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Aces of bases
Triple Play $20 - Contest Completed | MLB Week 28


Fantasy Week 1/2 - MLB Week 1/2

Bambis Bombers389.5vsWhirled Peace437.0
Maddux the GOAT364.5vsLas Vegas Hope330.0
OLDGUYS-6361.5vsLewis Rocks384.0
Team Hunter182.5vsJolly Roger363.5
Echota Indians435.5vsMud Dogs398.0

Fantasy Week 3 - MLB Week 3

Bambis Bombers215.0vsOLDGUYS-6239.5
Whirled Peace263.5vsTeam Hunter257.5
Maddux the GOAT250.0vsEchota Indians194.5
Las Vegas Hope248.5vsJolly Roger212.0
Lewis Rocks224.0vsMud Dogs336.5

Fantasy Week 4 - MLB Week 4

Bambis Bombers215.5vsMaddux the GOAT200.0
Whirled Peace253.5vsOLDGUYS-6267.5
Las Vegas Hope265.5vsEchota Indians183.0
Team Hunter305.5vsLewis Rocks260.5
Jolly Roger237.0vsMud Dogs240.0

Fantasy Week 5 - MLB Week 5

Bambis Bombers318.5vsLas Vegas Hope242.5
Whirled Peace297.5vsLewis Rocks303.0
Maddux the GOAT283.0vsOLDGUYS-6242.0
Team Hunter271.5vsJolly Roger265.0
Echota Indians227.0vsMud Dogs260.5

Fantasy Week 6 - MLB Week 6

Bambis Bombers253.0vsWhirled Peace282.5
Maddux the GOAT234.5vsTeam Hunter316.5
Las Vegas Hope166.0vsOLDGUYS-6173.5
Lewis Rocks284.5vsMud Dogs300.5
Echota Indians313.5vsJolly Roger207.5

Fantasy Week 7 - MLB Week 7

Bambis Bombers256.5vsOLDGUYS-6351.5
Whirled Peace258.5vsMaddux the GOAT190.5
Las Vegas Hope269.5vsJolly Roger289.0
Team Hunter211.5vsMud Dogs296.5
Lewis Rocks311.0vsEchota Indians204.0

Fantasy Week 8 - MLB Week 8

Bambis Bombers217.5vsLewis Rocks368.5
Whirled Peace314.0vsLas Vegas Hope273.5
Maddux the GOAT325.5vsOLDGUYS-6281.0
Team Hunter176.5vsEchota Indians353.0
Jolly Roger263.0vsMud Dogs282.0

Fantasy Week 9 - MLB Week 9

Bambis Bombers230.5vsTeam Hunter287.0
Whirled Peace214.0vsLewis Rocks246.0
Maddux the GOAT295.0vsJolly Roger281.0
Las Vegas Hope187.0vsOLDGUYS-6170.0
Echota Indians352.5vsMud Dogs209.0

Fantasy Week 10 - MLB Week 10

Bambis Bombers236.0vsEchota Indians313.5
Whirled Peace225.5vsOLDGUYS-6283.0
Maddux the GOAT202.5vsLewis Rocks332.5
Las Vegas Hope284.5vsMud Dogs267.5
Team Hunter250.5vsJolly Roger266.5

Fantasy Week 11 - MLB Week 11

Bambis Bombers258.0vsOLDGUYS-6250.5
Whirled Peace281.0vsMaddux the GOAT262.5
Las Vegas Hope286.5vsTeam Hunter331.0
Lewis Rocks312.5vsEchota Indians260.0
Jolly Roger255.5vsMud Dogs263.0

Fantasy Week 12 - MLB Week 12

Bambis Bombers263.0vsLas Vegas Hope252.5
Whirled Peace226.5vsEchota Indians278.5
Maddux the GOAT227.0vsTeam Hunter270.0
OLDGUYS-6273.0vsJolly Roger283.0
Lewis Rocks280.5vsMud Dogs379.5

