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Friday Morning Special
FFL: Playoff Week 1 | NFL: Week 15


Red DivisionPointsBehindReg SeasonPlayoffs
Roethlisbergers and Paradise! (AA1)1898.40 1898.400.00
Chicago Blitz1658.75-239.651658.750.00
Flood City 221552.20-346.201552.200.00
Blue DivisionPointsBehindReg SeasonPlayoffs
Big Papas Patriots AA30-9 11845.00 1845.000.00
NERD B01745.80-99.201745.800.00
Thunder v51711.30-133.701711.300.00
Cash Money Brothers1559.75-285.251559.750.00
White DivisionPointsBehindReg SeasonPlayoffs
Mr. Randy Watson - S1741.35 1741.350.00
Dice man 591640.20-101.151640.200.00
Draft Machine1614.15-127.201614.150.00
Say What1481.20-260.151481.200.00

Points scored including playoff weeks.