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Lineup Changes

Belushi Unveils Futaba - Rick Edwards

BenchedKDan Bailey, MINOwnerFri Sep 20 7:59pm ET
StartedKJustin Tucker, BALOwnerFri Sep 20 7:59pm ET
BenchedRBDuke Johnson, HOUOwnerThu Sep 19 10:22pm ET
BenchedWRTyrell Williams, OAKOwnerThu Sep 19 10:22pm ET
BenchedKJustin Tucker, BALOwnerThu Sep 19 10:22pm ET
StartedRBDavid Montgomery, CHIOwnerThu Sep 19 10:22pm ET
StartedRBDarwin Thompson, KANOwnerThu Sep 19 10:22pm ET
StartedKDan Bailey, MINOwnerThu Sep 19 10:22pm ET

Buh-wheat's O-Tay Teem! - Randall Cox

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Cheeboogie Favors Pepsi - John Cooper

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Farley Was Here - Gary Anderson

BenchedRBDevin Singletary, BUFOwnerThu Sep 19 4:48pm ET
BenchedDEFHouston Texans, HOUOwnerThu Sep 19 4:48pm ET
StartedWRTyler Boyd, CINOwnerThu Sep 19 4:48pm ET
StartedDEFSan Francisco 49ers, SFOOwnerThu Sep 19 4:48pm ET
BenchedQBJameis Winston, TAMOwnerWed Sep 18 10:14pm ET
StartedQBPhilip Rivers, LACOwnerWed Sep 18 10:14pm ET

Garth Knows Winning - Gary Webb

BenchedRBTarik Cohen, CHIOwnerWed Sep 18 6:32am ET
StartedWRMarquise Goodwin, SFOOwnerWed Sep 18 6:32am ET

It's Always Something - Jim Davis

BenchedKMatt Prater, DETCommissionerTue Sep 17 7:31am ET
BenchedDEFIndianapolis Colts, INDCommissionerTue Sep 17 7:31am ET
StartedKAustin Seibert, CLECommissionerTue Sep 17 7:31am ET
StartedDEFJacksonville Jaguars, JACCommissionerTue Sep 17 7:31am ET

Jesting Church Lady - John Lyons

BenchedWRDeSean Jackson, PHIOwnerWed Sep 18 10:47am ET
BenchedKStephen Gostkowski, NWEOwnerWed Sep 18 10:47am ET
BenchedDEFBaltimore Ravens, BALOwnerWed Sep 18 10:47am ET
StartedWRMike Williams, LACOwnerWed Sep 18 10:47am ET
StartedKBrett Maher, DALOwnerWed Sep 18 10:47am ET
StartedDEFSeattle Seahawks, SEAOwnerWed Sep 18 10:47am ET

Katana Samurai Assurance - Gary Kattman

StartedWRD.J. Chark, JACOwnerThu Sep 19 4:55pm ET
BenchedDEFLos Angeles Chargers, LACOwnerThu Sep 19 12:01pm ET
StartedDEFGreen Bay Packers, GNBOwnerThu Sep 19 12:01pm ET

Needs More Cowbell - Paul Bartal

BenchedDEFDenver Broncos, DENOwnerThu Sep 19 10:14am ET
StartedDEFAtlanta Falcons, ATLOwnerThu Sep 19 10:14am ET

No Coke, Pepsi! - Hu Smith

BenchedRBLeSean McCoy, KANOwnerThu Sep 19 5:19pm ET
BenchedWRCurtis Samuel, CAROwnerThu Sep 19 5:19pm ET
BenchedDEFChicago Bears, CHIOwnerThu Sep 19 5:19pm ET
StartedQBJacoby Brissett, INDOwnerThu Sep 19 5:19pm ET
StartedRBChris Thompson, WASOwnerThu Sep 19 5:19pm ET
StartedWRTerry McLaurin, WASOwnerThu Sep 19 5:19pm ET
StartedDEFNew England Patriots, NWEOwnerThu Sep 19 5:19pm ET

Shards Of Glass - Rick Leicht

BenchedRBDamien Williams, KANOwnerFri Sep 20 8:09pm ET
StartedRBJordan Howard, PHIOwnerFri Sep 20 8:09pm ET
BenchedWRAntonio Brown, ---OwnerFri Sep 20 8:07pm ET
StartedWRJohn Ross, CINOwnerFri Sep 20 8:07pm ET
BenchedRBGiovani Bernard, CINOwnerTue Sep 17 8:40am ET
BenchedRBKenyan Drake, MIAOwnerTue Sep 17 8:40am ET
BenchedRBJordan Howard, PHIOwnerTue Sep 17 8:40am ET
BenchedWRAlshon Jeffery, PHIOwnerTue Sep 17 8:40am ET
StartedRBJoe Mixon, CINOwnerTue Sep 17 8:40am ET
StartedWRAntonio Brown, ---OwnerTue Sep 17 8:40am ET
StartedWRCooper Kupp, LAROwnerTue Sep 17 8:40am ET
StartedWREmmanuel Sanders, DENOwnerTue Sep 17 8:40am ET

The Motivational Speaker - Ray Alker

BenchedTEGeorge Kittle, SFOOwnerThu Sep 19 11:44am ET
StartedRBPeyton Barber, TAMOwnerThu Sep 19 11:44am ET