Guest of the League
Friday Morning Special
FFL: Week 11 | NFL: Week 11
Waiver claim submission deadline: Wed Nov 13 11:59pm ET

Projected: Wed Nov 13 11:59pm ET

1.Say What (1055.35pts)
2.R.I.P. (1097.65pts)
3.Dice man 59 (1129.10pts)
4.Draft Machine (1170.95pts)
5.Cash Money Brothers (1171.60pts)
6.Flood City 22 (1176.90pts)
7.Chicago Blitz (1190.30pts)
8.Thunder v5 (1218.00pts)
9.Mr. Randy Watson (6-4) - (1274.15pts)
10.NERD B0 (1319.05pts)
11.Big Papas Patriots AA30-9 (1377.15pts)
12.Roethlisbergers and Parad (1413.80pts)
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