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FFL: Playoff Week 2 | NFL: Week 15

Lineup Changes

"G" $ - Gary Morris

BenchedRBPeyton Barber, TAMOwnerFri Dec 13 11:57pm ET
StartedWRAdam Thielen, MINOwnerFri Dec 13 11:57pm ET
BenchedRBJordan Howard, PHIOwnerWed Dec 11 12:53am ET
BenchedDEFLos Angeles Rams, LAROwnerWed Dec 11 12:53am ET
StartedRBPeyton Barber, TAMOwnerWed Dec 11 12:53am ET
StartedDEFNew England Patriots, NWEOwnerWed Dec 11 12:53am ET
BenchedWRMarvin Jones, DETOwnerWed Dec 11 12:49am ET
BenchedTEVance McDonald, PITOwnerWed Dec 11 12:49am ET
StartedRBJordan Howard, PHIOwnerWed Dec 11 12:49am ET
StartedTEAustin Hooper, ATLOwnerWed Dec 11 12:49am ET

BellFour Gurley - Evan Huff

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Fire Byrds - Jay Youmans

BenchedTEDarren Waller, OAKOwnerWed Dec 11 8:01pm ET
BenchedDEFCleveland Browns, CLEOwnerWed Dec 11 8:01pm ET
StartedWRCourtland Sutton, DENOwnerWed Dec 11 8:01pm ET
StartedDEFSan Francisco 49ers, SFOOwnerWed Dec 11 8:01pm ET
BenchedRBNick Chubb, CLEOwnerTue Dec 10 4:21pm ET
StartedWRD.K. Metcalf, SEAOwnerTue Dec 10 4:21pm ET
BenchedWRD.K. Metcalf, SEAOwnerTue Dec 10 4:17pm ET
BenchedWRCourtland Sutton, DENOwnerTue Dec 10 4:17pm ET
StartedWRTyreek Hill, KANOwnerTue Dec 10 4:17pm ET
StartedTEDarren Waller, OAKOwnerTue Dec 10 4:17pm ET

Landsharks - Tom Tiernan

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Sunday Morning Call - keith russell

BenchedWRTyler Lockett, SEAOwnerTue Dec 10 1:20pm ET
StartedRBAlexander Mattison, MINOwnerTue Dec 10 1:20pm ET
BenchedWRMike Evans, TAMOwnerTue Dec 10 11:47am ET
StartedWRTyler Lockett, SEAOwnerTue Dec 10 11:47am ET

There's no place like Mahomes - Matthew McMullen

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Tittsburg Feelers - larry watkins

BenchedQBBaker Mayfield, CLEOwnerFri Dec 13 7:02am ET
StartedQBDrew Brees, NOROwnerFri Dec 13 7:02am ET

WEAK SAUCE - Mike McMullen

BenchedQBSam Darnold, NYJOwnerThu Dec 12 4:41pm ET
BenchedWRDavante Adams, GNBOwnerThu Dec 12 4:41pm ET
BenchedWRJarvis Landry, CLEOwnerThu Dec 12 4:41pm ET
BenchedTEHunter Henry, LACOwnerThu Dec 12 4:41pm ET
StartedQBGardner Minshew II, JACOwnerThu Dec 12 4:41pm ET
StartedWRD.J. Chark, JACOwnerThu Dec 12 4:41pm ET
StartedWRPhillip Dorsett, NWEOwnerThu Dec 12 4:41pm ET
StartedTEGeorge Kittle, SFOOwnerThu Dec 12 4:41pm ET