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Lineup Changes

Acon - Joseph Hoffman

BenchedRBKareem Hunt, CLEOwnerSat May 16 8:16pm ET
StartedRBClyde Edwards-Helaire, KANOwnerSat May 16 8:16pm ET
StartedRBKareem Hunt, CLEOwnerFri May 8 12:04pm ET

FunkPhenomenon - Bakker

BenchedTEO.J. Howard, TAMOwnerFri May 1 12:25pm ET
StartedTEMike Gesicki, MIAOwnerFri May 1 12:25pm ET
BenchedQBJacoby Brissett, INDOwnerThu Apr 16 7:41pm ET
StartedQBPhilip Rivers, INDOwnerThu Apr 16 7:41pm ET


BenchedQBNick Foles, CHIOwnerFri May 1 9:55am ET
BenchedWRTim Patrick, DENOwnerFri May 1 9:55am ET
StartedQBDaniel Jones, NYGOwnerFri May 1 9:55am ET
StartedRBJames Conner, PITOwnerFri May 1 9:55am ET
StartedRBDavid Johnson, HOUOwnerFri May 1 9:55am ET
StartedWRMecole Hardman, KANOwnerFri May 1 9:55am ET

Hail Mary - Brad

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Handjobs for Jerky - Daniel LaFerla

BenchedTEKyle Rudolph, MINOwnerTue May 19 5:52pm ET
StartedRBDerrick Henry, TENOwnerTue May 19 5:52pm ET

High Octane - Joseph Schings

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

House of Cards - jeffrey jones

BenchedWRAllen Lazard, GNBOwnerMon Apr 27 3:34pm ET
BenchedWRHunter Renfrow, LVOwnerMon Apr 27 3:34pm ET
StartedRBDarrell Henderson, LAROwnerMon Apr 27 3:34pm ET
StartedRBJosh Jacobs, LVOwnerMon Apr 27 3:34pm ET

Rebel Alliance - Brent Mann

BenchedRBDarwin Thompson, KANOwnerTue May 12 9:02pm ET
StartedRBDuke Johnson, HOUOwnerTue May 12 9:02pm ET
StartedTEJared Cook, NOROwnerTue May 12 9:02pm ET

Say-Say My Name - Tim McIntosh

BenchedWRJohn Brown, BUFOwnerTue Mar 24 2:41pm ET
StartedRBMarlon Mack, INDOwnerTue Mar 24 2:41pm ET
StartedRBDamien Williams, KANOwnerTue Mar 24 2:41pm ET

TD (TE) - TJ Royalty & Logan Price

BenchedRBPhillip Lindsay, DENOwnerSun May 17 12:27am ET
BenchedTERob Gronkowski, TAMOwnerSun May 17 12:27am ET
StartedWRMike Williams, LACOwnerSun May 17 12:27am ET
StartedTEGreg Olsen, SEAOwnerSun May 17 12:27am ET
BenchedTEGreg Olsen, SEAOwnerFri May 8 1:47am ET
StartedTERob Gronkowski, TAMOwnerFri May 8 1:47am ET
BenchedQBSam Darnold, NYJOwnerThu Apr 9 1:15am ET
StartedQBMatthew Stafford, DETOwnerThu Apr 9 1:15am ET

The Las Vegas Traitors - Dan Pangman

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Week-Lee Annihilator - Lee

No starting lineup changes performed this week.