Guest of the League
GSOFFL Est. 2010
FFL: Playoff Week 1 | NFL: Week 14


Belushi DivisionPointsBehindReg SeasonPlayoffs
It's Always Something1159 107584
Katana Samurai Assurance1095-64100887
Belushi Unveils Futaba1022-13797151
Cheeboogie Favors Pepsi925-23485669
Hartman DivisionPointsBehindReg SeasonPlayoffs
Jesting Church Lady1119 105069
No Coke, Pepsi!1108-111007101
Needs More Cowbell963-15689667
Buh-wheat's O-Tay Teem!947-17288760
Farley DivisionPointsBehindReg SeasonPlayoffs
Farley Was Here1054 97480
Shards Of Glass1013-4195162
Garth Knows Winning911-14385853
The Motivational Speaker847-20780839

Points scored including playoff weeks.