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Lineup Changes

Anonymous 1 - Stephen Moore

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Burrheads - Kent Gilman

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Come Get Some - Randy Azbil, Damon Bankston

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Polk High - Eddie Riley

BenchedWRJosh Gordon, NWEOwnerTue Sep 17 8:43am ET
BenchedTEO.J. Howard, TAMOwnerTue Sep 17 8:43am ET
StartedRBMatt Breida, SFOOwnerTue Sep 17 8:43am ET
StartedTEAustin Hooper, ATLOwnerTue Sep 17 8:43am ET

Predators - Scott White

BenchedDEFCleveland Browns, CLEOwnerTue Sep 17 10:58pm ET
StartedDEFPhiladelphia Eagles, PHIOwnerTue Sep 17 10:58pm ET

Renegades - Gary White

BenchedWRMichael Gallup, DALOwnerTue Sep 17 3:48pm ET
BenchedWRAllen Robinson, CHIOwnerTue Sep 17 3:48pm ET
StartedWRMarquise Brown, BALOwnerTue Sep 17 3:48pm ET
StartedWRLarry Fitzgerald, ARIOwnerTue Sep 17 3:48pm ET

Team 8 - Aaron Hilt

BenchedTET.J. Hockenson, DETOwnerWed Sep 18 11:31pm ET
StartedTEEric Ebron, INDOwnerWed Sep 18 11:31pm ET

The Crew - Keith Chandler

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

The Lost Boys - Michael Johnson

BenchedDEFBaltimore Ravens, BALOwnerWed Sep 18 2:44pm ET
StartedDEFLos Angeles Chargers, LACOwnerWed Sep 18 2:44pm ET

Warriors - Dave White

BenchedWRJohn Ross, CINOwnerTue Sep 17 11:56am ET
StartedWRTyler Lockett, SEAOwnerTue Sep 17 11:56am ET
BenchedDEFCarolina Panthers, CAROwnerTue Sep 17 11:50am ET
StartedDEFMinnesota Vikings, MINOwnerTue Sep 17 11:50am ET