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Lineup Changes

Belushi Unveils Futaba - Rick Edwards

BenchedWRDavante Adams, GNBOwnerThu Oct 10 6:41pm ET
StartedRBAlexander Mattison, MINOwnerThu Oct 10 6:41pm ET
BenchedRBDavid Montgomery, CHIOwnerTue Oct 8 8:42am ET
BenchedTEDarren Waller, OAKOwnerTue Oct 8 8:42am ET
BenchedDEFKansas City Chiefs, KANOwnerTue Oct 8 8:42am ET
StartedRBRashaad Penny, SEAOwnerTue Oct 8 8:42am ET
StartedWRDavante Adams, GNBOwnerTue Oct 8 8:42am ET
StartedDEFDallas Cowboys, DALOwnerTue Oct 8 8:42am ET

Buh-wheat's O-Tay Teem! - Randall Cox

BenchedRBJosh Jacobs, OAKOwnerWed Oct 9 6:51pm ET
StartedRBCarlos Hyde, HOUOwnerWed Oct 9 6:51pm ET

Cheeboogie Favors Pepsi - John Cooper

BenchedRBWayne Gallman, NYGOwnerWed Oct 9 7:32pm ET
StartedWRMarquise Brown, BALOwnerWed Oct 9 7:32pm ET

Farley Was Here - Gary Anderson

BenchedQBPhilip Rivers, LACOwnerFri Oct 11 8:55pm ET
StartedQBCase Keenum, WASOwnerFri Oct 11 8:55pm ET
BenchedWRCorey Davis, TENOwnerWed Oct 9 10:55pm ET
StartedRBAdrian Peterson, WASOwnerWed Oct 9 10:55pm ET
BenchedRBAdrian Peterson, WASOwnerTue Oct 8 8:53pm ET
BenchedKSteven Hauschka, BUFOwnerTue Oct 8 8:53pm ET
StartedRBKerryon Johnson, DETOwnerTue Oct 8 8:53pm ET
StartedKAldrick Rosas, NYGOwnerTue Oct 8 8:53pm ET

Garth Knows Winning - Gary Webb

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

It's Always Something - Jim Davis

BenchedDEFIndianapolis Colts, INDCommissionerThu Oct 10 7:36pm ET
StartedDEFJacksonville Jaguars, JACCommissionerThu Oct 10 7:36pm ET
BenchedWRMarvin Jones, DETCommissionerThu Oct 10 10:05am ET
BenchedKAustin Seibert, CLECommissionerThu Oct 10 10:05am ET
StartedRBTevin Coleman, SFOCommissionerThu Oct 10 10:05am ET
StartedKMatt Prater, DETCommissionerThu Oct 10 10:05am ET
BenchedDEFJacksonville Jaguars, JACCommissionerThu Oct 10 8:27am ET
StartedDEFIndianapolis Colts, INDCommissionerThu Oct 10 8:27am ET
BenchedWRDante Pettis, SFOCommissionerWed Oct 9 10:09am ET
StartedWRMarvin Jones, DETCommissionerWed Oct 9 10:09am ET

Jesting Church Lady - John Lyons

BenchedWRSammy Watkins, KANOwnerWed Oct 9 6:58am ET
StartedWRCalvin Ridley, ATLOwnerWed Oct 9 6:58am ET

Katana Samurai Assurance - Gary Kattman

BenchedWRT Y Hilton, INDOwnerThu Oct 10 10:10am ET
StartedRBChase Edmonds, ARIOwnerThu Oct 10 10:10am ET

Needs More Cowbell - Paul Bartal

BenchedRBTodd Gurley, LAROwnerSun Oct 13 12:03pm ET
StartedWRGeronimo Allison, GNBOwnerSun Oct 13 12:03pm ET
BenchedRBJames White, NWEOwnerWed Oct 9 10:03pm ET
StartedRBMatt Breida, SFOOwnerWed Oct 9 10:03pm ET
BenchedRBMatt Breida, SFOOwnerWed Oct 9 10:02pm ET
BenchedWRPhillip Dorsett, NWEOwnerWed Oct 9 10:02pm ET
BenchedDEFTampa Bay Buccaneers, TAMOwnerWed Oct 9 10:02pm ET
StartedWRWill Fuller, HOUOwnerWed Oct 9 10:02pm ET
StartedWRKenny Golladay, DETOwnerWed Oct 9 10:02pm ET
StartedDEFAtlanta Falcons, ATLOwnerWed Oct 9 10:02pm ET

No Coke, Pepsi! - Hu Smith

BenchedQBJacoby Brissett, INDOwnerThu Oct 10 9:10pm ET
StartedQBGardner Minshew II, JACOwnerThu Oct 10 9:10pm ET

Shards Of Glass - Rick Leicht

BenchedWRAlshon Jeffery, PHIOwnerThu Oct 10 10:21am ET
StartedTEWill Dissly, SEAOwnerThu Oct 10 10:21am ET

The Motivational Speaker - Ray Alker

BenchedQBPatrick Mahomes, KANOwnerTue Oct 8 7:52am ET
StartedQBRussell Wilson, SEAOwnerTue Oct 8 7:52am ET