Guest of the League
GSOFFL Est. 2010
FFL: Week 10 | NFL: Week 10


Belushi DivisionWinsLossesDivTot Pts
Katana Samurai Assurance723-0802
It's Always Something722-1894
Belushi Unveils Futaba631-2718
Cheeboogie Favors Pepsi180-3690
Hartman DivisionWinsLossesDivTot Pts
Jesting Church Lady631-2765
Needs More Cowbell452-1686
No Coke, Pepsi!452-1778
Buh-wheat's O-Tay Teem!451-2681
Farley DivisionWinsLossesDivTot Pts
The Motivational Speaker632-1611
Farley Was Here542-1728
Shards Of Glass361-2725
Garth Knows Winning181-2698
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