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Ultimate Fantasy Football Championship
FFL: Week 11 | NFL: Week 11
mouse rat
Owner: Joe Day


Carson Wentz QBPHI10NWEFinal | RecapStarter15.40Carson Wentz 17 rushing yds (1.70 pts)
Carson Wentz 1 passing TD (4.00 pts)
. . . Carson Wentz 5 yd TD pass to Dallas Goedert
Carson Wentz 214 passing yds (10.70 pts)
Carson Wentz 1 fumble lost (-1.00 pts)
Ty Johnson RBDET5DALFinal | RecapStarter1.60Ty Johnson 6 rushing yds (0.60 pts)
Ty Johnson 1 reception (1.00 pts)
Latavius Murray RBNOR9@TAMFinal | RecapStarter5.20Latavius Murray 27 rushing yds (2.70 pts)
Latavius Murray 5 receiving yds (0.50 pts)
Latavius Murray 2 receptions (2.00 pts)
Tyreek Hill WRKAN12@LACMon 8:15pm ETStarter0.00
Zach Pascal WRIND6JACFinal | RecapStarter3.70Zach Pascal 17 receiving yds (1.70 pts)
Zach Pascal 2 receptions (2.00 pts)
Curtis Samuel WRCAR7ATLFinal | RecapStarter6.50Curtis Samuel 25 receiving yds (2.50 pts)
Curtis Samuel 4 receptions (4.00 pts)
Auden Tate WRCIN9@OAKFinal | RecapStarter9.60Auden Tate 56 receiving yds (5.60 pts)
Auden Tate 4 receptions (4.00 pts)
Vance McDonald TEPIT7@CLEFinal | RecapStarter6.30Vance McDonald 33 receiving yds (3.30 pts)
Vance McDonald 3 receptions (3.00 pts)
Michael Badgley KLAC12KANMon 8:15pm ETStarter0.00
Indianapolis ColtsD/STIND6JACFinal | RecapStarter10.00Indianapolis Colts 13 D/ST pts allowed (6.00 pts)
Indianapolis Colts 2 sacks (2.00 pts)
Indianapolis Colts 1 interception (2.00 pts)
Ryan Fitzpatrick QBMIA5BUFFinal | RecapBench16.15Ryan Fitzpatrick 323 passing yds (16.15 pts)
Chase Edmonds RBARI12O@SFOFinal | RecapBench0.00
Derrick HenryRBTEN11bye Bench0.00
Chris Thompson RBWAS10ONYJFinal | RecapBench0.00
Robert Foster WRBUF6@MIAFinal | RecapBench0.00
Marquise GoodwinWRSFO4ARIFinal | RecapBench1.50Marquise Goodwin 5 receiving yds (0.50 pts)
Marquise Goodwin 1 reception (1.00 pts)
Kelvin HarmonWRWAS10NYJFinal | RecapBench10.30Kelvin Harmon 53 receiving yds (5.30 pts)
Kelvin Harmon 5 receptions (5.00 pts)
Adam HumphriesWRTEN11bye Bench0.00
Diontae Johnson WRPIT7@CLEFinal | RecapBench3.70Diontae Johnson 17 receiving yds (1.70 pts)
Diontae Johnson 2 receptions (2.00 pts)
Trey Quinn WRWAS10NYJFinal | RecapBench4.90Trey Quinn 9 receiving yds (0.90 pts)
Trey Quinn 2 receptions (2.00 pts)
Trey Quinn 1 receiving 2XP (2.00 pts)
Jacob HollisterTESEA11bye Bench0.00
Dawson Knox TEBUF6@MIAFinal | RecapBench11.20Dawson Knox 32 receiving yds (3.20 pts)
Dawson Knox 2 receptions (2.00 pts)
Dawson Knox 1 receiving TD (6.00 pts)
. . . Dawson Knox 23 yd TD pass from Josh Allen
Josh OliverTEJAC10@INDFinal | RecapBench1.50Josh Oliver 5 receiving yds (0.50 pts)
Josh Oliver 1 reception (1.00 pts)
Delanie WalkerTETEN11Obye Bench0.00
Kerryon JohnsonRBDET5XDALFinal | RecapIR0.00
Lamar MillerRBHOU10X@BALFinal | RecapIR0.00
Devin Funchess WRIND6XJACFinal | RecapIR0.00
N'Keal Harry WRNWE10@PHIFinal | RecapIR4.80N'Keal Harry 18 receiving yds (1.80 pts)
N'Keal Harry 3 receptions (3.00 pts)
Stephen GostkowskiKNWE10X@PHIFinal | RecapIR0.00
Starters: 58.30 pts
Bench: 49.25 pts

