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Game of Thrones Draft

Sat May 16 7:00pm ET


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2019 Cut Down

Remember the cut down date is March 31st. Your roster should be cut down to 16 players at this point. Per league rules, all players must be removed from I/R but this deadline as well. You may roster up to 24 players until that point. You may drop players at will but may not acquire new players for your team via unrestricted free agency.

    2020 Draft Order

    1. Sumo 250 Cut (renewed)
    2. Polk High Alumni (renewed)
    3. The Development (renewed)
    4. Cheesecake (renewed)
    5. Ezmoneymango (renewed)
    6. Max Forever 7 (renewed)
    7. Suncoast DYN 2 (renewed)
    8. Mystical Marauders (renewed)
    9. Arick Dynasty 2 - 250 (renewed)
    10. Rolling Rocks (renewed)
    11. motherofdragons (renewed)
    12. DJ-Dynamo (renewed)

    #1 - #6 Lottery
    #7 - #12 Playoff teams, regular season pts

  • Fantasy Week 1Scoreboard
    Polk High Alumni (0-0)
    Mystical Marauders (0-0)even
    DJ-Dynamo (0-0)
    Cheesecake (0-0)even
    Sumo 250 Cut (0-0)
    Max Forever 7 (0-0)even
    Rolling Rocks (0-0)
    Suncoast DYN 2 (0-0)even
    Ezmoneymango (0-0)
    Arick Dynasty 2 - 250 (0-0)even
    motherofdragons (0-0)
    The Development (0-0)even
  • Player Notes
    O.J. Howard Mar 29 10:23pm ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers TE O.J. Howard's 'eyes should light up' at the opportunity to play with QB Tom Brady, according to head coach Bruce Arians. 'You have a quarterback who throws to the tight end, go earn it and get balls thrown to you,' Arians said.

    Fantasy Spin: Despite playing four more games than he did in 2018, Howard finished with fewer yards and just one touchdown last year. The drop in production wasn't a surprise given the fact that Arians' system typically isn't kind to tight ends, but the arrival of Brady could change that in a big way. Howard is definitely worth grabbing as a TE1, and there is a chance he finishes as a top-five fantasy option at the position.

    From TheHuddle

    Ronald Jones II Mar 29 9:53pm ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB Ronald Jones could face new competition for snaps on third down next season, according to head coach Bruce Arians. 'We'd love to have a pass-catching back,' Arians said.

    Fantasy Spin: Jones rebounded in 2019 after a dreadful rookie campaign, tallying 1,031 yards from scrimmage and catching 31 passes. He should still handle most of the work on early downs, but if Jones isn't on the field in passing situations, it is going to limit his ceiling, especially with Tom Brady now under center. He's best viewed as a flex option for the time being.

    From TheHuddle

    Blake Bell Mar 29 9:23pm ET

    Free-agent TE Blake Bell (Chiefs) agreed to terms with the Dallas Cowboys on a one-year deal worth $1.7 million with $450,000 guaranteed, according to a source.

    From TheHuddle

    Josh Allen Mar 29 7:13pm ET

    Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen had a league-high 7.2 percent of his pass attempts dropped last season.

    From TheHuddle

    Baker Mayfield Mar 29 7:03pm ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield had a league-high 20 passes batted down at or behind the line of scrimmage in 2019.

    From TheHuddle

    Kirk Cousins Mar 29 7:03pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins enjoyed a league-high average of 2.7 seconds in the pocket in 2019.

    From TheHuddle

    Lamar Jackson Mar 29 6:33pm ET

    Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson executed a league-high 173 run-pass option (RPO) plays in 2019 - 65 more than second-place Kyler Murray (108). Jackson also ranked third in play-action pass attempts with 163.

    From TheHuddle

    Patrick Mahomes Mar 29 6:33pm ET

    Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes was hurried 54 times in 2019 - a significant drop from a league-high 121 times in 2018.

    From TheHuddle

    Ryan Fitzpatrick Mar 29 6:33pm ET

    Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Fitzpatrick was hit while passing a league-high 66 times last season - tied with New York Giants QB Daniel Jones for the most in the NFL.

    From TheHuddle

    Dalvin Cook Mar 29 5:43pm ET

    Atlanta Falcons RB Todd Gurley was charged with the dropped pass on a league-high 14.3 percent of his targets in 2019 as a member of the Los Angeles Rams. Denver Broncos RB Phillip Lindsay (12.5) and Minnesota Vikings RB Dalvin Cook (11.1) were the only other qualified running backs with a drop rate of higher than nine percent.

    From TheHuddle

    Courtland Sutton Mar 29 5:43pm ET

    Denver Broncos WR Courtland Sutton led all receivers with 12 broken tackles on receptions in 2019. Pittsburgh Steelers WR Diontae Johnson, former Houston Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins and Los Angeles Rams WR Cooper Kupp tied for second among receivers with nine.

    From TheHuddle

    Julian Edelman Mar 29 5:23pm ET

    New England Patriots WR Julian Edelman was charged with a league-high 13 drops in 2019 - five more than he had in 2018.

    From TheHuddle

    Le'Veon Bell Mar 29 5:23pm ET

    New York Jets RB Le'Veon Bell (1.2) averaged 1.2 yards before contact per attempt in 2019 - tied with Benny Snell for the worst mark in the league among qualified rushers last season.

    From TheHuddle

    Leonard Fournette Mar 29 5:13pm ET

    Jacksonville Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette finished fifth in the league among qualified rushers in fewest yards before contact per attempt (1.4) in 2019. Meanwhile, his three yards after contact per attempt was good for the third-best mark in the league.

    From TheHuddle

    Raheem Mostert Mar 29 4:53pm ET

    San Francisco 49ers RBs Raheem Mostert (3.5) and Matt Breida (3.3) ranked first and second, respectively, in the league among running backs in average yards before contact per attempt last season.

    From TheHuddle

    Aaron Rodgers Mar 29 4:43pm ET

    Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was charged with a 'bad throw' on a league-high 21.2 percent of his passes in 2019.

    From TheHuddle

    Tom Brady Mar 29 4:33pm ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady was charged with 116 'bad throws' in 2019, six fewer than league leader Jameis Winston - his predecessor in Tampa Bay.

    From TheHuddle

    Jimmy Garoppolo Mar 29 4:33pm ET

    San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo was 'on target' - defined as a throw that would have hit the receiver - on 80.7 percent of his passes in 2019 - the fourth-highest mark in the league.

    From TheHuddle

    Dak Prescott Mar 29 4:23pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott was on the wrong end of an NFL-high 36 drops last season.

    From TheHuddle

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