Guest of the League
Afternoon Superflex
FFL: Offseason | NFL: Championship


Week 1 - NFL Week 1

Wrong Hole G sf177.80vsSKOL101 1182.85
2nd96.30vsGood News Bears167.90
The Game125.55vsthought this was bas196.75
Crush Nasty 7120.70vsPass IT 3108.75
Blue Dogs80.65vsDort Wood162.05

Week 2 - NFL Week 2

Falcs33148.95vsGood News Bears131.95
Wrong Hole G sf117.65vsThe Game168.45
SKOL101 1147.90vsthought this was bas121.65
Crush Nasty 7138.15vsBlue Dogs87.10
Pass IT 392.20vsDort Wood161.50

Week 3 - NFL Week 3

Dak_And_Yellow151.25vsCrush Nasty 7141.65
Falcs33135.25vsThe Game100.35
Wrong Hole G sf190.40vsPass IT 3151.05
2nd123.50vsSKOL101 1129.85
Good News Bears180.20vsBlue Dogs71.10
thought this was bas170.45vsDort Wood141.65

Week 4 - NFL Week 4

Dak_And_Yellow114.60vsSKOL101 197.40
Falcs33147.10vsWrong Hole G sf109.95
2nd30.30vsCrush Nasty 7125.70
The Game160.55vsPass IT 3141.60
Good News Bears148.60vsDort Wood124.80
thought this was bas185.30vsBlue Dogs99.50

Week 5 - NFL Week 5

Dak_And_Yellow138.95vsThe Game165.30
Falcs33120.00vsSKOL101 1130.00
Wrong Hole G sf147.10vsCrush Nasty 7136.00
2nd73.70vsDort Wood154.95
Good News Bears163.25vsthought this was bas205.70
Pass IT 3128.00vsBlue Dogs61.25

Week 6 - NFL Week 6

Falcs33151.30vsPass IT 3163.85
Wrong Hole G sf131.20vsthought this was bas107.30
The Game158.05vsGood News Bears126.40
SKOL101 1107.10vsBlue Dogs107.55
Crush Nasty 7144.95vsDort Wood142.20

Week 7 - NFL Week 7

Dak_And_Yellow115.25vsCrush Nasty 7146.00
Falcs3394.95vsthought this was bas123.90
Wrong Hole G sf136.90vsSKOL101 1147.90
2nd47.20vsPass IT 398.50
The Game104.20vsDort Wood107.20
Good News Bears104.15vsBlue Dogs102.15

Week 8 - NFL Week 8

Dak_And_Yellow149.85vsWrong Hole G sf151.35
Falcs33129.05vsCrush Nasty 7161.10
2nd66.40vsthought this was bas158.95
The Game125.10vsBlue Dogs114.85
SKOL101 1173.85vsDort Wood142.65
Good News Bears143.15vsPass IT 398.35

Week 9 - NFL Week 9

Dak_And_Yellow168.90vsGood News Bears91.55
Falcs33121.80vsThe Game162.15
Wrong Hole G sf162.70vsBlue Dogs137.75
2nd35.50vsCrush Nasty 7112.30
SKOL101 1126.50vsPass IT 3152.75
thought this was bas131.25vsDort Wood148.10

Week 10 - NFL Week 10

Dak_And_Yellow118.80vsthought this was bas159.30
Falcs33148.60vsBlue Dogs95.75
Wrong Hole G sf182.70vsDort Wood135.60
2nd52.60vsPass IT 3105.05
The Game111.90vsSKOL101 1124.45
Crush Nasty 7147.75vsGood News Bears171.20

Week 11 - NFL Week 11

Dak_And_Yellow154.45vsPass IT 3189.00
Wrong Hole G sf142.80vsGood News Bears161.25
The Game114.20vsBlue Dogs72.85
SKOL101 177.75vsDort Wood125.90
Crush Nasty 7111.75vsthought this was bas106.15

Week 12 - NFL Week 12

Dak_And_Yellow192.40vsBlue Dogs120.75
Falcs33126.85vsDort Wood124.20
Wrong Hole G sf107.15vsthought this was bas162.25
2nd45.60vsThe Game112.25
SKOL101 191.40vsGood News Bears116.30
Crush Nasty 7144.40vsPass IT 3155.30

Week 13 - NFL Week 13

SKOL101 1125.65vsCrush Nasty 7161.75
thought this was bas155.90vsPass IT 3105.40
Dak_And_Yellow118.35vsDort Wood126.95
Falcs33154.45vsBlue Dogs126.55
Wrong Hole G sf114.55vs2nd26.20
The Game154.60vsGood News Bears115.20

Week 14 - NFL Week 14

Dak_And_Yellow162.20vsPass IT 3166.65
Falcs3391.65vsGood News Bears111.75
Wrong Hole G sf174.50vsDort Wood138.80
2nd19.90vsBlue Dogs120.60
The Game127.30vsCrush Nasty 7124.10
SKOL101 1104.55vsthought this was bas213.60

Playoff Week 1 - NFL Week 15

The Game155.20vsthought this was bas140.65
Crush Nasty 7124.05vsWrong Hole G sf165.95

Playoff Week 2 - NFL Week 16

The Game156.35vsWrong Hole G sf113.25
Dak_And_Yellow127.60vsWrong Hole G sf113.25