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1) Ownership 

1.1.0) The commissioner has created this league for enjoyment and fellowship, no fees are associated.

1.2.0) Selection of owners for a given season will be done using the following priorities: 

1.2.1) Owners who played in the most recent ACCVAFLA season. 
1.2.2) Previous ACCVAFLA owners who did not play in the most recent 
ACCVAFLA season. 
1.2.3) People referred (sponsored) by owners from 1.2.1. 
1.2.4) People referred (sponsored) by owners from 1.2.2. 
1.2.5) Minimum league teams per season is eight.  League will normally consist of 12 teams.  

1.2.6) If an odd number of teams exist or schedule allows, each team will have at least one week of playing against that weekly league scoring average.   

1.3.0) Each season, the owners will be given an opportunity to suggest rule/scoring changes.

2) Draft 

2.1.0) This will be a non-keeper season.

2.2.0) Draft order is by choice worst to first.  Any new teams have to select what spots are left after all last year teams.

2.5.0) Draft picks can be traded.

2.6.0) A list of eligible players will be set up by league website (rtsports.com).  Odd situations such as (but not limited to) year suspension of payers will be handled as they occur.

2.8.0) For 2019 season, the draft will consist of 15 rounds. It will begin on August ? at 6:00 pm

2.9.0) In the event that the website is not available, texting, calling or emailing the commissioner will be the back-up.

3) Draft will be 24 hour clock due to no preseason. 

4) no keepers 

4.1.6 Keeper player trades.  You may trade players. 

4.2 Free Agent Transactions (FATs) 

4.2.1) The acquisition of players that were not drafted, have been dropped by other teams, or are otherwise available,
called Free Agents, is done via a FAT. 

4.2.2 FATs will be handled by the website using the “waiver wire” function on Wednesdays at 8:00

4.3.0) FATs will be awarded via a bidding process. Budget will drop from previous years $1000 to $100.  Ex. A bid last year of 237, should be 23 or 24 this year.  Plan accordingly.  This is done to simplify auction and keeper prices.

4.4.0) Each team will begin the season with $100 for the waiver wire. Each team will submit players to be acquired
and dropped. Each submitted acquisition will have a monetary bid assigned to it. Team with the highest bid gets that player. If two bids are identical, the team that submitted their bid first on the website wins the player.

4.5.0) There is a limit of 10 FATs per team per week.   If you are turning over 10 players on your roster each week that is probably  not a good thing. 

5) Trades 

5.1.0) Unless there is blatant collusion, trades will not be denied. Historically, the commish has not allowed the trading of players for only 1 week (e.g. you try to trade the exact same players back the next week). The initial trade will likely be allowed but swapping the players back will not. 

5.3.0) No trades will occur after the kickoff of the first game of NFL week 10. 

5.4.0) There are no limitations set on number of players in a  trade (i.e., trades are not limited to a one-for-one exchange).   

5.6.0) Waiver wire dollars (clams) can be traded on the website as part of any trade. 

6) Rosters/Line-ups 

6.1.0) A Starting roster/line-up consists of: 

1 - Quarterback 
2 – Running Back 
2 – Wide Receivers 
1 – Tight End 
1 – Flex player (RB/WR/TE) 
1 - Kicker 
1 - Defense/Special Team 
1 – Tie Breaker Player (Any non-starter)(Tie breaker player's points do not increase the weekly score, they only exist
to possibly break a tie game).  A team that does not submit a legal tiebreaker will not win any tiebreaker scenario if their opponent sets a legal tiebreaker but scores negative points. 

6.1.1) Weekly starting line-ups will be submitted via the league website. 

6.2.0) Team Rosters will consist of 17 players (a Defense/Special Team is considered to be one player).  Team rosters increased from 16 to 17 because we now have a IR (Injured reserve spot).  If a player you may want to keep for the next year is injured, you can put him on the IR spot so you do not have to release him for roster space.  The IR space cannot be used for an active player.

6.6.0) Starting rosters must be submitted by a time to be determined by the website. 

6.7.0) If a starting line-up is not submitted; the previous line-up will be used.  Players started on a "bye" do not accumulate points. 

6.8.0) Once a starting line-up has been submitted it can be changed up until the cut-off time for starting line-ups
(kickoff of the game that the player is participating in). 

7) Scoring 

7.1.0) The source of statistical information will be rtsports.com 

7.2.0) All scoring values can be found on the league website. 

7.3.0) Anything weird not covered by these rules will be adjudicated by the commish.

8) League Play 

8.1.0) All of the following points depend on the number of teams in the league. 
8.2.0) Two, three or four divisions will be in place.

