Nickname: Spanky421

50 Money League Teams

ChampionshipdbV5-CH-250inFantasy Championship 8/14 11:00PM
ChampionshipdbV13-CH-250inFantasy Championship 8/23 11:15PM
ChampionshipdbV7-CH-250inFantasy Championship 8/18 11:59PM
ChampionshipdbV47-CH-250inFantasy Championship 9/6 6:30PM #
RTFFCdbV23-RTFFC-250inRTFFC Blue #2
High StakesdbV18-HS-1000inHigh Stakes
High StakesdbV43-HS-1000inLabor day special
High StakesdbV4-HS-500inHideous Nicks
High StakesdbV10-HS-250inCamelToeYogaClass
High StakesdbV21-HS-250inFinal Countdown
High StakesdbV32-HS-250inravenhaters
High StakesdbV3-HS-125inThe Punishers
High StakesdbV2-HS-125ingET yOUR lATE nIGHT fREAK oN
High StakesdbV12-HS-125inFF Now
High StakesdbV30-HS-125inRoad To The Timex Dong Bowl
High StakesdbV6-HS-125inJameis Crab Shack
High StakesdbV8-HS-125inEasy Peezy Lemon Squeezy
High StakesdbV9-HS-125inSat High Stakes Auction
High StakesdbV11-HS-125inThe Big Chill
High StakesdbV46-HS-125inLast Minute Auction
High StakesdbV14-HS-125inHigh Steaks - Medium Rare
High StakesdbV15-HS-125inDress Rehearsal Day 2
High StakesdbV17-HS-125inSaturday Night Live Auction
High StakesdbV19-HS-125inHigh Stake Heaven
High StakesdbV24-HS-125inAuction Fun
High StakesdbV26-HS-125inFor all the marbles
High StakesdbV33-HS-125inMidnight Madness
High StakesdbV38-HS-125inWho Dak?
High StakesdbV37-HS-125inHS Auction
High StakesdbV40-HS-125inStand for the Anthem
High StakesdbV42-HS-125inCatholics vs Cattle
High StakesdbV44-HS-125inThe Big Time League
High StakesdbV45-HS-125inLETS DO THIS
High StakesdbV48-HS-125inHe's Dead Jim
All-ProdbV16-AP-125in gamblers anonymous
All-ProdbV36-AP-100inBlack and Blue
All-ProdbV20-AP-100inSunday Night Football
All-ProdbV29-AP-100inFantasy Draft 2016
All-ProdbV34-Aud-100inFootball Feast II
All-ProdbV39-AP-100inFootball Fanzz
All-ProdbV-41-AP-100inI heard you like football
All-ProdbV35-AP-50inLev On will BELicheat
AudibledbV22-Aud-250inCmon Guys
AudibledbV25-Aud-125inNFL Central Division
AudibledbV31-Aud-125inIt's Go Time
AudibledbV50-AUD-50inFirst Day of Football
Draft MastersdbV27-DM-100inWednesday Hundo Party
Draft MastersdbV49-DM-100inThe Time is Now
Draft MastersdbV28-DM-50inMore CK Haterade

Player Experience

RealTime Fantasy Sports ranking

Missouri statute designation

RealTime Fantasy Sports:
Top 100 Player
Top 1000 Player
Ranked lower than Top 1000

Per state statute:
Highly Experienced
Not Highly Experienced