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FFL: Week 7 | NFL: Week 7

Lineup Changes

Anonymous 1 - Stephen Moore

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Burrheads - Kent Gilman

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Come Get Some - Randy Azbil, Damon Bankston

BenchedWREmmanuel Sanders, DENOwnerWed Oct 16 12:10pm ET
StartedRBMarlon Mack, INDOwnerWed Oct 16 12:10pm ET
BenchedQBNew Orleans Saints, NOROwnerWed Oct 16 12:10pm ET
BenchedTETyler Eifert, CINOwnerWed Oct 16 12:10pm ET
StartedQBCincinnati Bengals, CINOwnerWed Oct 16 12:10pm ET
StartedTEHunter Henry, LACOwnerWed Oct 16 12:10pm ET

Polk High - Eddie Riley

BenchedWRJosh Gordon, NWEOwnerTue Oct 15 12:57pm ET
BenchedKChris Boswell, PITOwnerTue Oct 15 12:57pm ET
StartedWRBrandin Cooks, LAROwnerTue Oct 15 12:57pm ET
StartedKEddy Pineiro, CHIOwnerTue Oct 15 12:57pm ET

Predators - Scott White

BenchedTEJimmy Graham, GNBOwnerTue Oct 15 8:32am ET
StartedRBLeSean McCoy, KANOwnerTue Oct 15 8:32am ET
BenchedRBJames Conner, PITOwnerTue Oct 15 8:29am ET
BenchedWRChris Godwin, TAMOwnerTue Oct 15 8:29am ET
StartedWRStefon Diggs, MINOwnerTue Oct 15 8:29am ET
StartedTEJimmy Graham, GNBOwnerTue Oct 15 8:29am ET

Renegades - Gary White

BenchedQBMinnesota Vikings, MINOwnerWed Oct 16 1:19pm ET
StartedQBLos Angeles Rams, LAROwnerWed Oct 16 1:19pm ET
BenchedQBLos Angeles Rams, LAROwnerWed Oct 16 1:17pm ET
BenchedRBAustin Ekeler, LACOwnerWed Oct 16 1:17pm ET
BenchedDEFPittsburgh Steelers, PITOwnerWed Oct 16 1:17pm ET
StartedQBMinnesota Vikings, MINOwnerWed Oct 16 1:17pm ET
StartedRBJosh Jacobs, OAKOwnerWed Oct 16 1:17pm ET
StartedDEFSan Francisco 49ers, SFOOwnerWed Oct 16 1:17pm ET

Team 8 - Aaron Hilt

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

The Crew - Keith Chandler

BenchedRBNick Chubb, CLEOwnerWed Oct 16 11:16am ET
BenchedWRJarvis Landry, CLEOwnerWed Oct 16 11:16am ET
StartedRBNyheim Hines, INDOwnerWed Oct 16 11:16am ET
StartedWRAlbert Wilson, MIAOwnerWed Oct 16 11:16am ET

The Lost Boys - Michael Johnson

BenchedRBRonald Jones II, TAMOwnerWed Oct 16 8:45am ET
BenchedDEFBaltimore Ravens, BALOwnerWed Oct 16 8:45am ET
StartedWRJohn Brown, BUFOwnerWed Oct 16 8:45am ET
StartedDEFLos Angeles Chargers, LACOwnerWed Oct 16 8:45am ET
BenchedTEWill Dissly, SEAOwnerWed Oct 16 8:44am ET
StartedTEDarren Waller, OAKOwnerWed Oct 16 8:44am ET

Warriors - Dave White

BenchedDEFCarolina Panthers, CAROwnerTue Oct 15 11:01pm ET
StartedDEFMinnesota Vikings, MINOwnerTue Oct 15 11:01pm ET
BenchedRBChristian McCaffrey, CAROwnerTue Oct 15 12:15pm ET
StartedRBDavid Montgomery, CHIOwnerTue Oct 15 12:15pm ET