8.2.1) The divisions will be created typically by some draft order like 1-6 and 7-12 or odd/even

8.3.0) When two teams are playing each other the score of their “game” is determined by the fantasy points accumulated
by the players they have on their starting line-ups for that week.

8.4.0) If thirteen teams exist or schedule permits each team will play one week against that week's league scoring average.

8.4.0) Each team will accumulate a “won/lost” record depending on how they do during the course of the season. 

9) Playoffs 

9.1.0) The top six seeded teams will make the playoffs.  For two division years, the 2 division winners are the top two seeds and the remaining 4 teams with the best records will be the wild card teams.

9.2.0) The teams will be seeded per 8.4.0 and 9.4.0, and the week 14 match-up will be: 
#1 and #2 seeds will get a bye 
#3 seed vs. #6 seed 
#4 seed vs. #5 seed 
The #1 seed will play lowest remaining seed and the #2 seed will play the highest remaining seed in week 15. Winners
of the two week 15 games will advance to the championship game while the losing teams will advance to the 3rd place
game.  The commissioner will attempt to create a "loser" bracket for those teams not making the playoffs so they may continue playing in an attempt at salvaging some bragging rights.

9.3.0) The fantasy season will occur during weeks 1-13 of the NFL season. Weeks 14-16 will be the fantasy playoffs. 
Week 17 will not be used. 

9.4.0) Tie-breakers for playoff seeding: 
9.4.1) Head-to-head record

9.4.2) Divisional record (only if the teams are from the same division)

9.4.3) Total points scored 
9.4.4) Points scored head-to-head 
9.4.5) Coin flip by the commissioner 

9.5.0) Ties stand in the regular season and count for half a win and half a loss. 

9.6.0) Because playoff games cannot end in a tie, the 1st tie-breaker will be the players assigned by the teams when
they make their line-ups. If the game is still tied after that 1st TB, the following order will be used by the
commish to resolve the tie: 
9.6.1) The remaining players on the rosters that were neither starters nor TBs will be compared head–to-head (highest
scorers 1st) until the tie is broken. 
9.6.2) The highest scoring player of the game, whether he was a starter, TB, or bench. 
9.6.3) Coin flip by commish. 

10) Trophy 
10.1.0) The official league trophy was created in 2008 and has the winners engraved since 2005.  It currently resides with last year's champ (Ryan Bethel) and is due back to commishioner and will be awarded to the Championship winner, to be proudly displayed until the following season. If the champion knows they will not be playing again they are expected to return the trophy to the

11) Misc. 

11.1.0) Owners will be responsible for knowing or finding out the condition of players they are putting on their
starting rosters, drafting, trading for, acquiring through FATS, etc. In general: “buyer beware.” 

11.2.0) All conflicts will be resolved by the commissioner(s) within the parameters allowed by RT sports. 

11.3.0) Each team must have a name before the draft. The only thing worse than a team with no name is a team with no
logo. Any team that has not uploaded a logo is open to logo suggestions from the league and can be uploaded by the

11.5.0) Any player whose position changes, or is in question, will be adjudicated by the commissioner(s), or

11.6.0) Any owner who does not compete with the intention of winning each week will not be invited back for future
league participation (a.k.a. the “abandoned team" rule). 



Regular Season
NFL Week 1 thru NFL Week 14
Post Season
NFL Week 15 thru NFL Week 17


Tie Breakers
  1. Head-to-Head
  2. Total Points Scored in Games
  3. Points Scored Head-to-Head
  4. None
Game Tie Breakers
Team owner selects 1 tie breaker players
Your commissioner will manually establish all playoff games


Roster Size
Roster Limits
Running Back37
Wide Receiver37
Tight End04
Defense/Sp Team03

Def/Special Teams
Combined as one unit
Injured Reserve
Up to 1 players may be placed on injured reserve
To be placed on I/R a player must be at least Out on the official NFL injury report
Taxi Squad
League does not use taxi squad


