Guest of the League
RTS Top Dogs Est. 2011
FFL: Week 11 | NFL: Week 11

Week 11: Wed Nov 13 11:59pm ET


Bid Group
$7Colin Kaepernick QB ---Player awarded. Released Marquise Goodwin WR SFO
Dropped: Marquise Goodwin WR SFO

Hail Mary

Bid Group
$1Kendrick Bourne WR SFOPlayer awarded. Released Pharoh Cooper WR ARI
Dropped: Pharoh Cooper WR ARI

Handjobs for Jerky

Bid Group
$51Brandon Bolden RB NWEPlayer awarded. Released Gary Jennings WR MIA
Dropped: Gary Jennings WR MIA

House of Cards

Bid Group
$275Nick Boyle TE BALPlayer awarded.

Bidding Cap Remaining

Hail Mary$2
Handjobs for Jerky$733
High Octane$108
House of Cards$714
Rebel Alliance$494
Say-Say My Name$478
TD (TE)$261
The Las Vegas Traitors$875
Week-Lee Annihilator$900
Waiver Wire Audits

Thu Nov 14 12:10am ET: Blind Bid Against FAAB.
Thu Nov 14 12:10am ET: Nick Boyle TE BAL awarded to House of Cards for $275.
Thu Nov 14 12:10am ET: Brandon Bolden RB NWE awarded to Handjobs for Jerky for $51.
Thu Nov 14 12:10am ET: Colin Kaepernick QB --- awarded to GROIN GRABBING GREATNESS for $7.
Thu Nov 14 12:10am ET: Kendrick Bourne WR SFO awarded to Hail Mary for $1.
Thu Nov 14 12:10am ET: Waiver awards complete.