Guest of the League
A.W.F.F.L. Est. 2004
FFL: Week 8 | NFL: Week 8

Lineup Changes

"G" $ - Gary Morris

BenchedRBAdrian Peterson DETOwnerFri Oct 30 11:44am ET
StartedWRT Y Hilton INDOwnerFri Oct 30 11:44am ET
BenchedWRT Y Hilton INDOwnerWed Oct 28 9:41pm ET
StartedRBLeonard Fournette TAMOwnerWed Oct 28 9:41pm ET
BenchedWRChris Godwin TAMOwnerTue Oct 27 3:06pm ET
StartedWRT Y Hilton INDOwnerTue Oct 27 3:06pm ET
BenchedWRChristian Kirk ARIOwnerTue Oct 27 3:06pm ET
StartedWRAdam Thielen MINOwnerTue Oct 27 3:06pm ET

Attack Chihuahuas - Evan Huff

BenchedQBDeshaun Watson HOUOwnerWed Oct 28 2:37pm ET
BenchedWRAmari Cooper DALOwnerWed Oct 28 2:37pm ET
BenchedWRWill Fuller HOUOwnerWed Oct 28 2:37pm ET
BenchedTEAustin Hooper CLEOwnerWed Oct 28 2:37pm ET
StartedQBBaker Mayfield CLEOwnerWed Oct 28 2:37pm ET
StartedRBLe'Veon Bell KANOwnerWed Oct 28 2:37pm ET
StartedWRMarvin Jones DETOwnerWed Oct 28 2:37pm ET
StartedTEDevin Asiasi NWEOwnerWed Oct 28 2:37pm ET

Fire Byrds - Jay Youmans

BenchedRBJoshua Kelley LACOwnerThu Oct 29 12:14pm ET
BenchedKJake Elliott PHIOwnerThu Oct 29 12:14pm ET
StartedWRHenry Ruggs III LVOwnerThu Oct 29 12:14pm ET
StartedKRodrigo Blankenship INDOwnerThu Oct 29 12:14pm ET

Landsharks - Tom Tiernan

BenchedWRD.J. Chark JACOwnerTue Oct 27 10:43am ET
BenchedWRTerry McLaurin WASOwnerTue Oct 27 10:43am ET
BenchedTEDarren Fells HOUOwnerTue Oct 27 10:43am ET
BenchedKYounghoe Koo ATLOwnerTue Oct 27 10:43am ET
StartedRBClyde Edwards-Helaire KANOwnerTue Oct 27 10:43am ET
StartedWRTyler Boyd CINOwnerTue Oct 27 10:43am ET
StartedTERob Gronkowski TAMOwnerTue Oct 27 10:43am ET
StartedKJustin Tucker BALOwnerTue Oct 27 10:43am ET

MAC the trophy hunter - Mike McMullen

StartedDEFIndianapolis Colts INDOwnerThu Oct 29 9:16am ET
StartedTEJonnu Smith TENOwnerThu Oct 29 9:16am ET
StartedWRJulio Jones ATLOwnerThu Oct 29 9:16am ET
BenchedDEFDallas Cowboys DALOwnerThu Oct 29 9:16am ET
BenchedTEGeorge Kittle SFOOwnerThu Oct 29 9:16am ET
BenchedWRJustin Jefferson MINOwnerThu Oct 29 9:16am ET
StartedKRobbie Gould SFOOwnerTue Oct 27 9:21am ET
StartedWRD.J. Moore CAROwnerTue Oct 27 9:21am ET
StartedWRJustin Jefferson MINOwnerTue Oct 27 9:21am ET
StartedRBJonathan Taylor INDOwnerTue Oct 27 9:21am ET
StartedQBKirk Cousins MINOwnerTue Oct 27 9:21am ET
BenchedKDaniel Carlson LVOwnerTue Oct 27 9:21am ET
BenchedTEHunter Henry LACOwnerTue Oct 27 9:21am ET
BenchedWRJulio Jones ATLOwnerTue Oct 27 9:21am ET
BenchedRBDevin Singletary BUFOwnerTue Oct 27 9:21am ET
BenchedQBCam Newton NWEOwnerTue Oct 27 9:21am ET

Sunday Morning Call - keith russell

StartedRBZack Moss BUFOwnerTue Oct 27 9:33pm ET
StartedQBMatthew Stafford DETOwnerTue Oct 27 9:33pm ET
BenchedRBChase Edmonds ARIOwnerTue Oct 27 9:33pm ET
BenchedQBKyler Murray ARIOwnerTue Oct 27 9:33pm ET
StartedTEMark Andrews BALOwnerTue Oct 27 9:33pm ET
BenchedTELogan Thomas WASOwnerTue Oct 27 9:33pm ET
StartedWRMike Evans TAMOwnerTue Oct 27 9:33pm ET
StartedRBChase Edmonds ARIOwnerTue Oct 27 9:33pm ET
StartedQBRyan Tannehill TENOwnerTue Oct 27 9:33pm ET
BenchedWRRobby Anderson CAROwnerTue Oct 27 9:33pm ET
BenchedRBKenyan Drake ARIOwnerTue Oct 27 9:33pm ET
BenchedQBMatthew Stafford DETOwnerTue Oct 27 9:33pm ET

There's no place like Mahomes - Matthew McMullen

BenchedRBAntonio Gibson WASOwnerThu Oct 29 11:44pm ET
BenchedRBJames Robinson JACOwnerThu Oct 29 11:44pm ET
BenchedWRDeAndre Hopkins ARIOwnerThu Oct 29 11:44pm ET
StartedRBJoe Mixon CINOwnerThu Oct 29 11:44pm ET
StartedWRBrandon Aiyuk SFOOwnerThu Oct 29 11:44pm ET
StartedWRMecole Hardman KANOwnerThu Oct 29 11:44pm ET

Tittsburg Feelers - larry watkins

StartedDEFLos Angeles Rams LAROwnerThu Oct 29 10:14am ET
StartedTEJared Cook NOROwnerThu Oct 29 10:14am ET
StartedWRMarquise Brown BALOwnerThu Oct 29 10:14am ET
BenchedDEFPittsburgh Steelers PITOwnerThu Oct 29 10:14am ET
BenchedWRBrandin Cooks HOUOwnerThu Oct 29 10:14am ET
BenchedRBDavid Johnson HOUOwnerThu Oct 29 10:14am ET
StartedWRNelson Agholor LVOwnerWed Oct 28 9:24pm ET
StartedQBLamar Jackson BALOwnerWed Oct 28 9:24pm ET
BenchedWROdell Beckham Jr. CLEOwnerWed Oct 28 9:24pm ET
BenchedQBJoe Burrow CINOwnerWed Oct 28 9:24pm ET