Guest of the League
NFC West
FFL: Playoff Week 1 | NFL: Week 15
Waiver claim submission deadline: Wed Dec 11 11:59pm ET

Projected: Wed Dec 11 11:59pm ET

1.BossAA918 (1480.90pts)
2.Zombie Waldo (1489.70pts)
3.FSN5 (1491.50pts)
4.K-Town Killers (1642.35pts)
5.TEAM SO-DAK (1647.10pts)
6.KState2010 (1661.30pts)
7.The Best Team 4 3 (1685.60pts)
8.YEP (1724.75pts)
9.stubuss10 (1729.30pts)
10.CashCowsPoker (1765.40pts)
11.PennSylvania Rowdies 1 (1822.70pts)
12.Bismark Roughriders (2027.05pts)
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