Lineup Limits
Running Back1to2
Wide Receiver1to2
Tight End0to1
Defense/Sp Team0to1
Flex ( RB WR TE )0to1
Week 1Tue Mar 1 12:00am ETthruMon Sep 12 9:00pm ET
Week 2Tue Sep 13 7:00am ETthruMon Sep 19 9:00pm ET
Week 3Tue Sep 20 7:00am ETthruMon Sep 26 9:00pm ET
Week 4Tue Sep 27 7:00am ETthruMon Oct 3 9:00pm ET
Week 5Tue Oct 4 7:00am ETthruMon Oct 10 9:00pm ET
Week 6Tue Oct 11 7:00am ETthruMon Oct 17 9:00pm ET
Week 7Tue Oct 18 7:00am ETthruMon Oct 24 9:00pm ET
Week 8Tue Oct 25 7:00am ETthruMon Oct 31 9:00pm ET
Week 9Tue Nov 1 7:00am ETthruMon Nov 7 9:00pm ET
Week 10Tue Nov 8 7:00am ETthruMon Nov 14 9:00pm ET
Week 11Tue Nov 15 7:00am ETthruMon Nov 21 9:00pm ET
Week 12Tue Nov 22 7:00am ETthruMon Nov 28 9:00pm ET
Week 13Tue Nov 29 7:00am ETthruMon Dec 5 9:00pm ET
Week 14Tue Dec 6 7:00am ETthruMon Dec 12 9:00pm ET
Playoff Week 1Tue Dec 13 7:00am ETthruMon Dec 19 9:00pm ET
Playoff Week 2Wed Dec 21 7:00am ETthruMon Dec 26 9:00pm ET
Playoff Week 3Tue Dec 27 7:00am ETthruMon Jan 2 9:00pm ET

Online Draft

Draft Rules
Scheduled for Sun Aug 21 6:00pm ET
Manually started by commissioner
17 rounds
60 secs per pick
Draft Order
#1 Crusher's Memorial Team
#2 Christian Mingle
#3 You Suck, NoahFants
#4 Brady Bunch
#5 Show me the TDz
#6 5 Rings
#7 Inglourious Scorers
#8 Sonny Weaver's Team
#9 Cooper's Water Kupp
#10 Big Blue Maniacs

Free Agents

Player Adds
League uses a waiver wire to add free agents to a team
League allows free-for-all free agent adds after the waiver wire
Waiver Wire
Players awarded Blind Bid Against FAAB
Season waiver budget $200
Minimum waiver bid $0
Maximum waiver bid $200
If bids are tied, the first bid submitted will be awarded the player
Teams may acquire a maximum of 9 players per waiver wire

Teams may not acquire players after their game has started
Preseason Waivers
Your commissioner does not permit preseason waivers
Week 1 Waivers
Submission deadlines: Wed @ 8:00pm ET
If bids are tied, the first bid submitted will be awarded the player.
In-Season Waivers
Submission deadlines: Wed @ 8:00pm ET
Free for All
Week 1Sun Sep 11 8:00am ETthruSun Sep 11 12:00pm ET
Week 2Sun Sep 18 8:00am ETthruSun Sep 18 12:00pm ET
Week 3Sun Sep 25 8:00am ETthruSun Sep 25 12:00pm ET
Week 4Sun Oct 2 8:00am ETthruSun Oct 2 12:00pm ET
Week 5Sun Oct 9 8:00am ETthruSun Oct 9 12:00pm ET
Week 6Sun Oct 16 8:00am ETthruSun Oct 16 12:00pm ET
Week 7Sun Oct 23 8:00am ETthruSun Oct 23 12:00pm ET
Week 8Sun Oct 30 8:00am ETthruSun Oct 30 12:00pm ET
Week 9Sun Nov 6 8:00am ETthruSun Nov 6 12:00pm ET
Week 10Sun Nov 13 8:00am ETthruSun Nov 13 12:00pm ET
Week 11Sun Nov 20 8:00am ETthruSun Nov 20 12:00pm ET
Week 12Sun Nov 27 8:00am ETthruSun Nov 27 12:00pm ET
Week 13Sun Dec 4 8:00am ETthruSun Dec 4 12:00pm ET
Week 14Sun Dec 11 8:00am ETthruSun Dec 11 12:00pm ET
Playoff Week 1Sun Dec 18 8:00am ETthruSun Dec 18 12:00pm ET
Playoff Week 2Sun Dec 25 8:00am ETthruSun Dec 25 12:00pm ET
Playoff Week 3Sun Jan 1 8:00am ETthruSun Jan 1 12:00pm ET
OffseasonSun Jan 8 8:00am ETthruSun Jan 8 12:00pm ET

Teams may not add players after their game has started
Protected Free Agents
Players dropped will be protected free agents for 1 day
Transaction Limits
9 free agent adds by a team per week
Unlimited free agent adds by a team for the year


