Ultimate Fantasy Football Championship
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1. Participants

By accepting an opening in the UFFC, all participants involved agree to abide by the official rules and regulations governing the UFFC. Participants must also submit their league entrance fee prior to the start of the draft. All league fees are to be sent to the league commissioner who in turn will act as the league accountant. The league commissioner will pay all league expenses incurred as well as league winnings, at the end of the season, as stated in the rules.

2. Refunds

All participants are entitled to a refund of their league dues up until one week prior to the start of the NFL regular season. A participant’s entry fee will be refunded ONLY when a replacement owner assumes control of the participant’s franchise and a check is received by the league office from the participant assuming ownership of the departing member’s team. After the start of the NFL regular season, the league entry fee is considered non-refundable.

3. Number of Participants

The UFFC will be limited to 12 principle participants.

4. League Structure

The UFFC will consist of three divisions (East-Central-West) with four teams each. Divisions will remain intact from the inception of the league unless otherwise voted on by the owners. The system used to originate initial divisions will be:

East: Teams drafting 1,4,7,10

Central: Teams drafting 2,5,8,11

West: Teams drafting 3,6,9,12

5. Draft Order

The draft order for each following year’s draft will be determined by the finishing order of each franchise. Teams will be slotted in inverse order of their regular season and playoff performance including the Super Bowl. The free agent/rookie draft will reflect the NFL draft and will NOT be serpentine style. The rookie/free agent draft will consist of 5 rounds. Note that any free agent player (rookie player or otherwise) is available to draft during the rookie/FA draft.

6. League Management

The principle commissioner of the league will be Michael Lutz. RtSports.com will be hired to provide the league’s web based service. All principle owners involved will determine all the particulars of the UFFC with the league commissioner having the final say.

7. Scoring Discrepancies

If for any reason a scoring discrepancy is discovered it must first be brought to the attention of the league commissioner who in turn will notify RTSports. All scoring discrepancies must be submitted to the league commissioner by midnight Wednesday of each given week.

8. Disputes / Appeals Regarding League Rules

All disputes and appeals must be submitted to the league commissioner whereas he will utilize the rules and regulations governing the UFFC to make all decisions. The league commissioner’s decisions are considered final but a call for an impartial vote by all league members can be called to decide an issue. Each perspective league owner can only do this once a year and the league vote is final.

9. Team Management Disclaimer

The UFFC League commissioner is not responsible for any problem or technical malfunction, which impedes or interferes with the transmission or receipt of any team transaction, including but not limited to starting lineup submissions. If for some reason there is a down time experienced with our web host, all principle owners can submit an email to the league commissioner, reporting the lapse and submit any information pertaining to free agent moves and starting lineup submissions. These emails are time stamped which eliminates collusion. Once the experienced down time has been repaired, the league commissioner will update all information pertaining to starting lineups and free agent acquisitions. The commissioner will also send an email to another fellow league member if these issues pertain to his franchise, to eliminate collusion on the part of the commissioner.

10. Collusion

Any participants, who collude in an effort to dishonestly try and gain an advantage over their fellow league members, will be disbanded from the league and will forfeit all winnings. If for any reason a team owner suspects collusion amongst fellow league members, it should be brought to the attention of the league commissioner. At that time an investigation will be conducted.

11. Team Competitiveness

Participants are expected to run their franchises in a professional manner throughout the entirety of the Fantasy season. By not doing so, you could indirectly impact other franchises based on your actions. As such, any infractions of this league clause will be penalized as follows:

1st occurrence: Official warning.

2nd occurrence: Loss of one draft slot in the ensuing season's rookie/free agent draft (i.e.: per the draft order, the 3rd slot per round becomes the 4th slot).

3rd occurrence: Loss of another draft slot in the ensuing season's rookie/free agent draft (i.e.: per the draft order, the 3rd slot per round becomes the 5th slot).

4th occurrence: League expulsion.

A clear infraction of the team competitiveness clause will include starting a player on a bye week, a player on the NFL IR/PUP list (or otherwise known to be "out"), or a player who is a non-fantasy contributor. The league office reserves the right to evaluate "grey" circumstances and enforce the above penalty schedule when deemed appropriate.  Note that multiple infractions in a given week will be defined as one occurrence opposed to the # of players involved equaling one occurrence each (i.e.: a team that starts 3 players who are on a bye in week 8 will be viewed as one occurrence).

