New to RTS this year. Injury report question

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New to RTS this year. Injury report question

Postby PhantasiaPhun » Fri Sep 18, 2020 9:11 pm

I have a couple owners asking when the injury status of players update. Is it on a regular schedule at certain times on certain days, or do they update in realtime? Example, AJ Brown was declared out around 1:45pm EST today and he's still listed as Questionable in the system. Thanks for any info!
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Re: New to RTS this year. Injury report question

Postby williamshepherd » Wed Sep 23, 2020 3:20 am

There is an ongoing discrepancy between when injury information is released, when the NFL official designation timeline and RTSports updating their site. So we changed our league to allow for players that are Questionable or worse to be moved to the IR. I guess there is a bit of honesty/integrity involved but we haven't had issues with people taking advantage of the obvious loopholes.

Hope that helps.
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