Team owners may trade, but commissioner approval is required
Trading is suspended after Fantasy Week 14
Future Draft Picks
Your commissioner does not permit trading future draft picks
Week 1Tue Mar 1 12:00am ETthruSun Sep 11 1:00pm ET
Week 2Tue Sep 13 7:00am ETthruSun Sep 18 1:00pm ET
Week 3Tue Sep 20 7:00am ETthruSun Sep 25 1:00pm ET
Week 4Tue Sep 27 7:00am ETthruSun Oct 2 1:00pm ET
Week 5Tue Oct 4 7:00am ETthruSun Oct 9 1:00pm ET
Week 6Tue Oct 11 7:00am ETthruSun Oct 16 1:00pm ET
Week 7Tue Oct 18 7:00am ETthruSun Oct 23 1:00pm ET
Week 8Tue Oct 25 7:00am ETthruSun Oct 30 1:00pm ET
Week 9Tue Nov 1 7:00am ETthruSun Nov 6 1:00pm ET
Week 10Tue Nov 8 7:00am ETthruSun Nov 13 1:00pm ET
Week 11Tue Nov 15 7:00am ETthruSun Nov 20 1:00pm ET
Week 12Tue Nov 22 7:00am ETthruSun Nov 27 1:00pm ET
Week 13Tue Nov 29 7:00am ETthruSun Dec 4 1:00pm ET
Week 14Tue Dec 6 7:00am ETthruSun Dec 11 1:00pm ET
The league is not notified when trades are completed

Rushing Scoring

Rushing TDs
6 pts for each rushing TD
Rushing 2XPs
2 pts for each rushing 2XP
Rushing Yds
Not Used
Rushing Atts
Not Used
Yds Per Rush
Not Used
Rushing First Downs
Not Used
Yd TD Rush
Not Used
Fumbles Lost
-2 pts for each fumble lost
Not Used

Passing Scoring

Passing TDs
6 pts for each passing TD
Passing 2XPs
2 pts for each passing 2XP
Passing Yds
1 pts for every 25 passing yds beginning with 25 passing yds
Passing Atts
Not Used
Yds Per Attempt
Not Used
Not Used
Yds Per Completion
Not Used
% Completion Rate
Not Used
Passer Rating
Not Used
Passing First Downs
Not Used
Yd TD Pass
Not Used
Interceptions Thrown
-2 pts for each interception thrown
Pick 6s
Not Used
Not Used
Times Sacked
Not Used

Receiving Scoring

Receiving TDs
6 pts for each receiving TD
Receiving 2XP
2 pts for each receiving 2XP
Receiving Yds
Not Used
1 pts for each reception
Yds Per Reception
Not Used
Rec First Downs
Not Used
Yd TD Reception
Not Used

Combined Yardage Scoring

Rush And Rec Yds
1 pts for every 10 rush and rec yds beginning with 10 rush and rec yds
Rush And Pass Yds
Not Used
Rush, Pass, And Rec Yds
Not Used

Kicking Scoring

Made FGs
3 pts for each made FG
1 pts for 40 to 49 yd FG
2 pts for 50 to 59 yd FG
3 pts for 60 to 99 yd FG
Made PATs
1 pts for each made PAT
Missed FGs
Not Used
Yd Missed FG
Not Used
Missed XPs
Not Used

Defensive Scoring

Fumble Return TDs
6 pts for each fumble return TD
Yd Fumble Return TD
Not Used
Int Return TDs
6 pts for each int return TD
Yd Int Return TD
Not Used
2 pts for each safety
Defensive ST TDs
6 pts for each defensive ST TD
Yd Defensive ST TD
Not Used
Defensive ST Safety
2 pts for each defensive ST safety
Pts Allowed
10 pts for 0 pts allowed
8 pts for 1 to 6 pts allowed
6 pts for 7 to 13 pts allowed
4 pts for 14 to 20 pts allowed
2 pts for 21 to 27 pts allowed
D/ST Pts Allowed
Not Used
Yds Allowed
Beginning with 12 pts deduct -2 pts for every 50 yds allowed beginning with 0 yds allowed
Rushing Yds Allowed
Not Used
Passing Yds Allowed
Not Used
1 pts for each sack
Sack Yds
Not Used
Fumbles Forced
Not Used
Fumbles Recovered
2 pts for each fumble recovered
Fumble Return Yds
Not Used
2 pts for each interception
Int Return Yds
Not Used
Turnovers Forced
Not Used
Turnover Return Yds
Not Used
Over On Downs
Not Used
Blocked FGs
Not Used
Blocked XPs
Not Used
Blocked Punts
Not Used
Not Used
Tackles For Loss
Not Used
Not Used
Passes Defensed
Not Used

Special Teams Scoring

Kickoff Return TDs
6 pts for each kickoff return TD
Yd Kickoff Return TD
Not Used
Kickoff Return Yds
Not Used
Punt Return TDs
6 pts for each punt return TD
Yd Punt Return TD
Not Used
Punt Return Yds
Not Used
Return Yds
Not Used
XP Returns
2 pts for each XP return
2XP Stops
Not Used
ST Fumbles Lost
-2 pts for each ST fumble lost
ST Fumbles
Not Used