Also note that all potential violations will be objectively evaluated on a case by case basis. The purpose of this clause is not to unfairly penalize franchises. Rather, the ultimate goal is to uphold league integrity and ensure GMs aren't directly and/or indirectly impacted by neglectful GM activity (otherwise known as "tanking"). Obviously, the best way to avoid this coming up is to take the few minutes each week to ensure you're fielding your most competitive lineup. Please don't hesitate to consult the league office on premeditated starting lineup decisions that you feel could be viewed as controversial.

12. Fantasy Season

The UFFC league office will be closed and the league inactive from week 17 of the NFL regular season until 1 day after the completion of the Super Bowl. All trading and transactions will be suspended during this time period (i.e.: the last week to acquire players via the waiver wire and free agency is week 16).

During the off-season, defined as the Monday after the completion of the Super bowl until the Tuesday prior to the first scheduled NFL game of the next season, players may be traded or dropped, BUT NO FREE AGENTS MAY BE ADDED. All dropped players will go into the free agent/rookie draft that will commence sometime over the summer (actual date range will vary depending on owner availab
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13. League Office Reservation

In event that a situation arises that is not covered by the rules, the league office reserves the right to arbitrate the issue in the best interest of league competitiveness and integrity.


1. League Fee/Disbursement of Prize Money

The league commissioner will distribute 100% of all prize money, minus league expenses, to all principle participants upon the completion of each season.

Entry Fee / Prize Money: $100.00 ($1200.00)

Website Fee: $90.00

Super Bowl Winner: $500.00

Super Bowl Loser: $235.00

3 Division Winners: $75.00 each

3 Wildcard Teams: $50.00 each

In following years, prize money disbursement may change as league members may wish to increase/decrease league dues.

League dues for the current fantasy season must be received before any off-season trades will be approved.  Furthermore, at least half of the following season's dues must be received before any trades involving future draft picks will be approved. 

2. Roster Size

Team rosters must have no less than 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 K and 1 D/ST at all times during the fantasy season.  There will be no roster limitations during the off-season.

3. Starting Lineup

The starting lineup for all UFFC teams is:
1-QB, 2-RB, 3-WR, 1-TE, 1-D/ST, 1-K, 1-Flex (Any position but QB)
It is the sole responsibility of every owner to submit a competitive lineup every week of the UFFC season.

4. Schedule

Determined randomly by RTSports based on each team playing their divisional rivals twice and other teams once.

5. Standings: 

Teams will play one another each week with the winning team receiving a win in the standings, and the losing team receiving a loss. Ties in the standings will be broken in the following order:

1st Tiebreaker: Total Points For

2nd Tiebreaker: Head to Head record

3rd Tiebreaker: Total Points For in Head To Head games

4th Tiebreaker: Coin Toss

6. Playoffs

The playoffs will consist of 6 teams.

The three division winners and the three teams not winning a division that have the highest ranking in the standings (as outlined in Standings section) will make the UFFC post-season. The teams will be seeded 1-6 with the divisions winners receiving the top three seeds based on their ranking in the standings. The remaining three seeds will be slotted based on highest ranking in the standings.

First Round
Seed 3 vs. Seed 6
Seed 4 vs. seed 5
Bye for seed 1 and 2

Second Round
Re-seeded based on #1 seed playing lowest remaining seed and the #2 seed playing the highest remaining seed.

Super Bowl:
Winners Of Second Round

NOTE: Any playoff ties will be broken by total bench points for the week played.

7. Draft slotting for the following year

The draft order for the following year will be inversely slotted based on the current season's finish. Draft picks 1-6 will be determined by the standings ranking of the non-playoff teams. The lowest standings ranking team receives pick 1.1, the second lowest receives pick 1.2, and so on. Any tie in standings rankings will be broken by total fantasy points scored (the team with the lower total gets the higher slot) during the fantasy regular season.

Of the two losing teams in each of the first two rounds of the playoffs, these next slots will be determined by their regular season standings ranking, with the lower ranking getting the higher pick. If there is a tie here, total points for the fantasy regular season will break the tie (again, the team with the lower total receives the higher slot). For example, losing team A has an 8-5 record and losing team B has an 9-4 record. Team A would receive pick 1.7 and team B would receive pick 1.8. The same process goes for the second round of the playoffs determining picks 1.9 and 1.10. The Super Bowl winner receives pick 1.12 where runner up receives pick 1.11.

