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GSOFFL Est. 2010
FFL: Week 8 | NFL: Week 8

Lineup Changes

Boss Blunder Boy - Gary Kattman

BenchedRBJ.D. McKissic WASOwnerWed Oct 28 4:46pm ET
BenchedKZane Gonzalez ARIOwnerWed Oct 28 4:46pm ET
BenchedDEFCleveland Browns CLEOwnerWed Oct 28 4:46pm ET
StartedRBLe'Veon Bell KANOwnerWed Oct 28 4:46pm ET
StartedKStephen Gostkowski TENOwnerWed Oct 28 4:46pm ET
StartedDEFPittsburgh Steelers PITOwnerWed Oct 28 4:46pm ET

Brighto's Ultimate Failure - Rick Edwards

BenchedRBPhillip Lindsay DENOwnerTue Oct 27 2:58pm ET
BenchedWRDeAndre Hopkins ARIOwnerTue Oct 27 2:58pm ET
BenchedKGreg Zuerlein DALOwnerTue Oct 27 2:58pm ET
StartedRBLa'Mical Perine NYJOwnerTue Oct 27 2:58pm ET
StartedWRAdam Thielen MINOwnerTue Oct 27 2:58pm ET
StartedKTyler Bass BUFOwnerTue Oct 27 2:58pm ET

Curly Finger Poke - John Cooper

BenchedQBMatthew Stafford DETOwnerThu Oct 29 7:31pm ET
BenchedWRJohn Brown BUFOwnerThu Oct 29 7:31pm ET
BenchedKAustin Seibert CINOwnerThu Oct 29 7:31pm ET
StartedQBLamar Jackson BALOwnerThu Oct 29 7:31pm ET
StartedWRJustin Jefferson MINOwnerThu Oct 29 7:31pm ET
StartedKDan Bailey MINOwnerThu Oct 29 7:31pm ET

Dewey, Cheatam, and Howe - Randall Cox

BenchedWRBrandin Cooks HOUOwnerThu Oct 29 11:20am ET
StartedRBJordan Howard MIAOwnerThu Oct 29 11:20am ET
BenchedWRD.J. Chark JACOwnerThu Oct 29 11:19am ET
StartedWRBrandin Cooks HOUOwnerThu Oct 29 11:19am ET
BenchedWRBrandin Cooks HOUOwnerThu Oct 29 11:19am ET
StartedWRCurtis Samuel CAROwnerThu Oct 29 11:19am ET
BenchedRBKenyan Drake ARIOwnerThu Oct 29 11:11am ET
StartedRBLeonard Fournette TAMOwnerThu Oct 29 11:11am ET

Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk - Paul Bartal

BenchedQBDeshaun Watson HOUOwnerWed Oct 28 6:16pm ET
BenchedWRDarius Slayton NYGOwnerWed Oct 28 6:16pm ET
BenchedKRyan Succop TAMOwnerWed Oct 28 6:16pm ET
BenchedDEFNew York Giants NYGOwnerWed Oct 28 6:16pm ET
StartedQBJared Goff LAROwnerWed Oct 28 6:16pm ET
StartedRBDalvin Cook MINOwnerWed Oct 28 6:16pm ET
StartedKJustin Tucker BALOwnerWed Oct 28 6:16pm ET
StartedDEFGreen Bay Packers GNBOwnerWed Oct 28 6:16pm ET

Pardon My Backfire - Jim Davis

BenchedRBAdrian Peterson DETCommissionerWed Oct 28 4:15pm ET
BenchedKMichael Badgley LACCommissionerWed Oct 28 4:15pm ET
StartedWRTravis Fulgham PHICommissionerWed Oct 28 4:15pm ET
StartedKJake Elliott PHICommissionerWed Oct 28 4:15pm ET
BenchedWRJamison Crowder NYJCommissionerTue Oct 27 12:33pm ET
StartedTEMark Andrews BALCommissionerTue Oct 27 12:33pm ET

