Guest of the League
GSOFFL Est. 2010
FFL: Playoff Week 7 | NFL: Championship


Belushi DivisionPointsBehindReg SeasonPlayoffs
It's Always Something1480 1075405
Katana Samurai Assurance1339-1411008331
Belushi Unveils Futaba1327-153971356
Cheeboogie Favors Pepsi1208-272856352
Hartman DivisionPointsBehindReg SeasonPlayoffs
No Coke, Pepsi!1368 1007361
Jesting Church Lady1341-271050291
Needs More Cowbell1194-174896298
Buh-wheat's O-Tay Teem!1146-222887259
Farley DivisionPointsBehindReg SeasonPlayoffs
Farley Was Here1243 974269
Shards Of Glass1224-19951273
Garth Knows Winning1143-100858285
The Motivational Speaker1122-121808314

Points scored including playoff weeks.