Game Schedule

Week 1121.35
 Tom Brady (29.05)
Best Roster
vsAtlanta Fury176.40LOSS 
Week 2120.90
 Tom Brady (27.30)
Best Roster
vsPrestige Worldwide122.95LOSS
Week 3120.65
 Carson Wentz (24.25)
Best Roster
vsAxe Murderers162.05LOSS 
Week 482.85
 Jacoby Brissett (26.15)
Best Roster
vsNerf Herders91.35LOSS
Week 583.95
 Chase Edmonds (17.60)
Best Roster
vsSenseless Slaughter139.80LOSS 
Week 6113.40
 Tyreek Hill (25.00)
Best Roster
Week 795.95
 Chase Edmonds (35.00)
Best Roster
vsNerf Herders97.60LOSS
Week 8121.70
 Latavius Murray (36.70)
Best Roster
vsSilver Crush Dynasty109.65WIN 
Week 9141.95
 Tyreek Hill (26.50)
Best Roster
vsGolladay Inn Express134.15WIN 
Week 10128.05
 Derrick Henry (33.10)
Best Roster
vsPossum Pendulum141.85LOSS
Week 1158.30
 Ryan Fitzpatrick (16.15)
Best Roster
Week 12  vsPossum Pendulum  
Week 13 vsAtlanta Fury  
Playoff Week 1-- No Game Scheduled --
Playoff Week 2-- No Game Scheduled --
Playoff Week 3-- No Game Scheduled --