8. Waiver Wire/Free Agents

The waiver wire system will be a “blind bidding” process followed by free agent pick-up. Each team will receive $100 fake money in their transaction cap to use in acquiring players from the waiver wirer on a weekly basis and to conduct trades (more on this later). The duration of each cap year is the start of the UFFC off-season through the UFFC regular season.

After blind bidding has completed for the week, the players dropped to acquire FAs will be considered "protected". These players will not be able to be acquired until the waiver process the following week. Any unprotected FAs, (i.e.: those dropped in previous weeks) will be eligible for pick-up from 9:00 AM EST on Thursday until 12:59 PM EST on Sunday. Other limitations concerning the waiver process are as follows:

a) No team will be informed of any other team’s free agent bids until after the winning bids have been awarded.
b) The team with the highest bid on any given player will be awarded that player.
c) The amount of the winning bid will be deducted from the winning team’s transaction cap.
d) For each winning bid, the winning team must drop a player to make roster room for the free agent acquisition.
e) No bid will be accepted that is larger than a team’s free agent dollars.
f) All bids must be in increments of dollars (no cents).
g) If multiple teams bid the same amount for a specific FA, the team with the lowest total points scored will be awarded the player.
h) Any player acquired via the waiver wire or via free agency must remain on that franchise's roster until at least the following NFL week. In other words, you may not pick up a player via waivers or free agency and then drop him any earlier than the next week's waiver wire run.

NOTE: Once a team’s transaction cap has been exhausted, they will not be allowed to "bid" but may acquire players on Tuesday night by bidding zero. Any transaction money that is not spent by a team will not be rolled over and applied to the team’s transaction balance in the next year. 

9. Bidding Time Frame

a) There will be 1 bidding process before the first scheduled NFL game of the season (for un-drafted players and those dropped after the draft).
b) The next waiver wire will run AFTER the conclusion of week 1 of the NFL schedule.
c) The waiver wire will then be processed on a weekly basis throughout the UFFC season.
d) Bids will be accepted on the league web site from Tuesday at 9 am EST until Wednesday 10:59 PM EST.
e) Rosters will be updated by the web service with the results of all successful bids.

10. Trades


Trading among teams is permitted as long as an act of collusion or roster dumping is not witnessed. A trade becomes final once both teams have accepted the terms of the trade and submitted it to the commissioner and approved. The commissioner stance on trades especially in a dynasty league is to allow all proposed trades to commence unless there is obvious collusion between owners. Player value in this format has a wide range of latitude. Also, bidding bucks can also be a part of trades. Note that trades won't be commissioner-approved until the current year's league dues have been satisfied. However, a trade agreed upon (within the league trading window) by both parties and subsequently routed to the league office for approval is considered "locked in". Owners will not be able to "change their mind" on any trade not yet commissioner-approved unless otherwise agreed upon by BOTH owners in writing to the league office.


During The Regular Season


All trades must involve an equal number of players exchanged by both teams and may include future draft picks of only the next calendar year. Weekly trade deadline is Sunday at 12:59pm EST. All trades during the regular season must be completed (submitted & approved) by the Wednesday before Thanksgiving day. NO MORE TRADING WILL BE ALLOWED UNTIL THE OFF-SEASON (Monday after the Super Bowl).


Draft pick trading may be unequal in nature. 


During The UFFL Off-Season


May involve an unequal number of players exchanged by both teams and include future draft picks of only the next calendar year. There is no trade deadline during the UFFC off-season. Draft pick trading may be un-equal in nature.


A trade can be protested by any team not involved in the trade by submitting an email to the league office. If the league office receives 5 emails in protest of a trade, a league wide vote will be held regarding the trade in question. The teams involved in the trade will not be allowed to vote on the legitimacy of the trade. A trade must receive 6 votes against the trade to be vetoed. Only trades with evidence of collusion that you can substantiate will be considered in a protest. 

11. Keepers

Each team roster  from year to year will be retained with no contract restrictions. The rookie/FA draft will be 5 rounds long. 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the NFL season (actual date to be determined each year and communicated to league owners) owners are expected to reduce their roster to a max of 24 players. With the interest of league integrity in mind, the league office reserves the right to make a GM's cuts for him should he miss the deadline. To remain objective, player cuts down to the max roster of 24 men will be made based on the lowest fantasy points scored for the prior NFL season, excluding incoming rookie players.


