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Red DivisionWinsLossesDivTot Pts
Beasts bounty864-22070.85
Eds Jags 6 SF *861-51789.25
Skeptical Optimism775-11877.10
AAmsufanrm 3592-41682.90
Blue DivisionWinsLossesDivTot Pts
MIAMIKING 1864-22016.40
Flying Falcons862-41882.75
7. SF BViC trades775-11863.05
TITAN 13111-51840.05
White DivisionWinsLossesDivTot Pts
Victory Formation1224-22099.75
L and C863-32034.65
OCEAN FLEX593-31813.65
THE WALKING DEAD 1592-41570.60
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