ReleasedMatt Prater K DETWaiver WireWeek 10Wed Nov 6 11:09pm ET
ReleasedDexter Williams RB GNBWaiver WireWeek 10Wed Nov 6 11:09pm ET
AcquiredMichael Badgley K LACWaiver Wire ($1)Week 10Wed Nov 6 11:09pm ET
AcquiredJacob Hollister TE SEAWaiver Wire ($4)Week 10Wed Nov 6 11:09pm ET
AcquiredRyan Fitzpatrick QB MIAWaiver Wire ($1)Week 10Wed Nov 6 11:09pm ET
ReleasedBaltimore Ravens D/ST BALOwnerWeek 8Sun Oct 27 12:00am ET
AcquiredIndianapolis Colts D/ST INDOwnerWeek 8Sun Oct 27 12:00am ET
AcquiredZach Pascal WR INDWaiver Wire ($46)Week 8Wed Oct 23 11:09pm ET
On I/RKerryon Johnson RB DETOwnerWeek 8Wed Oct 23 11:34am ET
ReleasedJosh Rosen QB MIAOwnerWeek 7Thu Oct 17 3:09pm ET
AcquiredJosh Oliver TE JACOwnerWeek 7Thu Oct 17 3:09pm ET
ReleasedMatt Gay K TAMWaiver WireWeek 7Wed Oct 16 11:08pm ET
AcquiredMatt Prater K DETWaiver Wire ($0)Week 7Wed Oct 16 11:08pm ET
ReleasedRiley Ridley WR CHIOwnerWeek 5Sat Oct 5 2:02pm ET
AcquiredMatt Gay K TAMOwnerWeek 5Sat Oct 5 2:02pm ET
ReleasedTy Montgomery RB NYJWaiver WireWeek 5Wed Oct 2 11:08pm ET
ReleasedDemaryius Thomas WR NYJWaiver WireWeek 5Wed Oct 2 11:08pm ET
AcquiredAuden Tate WR CINWaiver Wire ($15)Week 5Wed Oct 2 11:08pm ET
AcquiredDexter Williams RB GNBWaiver Wire ($15)Week 5Wed Oct 2 11:08pm ET
On I/RStephen Gostkowski K NWEOwnerWeek 5Wed Oct 2 8:58pm ET
AcquiredTy Johnson RB DETWaiver Wire ($0)Week 3Wed Sep 18 11:07pm ET
AcquiredKelvin Harmon WR WASWaiver Wire ($0)Week 3Wed Sep 18 11:07pm ET
ReleasedKeelan Cole WR JACOwnerWeek 2Thu Sep 12 12:34pm ET
AcquiredKeelan Cole WR JACWaiver Wire ($0)Week 2Wed Sep 11 11:06pm ET
On I/RDevin Funchess WR INDOwnerWeek 2Wed Sep 11 1:26pm ET
AcquiredJacoby Brissett QB INDWaiver Wire ($0)Week 1Wed Sep 4 11:03pm ET
On I/RN'Keal Harry WR NWEOwnerWeek 1Wed Sep 4 2:15pm ET
AcquiredDemaryius Thomas WR NYJCommissionerWeek 1Thu Aug 29 3:15pm ET
ReleasedWillie Snead WR BALOwnerWeek 1Thu Aug 29 11:28am ET
ReleasedDemaryius Thomas WR NYJOwnerWeek 1Thu Aug 29 11:28am ET
On I/RLamar Miller RB HOUCommissionerWeek 1Tue Aug 27 8:24am ET
ReleasedAlfred Blue RB JACOwnerWeek 1Wed May 15 2:24pm ET
ReleasedChris Conley WR JACOwnerWeek 1Wed May 15 2:24pm ET
ReleasedCordarrelle Patterson WR CHIOwnerWeek 1Wed May 15 2:24pm ET
ReleasedGerald Everett TE LAROwnerWeek 1Wed May 15 2:24pm ET
Off I/RJimmy Garoppolo QB SFOOwnerWeek 1Thu Mar 14 8:37am ET
Off I/RA.J. Green WR CINOwnerWeek 1Thu Mar 14 8:37am ET
Off I/RTrey Quinn WR WASOwnerWeek 1Thu Mar 14 8:37am ET
Off I/RDelanie Walker TE TENOwnerWeek 1Thu Mar 14 8:37am ET


TradedLeSean McCoy RB KAN
to Senseless Slaughter2020 Draft, Rnd 2
2020 Draft, Rnd 4
Released: Ryan Izzo TE NWE
Week 9Approved
Tue Oct 29 9:07am ET
TradedJacoby Brissett QB IND
to Axe MurderersJosh Rosen QB MIA
Diontae Johnson WR PIT
Week 5Approved
Wed Oct 2 9:01pm ET
TradedTom Brady QB NWE
Golden Tate WR NYG
Released: Cody Latimer WR NYG
Week 3Approved
Tue Sep 17 5:50pm ET
TradedJoe Flacco QB DEN
to Axe Murderers2020 Draft, Rnd 5
Week 1Approved
Thu Aug 29 3:04pm ET
TradedA.J. Green WR CIN
to Golladay Inn Express2020 Draft, Rnd 1
2021 Draft, Rnd 1
Week 1Approved
Mon Aug 26 8:21am ET
TradedAdrian Peterson RB WAS
Patrick Mahomes QB KAN
to Atlanta FuryCarson Wentz QB PHI
Kerryon Johnson RB DET
Week 1Approved
Fri Aug 23 6:45pm ET
Traded2020 Draft, Rnd 5
to Senseless SlaughterChris Thompson RB WAS
Week 1Approved
Wed Aug 7 10:54am ET
TradedJimmy Garoppolo QB SFO
Rnd 1, Pick 6
2020 Draft, Rnd 3
to Golladay Inn ExpressJoe Flacco QB DEN
Rnd 1, Pick 5
Week 1Approved
Tue May 28 1:02pm ET

Team Information

Joe Day

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