12. Scoring

It is loaded in the website based on the agreement of the owners and can only be amended in the off-season  two weeks prior or earlier to the start of the NFL regular season.


Regular Season
NFL Week 1 thru NFL Week 13
Post Season
NFL Week 14 thru NFL Week 16


Tie Breakers
  1. Total Points Scored in Games
  2. Head-to-Head
  3. Divisional Record
  4. Total Points Standings
Game Tie Breakers
Playoffs will be 0 teams / 3 weeks
Your commissioner will manually seed the playoff bracket
Teams will be reseeded after each round
League has no game tie breakers. In the event of a playoff tie, the higher seed will advance.


Roster Size
Roster Limits
Running Back024
Wide Receiver024
Tight End024
Defense/Sp Team024

Def/Special Teams
Combined as one unit
Injured Reserve
Up to 12 players may be placed on injured reserve
To be placed on I/R a player must be Injury Reserved or worse on the official NFL injury report


Lineup Limits
Running Back2to3
Wide Receiver3to4
Tight End1to2
Defense/Sp Team1to2
Week 1Fri Mar 1 12:00am ETthruMon Sep 9 11:59pm ET
Week 2Tue Sep 10 7:00am ETthruMon Sep 16 11:59pm ET
Week 3Tue Sep 17 7:00am ETthruMon Sep 23 11:59pm ET
Week 4Tue Sep 24 7:00am ETthruMon Sep 30 11:59pm ET
Week 5Tue Oct 1 7:00am ETthruMon Oct 7 11:59pm ET
Week 6Tue Oct 8 7:00am ETthruMon Oct 14 11:59pm ET
Week 7Tue Oct 15 7:00am ETthruMon Oct 21 11:59pm ET
Week 8Tue Oct 22 7:00am ETthruMon Oct 28 11:59pm ET
Week 9Tue Oct 29 7:00am ETthruMon Nov 4 11:59pm ET
Week 10Tue Nov 5 7:00am ETthruMon Nov 11 11:59pm ET
Week 11Tue Nov 12 7:00am ETthruMon Nov 18 11:59pm ET
Week 12Tue Nov 19 7:00am ETthruMon Nov 25 11:59pm ET
Week 13Tue Nov 26 7:00am ETthruMon Dec 2 11:59pm ET
Playoff Week 1Tue Dec 3 7:00am ETthruMon Dec 9 11:59pm ET
Playoff Week 2Tue Dec 10 7:00am ETthruMon Dec 16 11:59pm ET
Playoff Week 3Tue Dec 17 7:00am ETthruMon Dec 23 11:59pm ET

Online Draft

Draft Rules
Scheduled for Tue May 28 8:00am ET
5 rounds
8 hrs per pick
Draft clock pauses overnight
Draft Order
#1 Blackhawks
#2 Radio Raheem
#3 Senseless Slaughter
#4 Nerf Herders
#5 Prestige Worldwide
#6 mouse rat
#7 Axe Murderers
#8 Silver Crush Dynasty
#9 Possum Pendulum
#11 Golladay Inn Express
#12 Atlanta Fury

Free Agents

Player Adds
Owners may add any players to their teams before playoff games begin
There are no free agent moves after the scheduled start of the first playoff game
Once a player's team is out of the playoffs you may not replace them


Team owners may trade, but commissioner approval is required
Future Draft Picks
Team owners may trade future draft picks
Week 1Fri Mar 1 12:00am ETthruSun Sep 8 12:59pm ET
Week 2Tue Sep 10 7:00am ETthruSun Sep 15 12:59pm ET
Week 3Tue Sep 17 7:00am ETthruSun Sep 22 12:59pm ET
Week 4Tue Sep 24 7:00am ETthruSun Sep 29 12:59pm ET
Week 5Tue Oct 1 7:00am ETthruSun Oct 6 12:59pm ET
Week 6Tue Oct 8 7:00am ETthruSun Oct 13 12:59pm ET
Week 7Tue Oct 15 7:00am ETthruSun Oct 20 12:59pm ET
Week 8Tue Oct 22 7:00am ETthruSun Oct 27 12:59pm ET
Week 9Tue Oct 29 7:00am ETthruSun Nov 3 12:59pm ET
Week 10Tue Nov 5 7:00am ETthruSun Nov 10 12:59pm ET
Week 11Tue Nov 12 7:00am ETthruSun Nov 17 12:59pm ET
Week 12Tue Nov 19 7:00am ETthruSun Nov 24 12:59pm ET
Week 13Tue Nov 26 7:00am ETthruSun Dec 1 12:59pm ET
Playoff Week 1Tue Dec 3 7:00am ETthruSun Dec 8 12:59pm ET
Playoff Week 2Tue Dec 10 7:00am ETthruSun Dec 15 12:59pm ET
Playoff Week 3Tue Dec 17 7:00am ETthruSun Dec 22 12:59pm ET
OffseasonTue Dec 24 7:00am ETthruSun Mar 1 12:00am ET
The league will be notified of completed trades

