Official Rules and Eligibility

All-American Fantasy Football
Official rules and eligibility
Actively Managed
16 players per team
9 starters per team
Head-to-Head Standings
PPR rules
Online Draft
Entry Fee
League Prizes
1st - $200
2nd - $50


All the Glory
League ID
Guest URL


Regular Season
NFL Week 1 thru NFL Week 14
Post Season
NFL Week 15 thru NFL Week 16


Tie Breakers
  1. Divisional Record
  2. Total Points Scored in Games - Double headers count twice, bye weeks do not count
  3. Head-to-Head - Winning percentage against all tied teams
  4. Points Scored Head-to-Head - Points scored head-to-head against all tied teams
Game Tie Breakers
Starting QBs
Playoffs will be 4 teams / 2 weeks
Playoff bracket wlll automatically be seeded
Division winners automatically qualify for the playoffs
1 wildcard teams qualify based on total points scored
Teams will be seeded based on total points scored


Roster Size
Roster Limits
Running Back016
Wide Receiver016
Tight End016
Defense/Sp Team016

Def/Special Teams
Combined as one unit
Injured Reserve
League does not use injured reserve


Lineup Limits
Running Back2
Wide Receiver2
Tight End1
Defense/Sp Team1
Flex (RB WR TE )1
Teams may start or bench player up until the scheduled start of their game
Fair Play
Before 6:00am ET on game days the system will attempt to replace starters that are out or on bye

Online Draft

Draft Rules
Scheduled for Wed May 22 8:00pm ET
16 rounds
90 secs per pick
Draft Order
#1 Vikes 209
#2 Bobbleheads 9
#3 Slobberknockrs XXXX
#4 Fantastics 1
#5 HumptyDumpty
#6 AA-3
#7 SC17
#8 Carpe Diem
#10 Terpene Infused Liquidizers
#11 Kraken x20

Free Agents

Player Adds
League uses a waiver wire to add free agents to a team
League allows free-for-all free agent adds after the waiver wire
Waiver Wire
Players awarded Worst to First by Points Scored
Teams may acquire a maximum of 5 players per waiver wire
Preseason Waivers
Your commissioner does not permit preseason waivers
Week 1 Waivers
Submission deadlines: Fri @ 11:59pm ET
Players awarded by reverse draft order
In-Season Waivers
Submission deadlines: Wed Fri @ 11:59pm ET
Free for All
Week 2Sat Sep 14 12:00pm ETthruSun Sep 15 1:00pm ET
Week 3Sat Sep 21 12:00pm ETthruSun Sep 22 1:00pm ET
Week 4Sat Sep 28 12:00pm ETthruSun Sep 29 1:00pm ET
Week 5Sat Oct 5 12:00pm ETthruSun Oct 6 1:00pm ET
Week 6Sat Oct 12 12:00pm ETthruSun Oct 13 1:00pm ET
Week 7Sat Oct 19 12:00pm ETthruSun Oct 20 1:00pm ET
Week 8Sat Oct 26 12:00pm ETthruSun Oct 27 1:00pm ET
Week 9Sat Nov 2 12:00pm ETthruSun Nov 3 1:00pm ET
Week 10Sat Nov 9 12:00pm ETthruSun Nov 10 1:00pm ET
Week 11Sat Nov 16 12:00pm ETthruSun Nov 17 1:00pm ET
Week 12Sat Nov 23 12:00pm ETthruSun Nov 24 1:00pm ET
Week 13Sat Nov 30 12:00pm ETthruSun Dec 1 1:00pm ET
Week 14Sat Dec 7 12:00pm ETthruSun Dec 8 1:00pm ET
Playoff Week 1Sat Dec 14 12:00pm ETthruSun Dec 15 1:00pm ET
Playoff Week 2Sat Dec 21 12:00pm ETthruSun Dec 22 1:00pm ET

Teams may not add players after their game has started
Protected Free Agents
Players dropped will be protected free agents until Next Fantasy Week
Players dropped after Fantasy Week 14 will be protected for the remainder of the season
Dropped players drafted in or before draft Round 2 will be protected for the remainder of the season
Transaction Limits
Unlimited free agent adds by a team per week
Unlimited free agent adds by a team for the year


This league does not permit trading

Rushing Scoring

Rushing TDs
6 pts for each rushing TD
Rushing 2XPs
2 pts for each rushing 2XP
Rushing Yds
0.10 pts for each rushing yd
Rushing Atts
Not Used
Yds Per Rush
Not Used
Yd TD Rush
Not Used
Fumbles Lost
-1 pts for each fumble lost
Not Used

Passing Scoring

Passing TDs
4 pts for each passing TD
Passing 2XPs
2 pts for each passing 2XP
Passing Yds
0.05 pts for each passing yd
Pasing Atts
Not Used
Yds Per Attempt
Not Used
Not Used
Yds Per Completion
Not Used
% Completion Rate
Not Used
Passer Rating
Not Used
Yd TD Pass
Not Used
Interceptions Thrown
-1 pts for each interception thrown
Not Used
Times Sacked
Not Used

Receiving Scoring

Receiving TDs
6 pts for each receiving TD
Receiving 2XP
2 pts for each receiving 2XP
Receiving Yds
0.10 pts for each receiving yd
1 pts for each reception
Yds Per Reception
Not Used
Yd TD Reception
Not Used

Combined Yardage Scoring

Rush And Rec Yds
Not Used
Rush And Pass Yds
Not Used
Rush, Pass, And Rec Yds
Not Used

Kicking Scoring

Made FGs
3 pts for each made FG
0.10 pts for every 1 yd FG beginning with 31 yd FG
Made PATs
1 pts for each made PAT
Missed FGs
Not Used
Yd Missed FG
Not Used
Missed XPs
Not Used

Defensive Scoring

Fumble Return TDs
6 pts for each fumble return TD
6 pts for each fumble return TD
Yd Fumble Return TD
Not Used
Int Return TDs
6 pts for each int return TD
6 pts for each int return TD
Yd Int Return TD
Not Used
2 pts for each safety
Def ST TDs
6 pts for each Def ST TD
Yd Def ST TD
Not Used
Def ST Safety
2 pts for each Def ST safety
Pts Allowed
5 pts for 0 to 0 pts allowed
3 pts for 1 to 9 pts allowed
1 pts for 10 to 13 pts allowed
D/ST Pts Allowed
Not Used
Yds Allowed
Not Used
Rushing Yds Allowed
Not Used
Passing Yds Allowed
Not Used
1 pts for each sack
Sack Yds
Not Used
Fumbles Forced
Not Used
Fumbles Recovered
2 pts for each fumble recovered
Fumble Return Yds
Not Used
2 pts for each interception
Int Return Yds
Not Used
Turnovers Forced
Not Used
Turnover Return Yds
Not Used
Blocked FGs
Not Used
Blocked XPs
Not Used
Blocked Punts
Not Used
Not Used
Not Used
Passes Defensed
Not Used

Special Teams Scoring

Kickoff Return TDs
6 pts for each kickoff return TD
6 pts for each kickoff return TD
Yd Kickoff Return TD
Not Used
Kickoff Return Yds
Not Used
Punt Return TDs
6 pts for each punt return TD
6 pts for each punt return TD
Yd Punt Return TD
Not Used
Punt Return Yds
Not Used
Return Yds
Not Used
XP Returns
2 pts for each XP return
ST Fumbles Lost
Not Used
ST Fumbles
Not Used