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A.W.F.F.L. Est. 2004
FFL: Week 2 | NFL: Week 2

Lineup Changes

"G" $ - Gary Morris

BenchedWRChris Godwin TAMOwnerSat Sep 19 12:59am ET
StartedWRDeSean Jackson PHIOwnerSat Sep 19 12:59am ET
BenchedWRKeenan Allen LACOwnerThu Sep 17 12:39am ET
StartedWRT Y Hilton INDOwnerThu Sep 17 12:39am ET
BenchedRBJames Conner PITOwnerThu Sep 17 12:37am ET
StartedRBAdrian Peterson DETOwnerThu Sep 17 12:37am ET

Attack Chihuahuas - Evan Huff

BenchedRBLe'Veon Bell NYJOwnerTue Sep 15 12:00pm ET
StartedWRJarvis Landry CLEOwnerTue Sep 15 12:00pm ET

Fire Byrds - Jay Youmans

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Landsharks - Tom Tiernan

BenchedQBBen Roethlisberger PITOwnerWed Sep 16 9:24am ET
BenchedRBMarlon Mack INDOwnerWed Sep 16 9:24am ET
BenchedDEFNew England Patriots NWEOwnerWed Sep 16 9:24am ET
StartedQBAaron Rodgers GNBOwnerWed Sep 16 9:24am ET
StartedWRTerry McLaurin WASOwnerWed Sep 16 9:24am ET
StartedDEFChicago Bears CHIOwnerWed Sep 16 9:24am ET

MAC the trophy hunter - Mike McMullen

BenchedTEGeorge Kittle SFOOwnerWed Sep 16 8:14am ET
BenchedDEFDallas Cowboys DALOwnerWed Sep 16 8:14am ET
StartedTEHunter Henry LACOwnerWed Sep 16 8:14am ET
StartedDEFSan Francisco 49ers SFOOwnerWed Sep 16 8:14am ET

Sunday Morning Call - keith russell

BenchedDEFDetroit Lions DETOwnerWed Sep 16 1:00pm ET
StartedDEFSeattle Seahawks SEAOwnerWed Sep 16 1:00pm ET
BenchedWRMichael Thomas NOROwnerWed Sep 16 12:58pm ET
StartedWRMike Evans TAMOwnerWed Sep 16 12:58pm ET

There's no place like Mahomes - Matthew McMullen

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Tittsburg Feelers - larry watkins

BenchedRBMelvin Gordon DENOwnerFri Sep 18 11:01am ET
StartedRBMiles Sanders PHIOwnerFri Sep 18 11:01am ET
BenchedWRJohn Brown BUFOwnerTue Sep 15 10:59pm ET
BenchedWRCeeDee Lamb DALOwnerTue Sep 15 10:59pm ET
BenchedTEZach Ertz PHIOwnerTue Sep 15 10:59pm ET
StartedRBJ.K. Dobbins BALOwnerTue Sep 15 10:59pm ET
StartedWREmmanuel Sanders NOROwnerTue Sep 15 10:59pm ET
StartedWRSammy Watkins KANOwnerTue Sep 15 10:59pm ET