League Fees

Assessed Fees
League Entry$100
Wins and Losses
Wins Credit$0
Roster Moves
Each Player Acquired$0
Each Player Acquired via Waivers$0
Each Player Acquired via Free Agency$0
Each Player Released$0
Each Player Placed on I/R$0
Each Player Activated from I/R$0
Lineup Moves
Each Player Started$0
Each Player Benched$0
Each Trade$0
Each Player Traded Away$0
Each Player Traded For$0

Rushing Scoring

Rushing TDs
6 pts for each rushing TD
Rushing 2XPs
2 pts for each rushing 2XP
Rushing Yds
0.10 pts for each rushing yd
Rushing Atts
Not Used
Yds Per Rush
Not Used
Yd TD Rush
Not Used
Fumbles Lost
-1 pts for each fumble lost
Not Used

Passing Scoring

Passing TDs
4 pts for each passing TD
Passing 2XPs
2 pts for each passing 2XP
Passing Yds
0.05 pts for each passing yd
Passing Atts
Not Used
Yds Per Attempt
Not Used
Not Used
Yds Per Completion
Not Used
% Completion Rate
Not Used
Passer Rating
Not Used
Yd TD Pass
Not Used
Interceptions Thrown
-1 pts for each interception thrown
Pick 6s
Not Used
Not Used
Times Sacked
Not Used

Receiving Scoring

Receiving TDs
6 pts for each receiving TD
Receiving 2XP
2 pts for each receiving 2XP
Receiving Yds
0.10 pts for each receiving yd
1 pts for each reception
Yds Per Reception
Not Used
Yd TD Reception
Not Used

Combined Yardage Scoring

Rush And Rec Yds
Not Used
Rush And Pass Yds
Not Used
Rush, Pass, And Rec Yds
Not Used

Kicking Scoring

Made FGs
3 pts for each made FG
0.10 pts for every 1 yd FG beginning with 31 yd FG
Made PATs
1 pts for each made PAT
Missed FGs
Not Used
Yd Missed FG
Not Used
Missed XPs
Not Used

Defensive Scoring

Fumble Return TDs
6 pts for each fumble return TD
Yd Fumble Return TD
Not Used
Int Return TDs
6 pts for each int return TD
Yd Int Return TD
Not Used
2 pts for each safety
Defensive ST TDs
6 pts for each defensive ST TD
Yd Defensive ST TD
Not Used
Defensive ST Safety
2 pts for each defensive ST safety
Pts Allowed
Not Used
D/ST Pts Allowed
Beginning with 10 pts deduct -1 pts for every 3 D/ST pts allowed beginning with 0 D/ST pts allowed
Yds Allowed
Not Used
Rushing Yds Allowed
Not Used
Passing Yds Allowed
Not Used
1 pts for each sack
Sack Yds
Not Used
Fumbles Forced
Not Used
Fumbles Recovered
1 pts for each fumble recovered
Fumble Return Yds
Not Used
2 pts for each interception
Int Return Yds
Not Used
Turnovers Forced
Not Used
Turnover Return Yds
Not Used
Blocked FGs
1 pts for each blocked FG
Blocked XPs
1 pts for each blocked XP
Blocked Punts
1 pts for each blocked punt
Not Used
Not Used
Passes Defensed
Not Used

Special Teams Scoring

Kickoff Return TDs
6 pts for each kickoff return TD
Yd Kickoff Return TD
Not Used
Kickoff Return Yds
Not Used
Punt Return TDs
6 pts for each punt return TD
Yd Punt Return TD
Not Used
Punt Return Yds
Not Used
Return Yds
Not Used
XP Returns
Not Used
ST Fumbles Lost
-1 pts for each ST fumble lost
ST Fumbles
Not Used