Two New Kings are Crowned

2017-02-06 15:11:53
Sr Fantasy Writer
RealTime Fantasy Sports

RealTime Fantasy Sports is proud to crown two new kings. Brian Eiler is the winner of our King of the Mountain contest, winning a prize of $25,000 for his efforts. And Brad Wingers won the King of the Mountain II contest, which brought him home a prize of $10,000. This isn't a first for Wingers. He was a co-winner of this same contest with a different format in 2009. Pretty amazing.

If you aren't familiar, here is how the King of the Mountain contest works. You pick one simple lineup each week, consisting of one quarterback, one running back and one receiver/tight end. If the team you pick scores better than just the worst one-third of teams in the contest, you advance to the next week. But here is the catch, you can only pick a player for your team once during season, including the playoffs. If you are the last owner standing, you take home a $25,000 prize for winning our King of the Mountain contest.

So needless to say, there is plenty of strategy involved in this contest. You need to keep picking the correct players throughout the season while also making sure you had players left for the NFL playoffs.

"In the early part of the year I just played based on match-ups," Brian Eiler said. "After I made about halfway through, I stuck with the NFC quarterbacks preparing for the playoffs."

Both players had some high expectations to start the season but kept things in check until later in the year.

"You have to think you can win it all from the start, but once the amount of players left gets down under 20 or so, then things get real," Brad Wingers said. "The current format is even more interesting, fun than the early days format. Kind of need both more luck and more skill now."

"Once December rolled around I started to get optimistic that winning it was a real possibility," Eiler said. "At the beginning of the season there is always hope, but that hope multiplies when you no longer have to scroll down to see the rest of the teams."

And as you can guess, there are plenty of ups and downs during the contest. Like an NFL team, these players both had some turning points throughout the year.

"Jamies Winston scoring big Week 16 was pretty huge," Wingers said. "The fourth quarter heroics of Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin Week 18 was an important double-whammy that paid off. Was iffy, though, for three and a half quarters."

"Week 18 comes to mind," Eiler said. "Going into that week I was debating between Jarvis Landry and Jimmy Graham. I was in Mexico at the time so I asked the bar tender what her thoughts were. Apparently, she was a huge NFL fan and after a few shots we chose Jarvis Landry. If I decided to go with Graham, I would have been knocked out."

As the contest got down to the end, there were some nervous moments for both players. This shouldn't come as a surprise with so much on the line. Both seemed to handle it pretty well, though.

"I was a bit nervous watching the final games, but at the same time, I felt fortunate to be in the position I was and enjoyed feeling cautiously optimistic and rather excited about it all," said Wingers.

"I was fairly nervous when there was that much riding on the line but the Divisional Round was by far the most intense," Eiler said. "With the three teams left we all had the same quarterback and running back, so it was the wide receivers that would make the difference. All three played in the same game, so it made things interesting. One guy had Dez Bryant, the other had Cole Beasley, and I had Davante Adams. Dez quickly separated himself from Adams and Beasley so it became a one-on-one scenario. It was a close game for the most part between Adams and Beasley and I kept hoping for no overtime. The other wrinkle that had me fixated on this game was that the team that played Dez had Dak Prescott for the following week if the Cowboys had won. So when Rodgers connected with Cook for the chance to hit a game wining field goal and then making that field goal, I went crazy. That field goal ensured I would be starting Tom Brady against a backup quarterback for the championship."

Both players have some thicker wallets because of their great play this season in this contest. And both guys are considering trips for their great work.

"Probably look to use the King of the Mountain two samolians won on a trip to Aruba," Wingers said. "It's one happy island, in case you didn't know."

"I'm going to Disney World," said Eiler.

If you want to try to dethrone the kings, sign up for the King of the Mountain contest before next season. Here is a link to the contest, including rules for the contest: King of the Mountain