Big League Waivers Adds/Drops

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Big League Waivers Adds/Drops

Postby JerseyShoreScore » Sun Apr 23, 2017 11:08 am

Perhaps someone who makes decisions can weigh in with their rationale for why they have made several (IMO) terrible decisions in regard to free agent adds, waiver process etc. Most of these issues can be changed with simple tweaks.

The biggest issue and the one that easiest to correct is the EXTREMELY small amount of time for open add/drops each week.

Why in the world is the system setup to give teams as few as just THREE hours and so far this season a maximum of FIVE hours of open add/drops? Not only that, open add/drops open up at 4 am Pacific time. With 1 pm eastern games, 11 am on Patriots Day, that window is really too small.

It is pretty simple to set things up so that EVERY week teams have at least 24 hour access to add/drops and we can ELIMINATE Pacific Coast bias that opens add/drops up at 4 am their time.

Run waivers 10 pm on Saturdays, open up the free for all add/drop period at 11 am Eastern on Sundays. This guarantees all teams get at least 24 hours to do add/drops and nobody has to set their alarm for the middle of the night to be one of the first to make moves. Not all that difficult to create an acceptable minimum each week and equal access and fairness for all.

Other Issues:

There should be a FAAB system where teams budget their money and have equal access to every player. Once you run out of money, you will have to wait until the 24 hour open free agency periods opens back up.

I can understand RT Sports not implementing FAAB as it is a preference. However, once again, there a few simple tweaks that can create more fairness. Resetting Waiver Priority each week based on Last to First Standings is universally considered the WORST way to do things. This early in the season standings are not really relevant. So for teams who get off to a fast start get screwed out of the top waiver players each week. Not to mention this is not Little League Baseball or some sort of Communist Society where we are trying to reward Failure or create a Classless Society.

At the very minimum, you should run waiver priority based on who last claimed a player. That way if you do not make a claim for a few weeks, you can at least move yourself up. That is simplest way to improve what is a horrible system.

Also, if you are going to continue to have such a horrible Waiver Process, at least continue to allow Minor League players to be picked up. I am in first place in 19 of 28 leagues. I will NEVER get a top Minor League Player. You are punishing me for being a good player. This is inherently unfair. If I want to add Urias this week or Joe Ross last week because I know they are coming up, I should be able to add them.

DL Spots are needed or increase bench spots. If one has terribly bad luck and has 5 or 6 guys on the DL right now, you have to actually drop good players to just fill starting spots on your roster. With the new 10 Day DL teams are putting more players on the DL than in previous seasons.

Most of these suggestions are common sense, easy to implement changes, that nearly 100 percent of most people would want to see added.

I would like to get a response from RT Sports on why they prefer their system of tiny add/drop periods and a timing system that clearly is biased against certain parts of the country.

Would like feedback from other players as well...

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Re: Big League Waivers Adds/Drops

Postby LuckylilLinda » Wed Jul 31, 2019 3:05 pm

Last place first claim is silly. This is for real money...I hope I lose my 1st week of Football this coming
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