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Lineup Changes

"G" $ - Gary Morris

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

BellFour Gurley - Evan Huff

BenchedRBLe'Veon Bell, NYJOwnerSat Dec 7 8:39pm ET
StartedRBKareem Hunt, CLEOwnerSat Dec 7 8:39pm ET

Fire Byrds - Jay Youmans

BenchedQBJosh Allen, BUFOwnerSun Dec 8 9:18am ET
BenchedTEDarren Waller, OAKOwnerSun Dec 8 9:18am ET
StartedQBJared Goff, LAROwnerSun Dec 8 9:18am ET
StartedWRCooper Kupp, LAROwnerSun Dec 8 9:18am ET
BenchedWRTyreek Hill, KANOwnerSun Dec 8 9:16am ET
BenchedTEIrv Smith Jr., MINOwnerSun Dec 8 9:16am ET
StartedTEZach Ertz, PHIOwnerSun Dec 8 9:16am ET
StartedTEDarren Waller, OAKOwnerSun Dec 8 9:16am ET
BenchedQBJared Goff, LAROwnerTue Dec 3 3:24pm ET
StartedQBJosh Allen, BUFOwnerTue Dec 3 3:24pm ET
BenchedQBJosh Allen, BUFOwnerTue Dec 3 11:16am ET
BenchedRBDavid Montgomery, CHIOwnerTue Dec 3 11:16am ET
BenchedWRJohn Brown, BUFOwnerTue Dec 3 11:16am ET
BenchedTEZach Ertz, PHIOwnerTue Dec 3 11:16am ET
StartedQBJared Goff, LAROwnerTue Dec 3 11:16am ET
StartedWRD.K. Metcalf, SEAOwnerTue Dec 3 11:16am ET
StartedWRCourtland Sutton, DENOwnerTue Dec 3 11:16am ET
StartedTEIrv Smith Jr., MINOwnerTue Dec 3 11:16am ET

Landsharks - Tom Tiernan

BenchedWRTyrell Williams, OAKOwnerSat Dec 7 8:46am ET
StartedRBMarlon Mack, INDOwnerSat Dec 7 8:46am ET
BenchedWRTerry McLaurin, WASOwnerWed Dec 4 10:23pm ET
StartedWRAlshon Jeffery, PHIOwnerWed Dec 4 10:23pm ET

Sunday Morning Call - keith russell

BenchedQBDaniel Jones, NYGOwnerFri Dec 6 6:56pm ET
BenchedDEFKansas City Chiefs, KANOwnerFri Dec 6 6:56pm ET
StartedQBNick Foles, JACOwnerFri Dec 6 6:56pm ET
StartedDEFDetroit Lions, DETOwnerFri Dec 6 6:56pm ET
BenchedQBNick Foles, JACOwnerTue Dec 3 12:39pm ET
BenchedWRTyler Lockett, SEAOwnerTue Dec 3 12:39pm ET
BenchedDEFDetroit Lions, DETOwnerTue Dec 3 12:39pm ET
StartedQBDaniel Jones, NYGOwnerTue Dec 3 12:39pm ET
StartedWRDeebo Samuel, SFOOwnerTue Dec 3 12:39pm ET
StartedDEFKansas City Chiefs, KANOwnerTue Dec 3 12:39pm ET

There's no place like Mahomes - Matthew McMullen

BenchedWRChristian Kirk, ARIOwnerTue Dec 3 9:37pm ET
BenchedWREmmanuel Sanders, SFOOwnerTue Dec 3 9:37pm ET
BenchedDEFChicago Bears, CHIOwnerTue Dec 3 9:37pm ET
StartedRBJoe Mixon, CINOwnerTue Dec 3 9:37pm ET
StartedWRKeenan Allen, LACOwnerTue Dec 3 9:37pm ET
StartedDEFBaltimore Ravens, BALOwnerTue Dec 3 9:37pm ET

Tittsburg Feelers - larry watkins

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

WEAK SAUCE - Mike McMullen

BenchedRBDevin Singletary, BUFOwnerSat Dec 7 4:09pm ET
BenchedWRNelson Agholor, PHIOwnerSat Dec 7 4:09pm ET
StartedWRJulio Jones, ATLOwnerSat Dec 7 4:09pm ET
StartedWRJarvis Landry, CLEOwnerSat Dec 7 4:09pm ET