Press, Press, Pull - Hu Smith

BenchedKMason Crosby GNBOwnerThu Oct 29 7:37pm ET
StartedKJason Sanders MIAOwnerThu Oct 29 7:37pm ET
BenchedRBAntonio Gibson WASOwnerTue Oct 27 7:05pm ET
BenchedWRMichael Gallup DALOwnerTue Oct 27 7:05pm ET
StartedRBJ.K. Dobbins BALOwnerTue Oct 27 7:05pm ET
StartedWRHenry Ruggs III LVOwnerTue Oct 27 7:05pm ET

Ray's Dizzy Doctors - Ray Alker

BenchedWRKeelan Cole JACOwnerThu Oct 29 5:48pm ET
StartedWRChase Claypool PITOwnerThu Oct 29 5:48pm ET
BenchedWRChase Claypool PITOwnerThu Oct 29 5:47pm ET
StartedRBJamaal Williams GNBOwnerThu Oct 29 5:47pm ET

Stooges Leichts Out - Rick Leicht

BenchedWRMarvin Jones DETOwnerThu Oct 29 6:14am ET
StartedWRNelson Agholor LVOwnerThu Oct 29 6:14am ET
BenchedKMatt Prater DETOwnerWed Oct 28 7:12pm ET
StartedKHarrison Butker KANOwnerWed Oct 28 7:12pm ET
BenchedWRLaviska Shenault Jr. JACOwnerWed Oct 28 6:18am ET
BenchedDEFWashington FB Team WASOwnerWed Oct 28 6:18am ET
StartedRBJonathan Taylor INDOwnerWed Oct 28 6:18am ET
StartedDEFIndianapolis Colts INDOwnerWed Oct 28 6:18am ET

Victim of Circumstance - John Lyons

StartedDEFNew Orleans Saints NOROwnerFri Oct 30 6:49am ET
BenchedDEFLos Angeles Rams LAROwnerFri Oct 30 6:49am ET
StartedRBGus Edwards BALOwnerFri Oct 30 6:49am ET
BenchedRBJoe Mixon CINOwnerFri Oct 30 6:49am ET
StartedTEDarren Waller LVOwnerThu Oct 29 5:36am ET
StartedRBJoe Mixon CINOwnerTue Oct 27 6:43pm ET
BenchedRBChris Carson SEAOwnerTue Oct 27 6:43pm ET
StartedWRAlshon Jeffery PHIOwnerTue Oct 27 7:56am ET
StartedQBJoe Burrow CINOwnerTue Oct 27 7:56am ET
BenchedWRTerry McLaurin WASOwnerTue Oct 27 7:56am ET
BenchedQBCam Newton NWEOwnerTue Oct 27 7:56am ET

Whoop, Whoop, Soitenly! - Gary Anderson

BenchedQBKyler Murray ARIOwnerThu Oct 29 7:56am ET
StartedWRDiontae Johnson PITOwnerThu Oct 29 7:56am ET
StartedRBKe'Shawn Vaughn TAMOwnerThu Oct 29 7:56am ET
StartedRBMyles Gaskin MIAOwnerThu Oct 29 7:56am ET
StartedQBTom Brady TAMOwnerThu Oct 29 7:56am ET
BenchedWRChristian Kirk ARIOwnerThu Oct 29 7:56am ET
BenchedWRChris Godwin TAMOwnerThu Oct 29 7:56am ET
BenchedWRWill Fuller HOUOwnerThu Oct 29 7:56am ET
BenchedRBDavid Johnson HOUOwnerThu Oct 29 7:56am ET
StartedWRJuJu Smith-Schuster PITOwnerThu Oct 29 7:56am ET

Why I Oughta - Kyle Webb

BenchedWRAntonio Brown TAMOwnerThu Oct 29 7:53pm ET
StartedWRDeVante Parker MIAOwnerThu Oct 29 7:53pm ET
BenchedRBJames Robinson JACOwnerThu Oct 29 7:53pm ET
StartedRBBoston Scott PHIOwnerThu Oct 29 7:53pm ET
StartedWRAntonio Brown TAMOwnerThu Oct 29 7:53pm ET