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Lineup Changes

"G" $ - Gary Morris

BenchedRBJames White, NWEOwnerFri Sep 20 4:24pm ET
BenchedRBDamien Williams, KANOwnerFri Sep 20 4:24pm ET
StartedRBPeyton Barber, TAMOwnerFri Sep 20 4:24pm ET
StartedWRChris Godwin, TAMOwnerFri Sep 20 4:24pm ET

BellFour Gurley - Evan Huff

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Fire Byrds - Jay Youmans

BenchedTEO.J. Howard, TAMOwnerWed Sep 18 6:41am ET
StartedWRD.K. Metcalf, SEAOwnerWed Sep 18 6:41am ET

Landsharks - Tom Tiernan

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Mac The Trophy Hunter - Mike McMullen

BenchedWRDante Pettis, SFOOwnerSat Sep 21 12:23am ET
StartedWRJarvis Landry, CLEOwnerSat Sep 21 12:23am ET
BenchedRBDevin Singletary, BUFOwnerFri Sep 20 9:44pm ET
StartedRBAaron Jones, GNBOwnerFri Sep 20 9:44pm ET

Sunday Morning Call - keith russell

BenchedQBMarcus Mariota, TENOwnerThu Sep 19 7:56pm ET
BenchedTET.J. Hockenson, DETOwnerThu Sep 19 7:56pm ET
StartedQBDaniel Jones, NYGOwnerThu Sep 19 7:56pm ET
StartedWRMichael Thomas, NOROwnerThu Sep 19 7:56pm ET
BenchedWRMike Evans, TAMOwnerTue Sep 17 7:07pm ET
BenchedWRMichael Thomas, NOROwnerTue Sep 17 7:07pm ET
StartedWRKenny Golladay, DETOwnerTue Sep 17 7:07pm ET
StartedWRDeebo Samuel, SFOOwnerTue Sep 17 7:07pm ET

There's no place like Mahomes - Matthew McMullen

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Tittsburg Feelers - larry watkins

BenchedWRBrandin Cooks, LAROwnerFri Sep 20 12:42pm ET
StartedWRStefon Diggs, MINOwnerFri Sep 20 12:42pm ET
BenchedTEJimmy Graham, GNBOwnerFri Sep 20 11:23am ET
StartedTEJared Cook, NOROwnerFri Sep 20 11:23am ET
BenchedQBDrew Brees, NOROwnerTue Sep 17 10:45am ET
StartedQBBaker Mayfield, CLEOwnerTue Sep 17 10:45am ET