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Afternoon Superflex
FFL: Week 14 | NFL: Week 14


Red DivisionWinsLossesDivTot Pts
The Game945-11770.25
Good News Bears852-31821.10
Blue Dogs1120-61277.80
Blue DivisionWinsLossesDivTot Pts
Crush Nasty 7944-21792.20
Pass IT 3764-11728.50
White DivisionWinsLossesDivTot Pts
thought this was baseball942-32005.15
SKOL101 1764-11675.80
Wrong Hole G sf762-31895.55
Dort Wood762-31854.05
Explanation of Standings
If Playoffs Began Today
1.thought this was baseball 2
2.Wrong Hole G sf (Wildcard)
3.Crush Nasty 7
4.The Game

Championship Semi-Final
The Game
thought this was baseball 2
Championship Semi-Final
Crush Nasty 7
Wrong Hole G sf