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FFL: Week 14 | NFL: Week 14


Red DivisionPointsBehind
Beasts bounty1898.65 
Skeptical Optimism1743.15-155.50
Eds Jags 6 SF *1665.00-233.65
AAmsufanrm 31578.40-320.25
Blue DivisionPointsBehind
MIAMIKING 11906.45 
Flying Falcons1762.10-144.35
7. SF BViC trades1754.45-152.00
TITAN 11740.70-165.75
White DivisionPointsBehind
Victory Formation1960.30 
L and C1809.10-151.20
OCEAN FLEX1720.55-239.75
THE WALKING DEAD 11479.00-481.30