Fantasy Week 13 - MLB Week 13

Bambis Bombers319.0vsLewis Rocks372.0
Whirled Peace184.5vsLas Vegas Hope233.5
Maddux the GOAT288.0vsOLDGUYS-6292.5
Team Hunter241.5vsMud Dogs230.0
Echota Indians236.5vsJolly Roger332.0

Fantasy Week 14 - MLB Week 14

Bambis Bombers241.5vsEchota Indians199.0
Whirled Peace288.0vsMaddux the GOAT228.5
Las Vegas Hope362.0vsTeam Hunter254.0
OLDGUYS-6242.5vsMud Dogs210.0
Lewis Rocks279.0vsJolly Roger292.5

Fantasy Week 15 - MLB Week 15

Bambis Bombers294.0vsMaddux the GOAT233.0
Whirled Peace288.5vsJolly Roger213.0
Las Vegas Hope211.0vsMud Dogs301.0
OLDGUYS-6286.0vsTeam Hunter281.0
Lewis Rocks204.5vsEchota Indians265.5

Fantasy Week 16/17 - MLB Week 16/17

Bambis Bombers381.0vsTeam Hunter202.5
Whirled Peace462.5vsEchota Indians407.5
Maddux the GOAT333.5vsMud Dogs451.0
Las Vegas Hope373.0vsLewis Rocks443.0
OLDGUYS-6398.0vsJolly Roger453.0

Fantasy Week 18 - MLB Week 18

Bambis Bombers201.0vsLas Vegas Hope331.5
Whirled Peace284.5vsMud Dogs223.5
Maddux the GOAT205.0vsJolly Roger239.5
OLDGUYS-6274.0vsEchota Indians253.5
Team Hunter244.0vsLewis Rocks279.5

Fantasy Week 19 - MLB Week 19

Bambis Bombers275.0vsMud Dogs271.0
Whirled Peace264.0vsOLDGUYS-6238.0
Maddux the GOAT238.0vsLas Vegas Hope321.5
Team Hunter238.5vsEchota Indians227.5
Lewis Rocks299.0vsJolly Roger281.0

Fantasy Week 20 - MLB Week 20

Bambis Bombers266.0vsJolly Roger207.0
Whirled Peace282.0vsTeam Hunter241.0
Maddux the GOAT232.0vsMud Dogs343.5
Las Vegas Hope281.0vsEchota Indians207.0
OLDGUYS-6243.0vsLewis Rocks257.0

Fantasy Week 21 - MLB Week 21

Bambis Bombers255.5vsMaddux the GOAT244.0
Whirled Peace332.0vsJolly Roger293.0
Las Vegas Hope320.5vsLewis Rocks239.5
OLDGUYS-6222.0vsEchota Indians222.5
Team Hunter261.0vsMud Dogs283.5

Fantasy Week 22 - MLB Week 22

Bambis Bombers306.0vsMud Dogs301.0
Whirled Peace311.5vsLas Vegas Hope233.0
Maddux the GOAT177.5vsEchota Indians191.0
OLDGUYS-6282.0vsTeam Hunter208.0
Lewis Rocks257.0vsJolly Roger258.0

Fantasy Week 23 - MLB Week 23

Bambis Bombers220.5vsJolly Roger298.5
Whirled Peace273.5vsMud Dogs241.0
Maddux the GOAT219.0vsLewis Rocks238.5
Las Vegas Hope230.5vsOLDGUYS-6209.0
Team Hunter197.5vsEchota Indians247.0

Fantasy Week 24 - MLB Week 24

Bambis Bombers200.5vsWhirled Peace296.5
Maddux the GOAT186.5vsLas Vegas Hope216.0
Team Hunter202.5vsLewis Rocks393.5
Echota Indians258.0vsJolly Roger332.5
OLDGUYS-6320.5vsMud Dogs290.5

Playoff Week 1 - MLB Week 25

Las Vegas Hope313.5vsWhirled Peace257.5
Mud Dogs221.5vsLewis Rocks235.0

Playoff Week 2 - MLB Week 26

Lewis Rocks209.0vsLas Vegas Hope316.0

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