
StartedWRTyler Boyd CINOwnerWed Oct 5 2:32pm ET

Sidewinding Polecat - Donald Burke

BenchedRBCordarrelle Patterson ATLOwnerTue Oct 4 9:34am ET
StartedWRDarnell Mooney CHIOwnerTue Oct 4 9:34am ET

Sixteen -

BenchedTEDalton Schultz DALOwnerTue Oct 4 11:19pm ET
StartedTETyler Conklin NYJOwnerTue Oct 4 11:19pm ET

Tefl-Andres - Jared Morgan

BenchedRBTony Pollard DALOwnerThu Oct 6 7:37pm ET
StartedWRMarquise Brown ARIOwnerThu Oct 6 7:37pm ET

Toe Drag Swag -

BenchedKEvan McPherson CINOwnerThu Oct 6 3:10pm ET
StartedDEFDenver Broncos DENOwnerThu Oct 6 2:01am ET