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Ultimate Fantasy Football Championship
FFL: Week 3 | NFL: Week 3

Lineup Changes

Atlanta Fury - Jeff Matthews

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Axe Murderers - Michael Lutz

BenchedTEHayden Hurst, BALOwnerThu Sep 19 1:38pm ET
StartedTEWill Dissly, SEAOwnerThu Sep 19 1:38pm ET

Blackhawks - Phil Karnes II

BenchedRBDion Lewis, TENOwnerThu Sep 19 11:24am ET
StartedRBJustice Hill, BALOwnerThu Sep 19 11:24am ET
BenchedWRJamison Crowder, NYJOwnerTue Sep 17 6:35pm ET
StartedWRSterling Shepard, NYGOwnerTue Sep 17 6:35pm ET
BenchedWRCorey Davis, TENOwnerTue Sep 17 6:33pm ET
BenchedTEJimmy Graham, GNBOwnerTue Sep 17 6:33pm ET
StartedWRDemarcus Robinson, KANOwnerTue Sep 17 6:33pm ET
StartedTETyler Eifert, CINOwnerTue Sep 17 6:33pm ET

Golladay Inn Express - Rob MacMillan

BenchedWRStefon Diggs, MINOwnerThu Sep 19 5:52pm ET
BenchedWRJosh Gordon, NWEOwnerThu Sep 19 5:52pm ET
BenchedKWil Lutz, NOROwnerThu Sep 19 5:52pm ET
StartedRBPhillip Lindsay, DENOwnerThu Sep 19 5:52pm ET
StartedWRKenny Golladay, DETOwnerThu Sep 19 5:52pm ET
StartedKJoey Slye, CAROwnerThu Sep 19 5:52pm ET

mouse rat - Joe Day

BenchedRBChris Thompson, WASOwnerThu Sep 19 12:05pm ET
BenchedWRAdam Humphries, TENOwnerThu Sep 19 12:05pm ET
StartedQBCarson Wentz, PHIOwnerThu Sep 19 12:05pm ET
StartedWRCurtis Samuel, CAROwnerThu Sep 19 12:05pm ET
StartedTEVance McDonald, PITOwnerThu Sep 19 12:05pm ET

Nerf Herders - Christopher Cord

BenchedRBRashaad Penny, SEAOwnerThu Sep 19 1:05am ET
BenchedWRDeSean Jackson, PHIOwnerThu Sep 19 1:05am ET
StartedRBDevin Singletary, BUFOwnerThu Sep 19 1:05am ET
StartedWRMike Williams, LACOwnerThu Sep 19 1:05am ET

Possum Pendulum - Robert Kosarowich

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Prestige Worldwide - Luke

BenchedQBBen Roethlisberger, PITOwnerThu Sep 19 6:18pm ET
StartedQBMarcus Mariota, TENOwnerThu Sep 19 6:18pm ET

Radio Raheem - Lami Harmon

StartedDEFGreen Bay Packers, GNBOwnerThu Sep 19 5:46am ET
BenchedWRDaeSean Hamilton, DENOwnerWed Sep 18 5:07pm ET
StartedWRRashard Higgins, CLEOwnerWed Sep 18 5:07pm ET
BenchedRBDarren Sproles, PHIOwnerTue Sep 17 10:05am ET
BenchedWRMiles Boykin, BALOwnerTue Sep 17 10:05am ET
BenchedWRPaul Richardson, WASOwnerTue Sep 17 10:05am ET
BenchedTEVernon Davis, WASOwnerTue Sep 17 10:05am ET
StartedRBPeyton Barber, TAMOwnerTue Sep 17 10:05am ET
StartedRBRoyce Freeman, DENOwnerTue Sep 17 10:05am ET
StartedWRDaeSean Hamilton, DENOwnerTue Sep 17 10:05am ET
StartedTENoah Fant, DENOwnerTue Sep 17 10:05am ET

Senseless Slaughter - Rich Kelley

BenchedRBJustin Jackson, LACOwnerThu Sep 19 11:12am ET
StartedRBMiles Sanders, PHIOwnerThu Sep 19 11:12am ET
BenchedRBJordan Howard, PHIOwnerTue Sep 17 5:55pm ET
BenchedRBMiles Sanders, PHIOwnerTue Sep 17 5:55pm ET
StartedRBCarlos Hyde, HOUOwnerTue Sep 17 5:55pm ET
StartedRBJustin Jackson, LACOwnerTue Sep 17 5:55pm ET
BenchedWRMichael Gallup, DALOwnerTue Sep 17 11:01am ET
StartedRBMiles Sanders, PHIOwnerTue Sep 17 11:01am ET

Silver Crush Dynasty - tim taieb

BenchedWRTerry McLaurin, WASOwnerThu Sep 19 7:35pm ET
StartedWRMarquise Brown, BALOwnerThu Sep 19 7:35pm ET


BenchedQBCam Newton, CAROwnerTue Sep 17 5:53pm ET
BenchedWRChris Conley, JACOwnerTue Sep 17 5:53pm ET
StartedQBTom Brady, NWEOwnerTue Sep 17 5:53pm ET
StartedWRRandall Cobb, DALOwnerTue Sep 17 5:53pm ET
BenchedWRCurtis Samuel, CAROwnerTue Sep 17 5:34pm ET
StartedWRChris Conley, JACOwnerTue Sep 17 5:34pm ET
BenchedRBGiovani Bernard, CINOwnerTue Sep 17 3:24pm ET
StartedRBJoe Mixon, CINOwnerTue Sep 17 3:24pm ET