Postseason Shootout Winner

2018-02-13 11:09:44
Sr Fantasy Writer
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Gianfrancesco picked Brady

Despite having just two players remaining for the Super Bowl, Antonio Gianfrancesco was able to win the Postseason Shootout contest because of a great start by his team and huge performances by his remaining players in the big game. Gianfrancesco takes home the big prize of 50,000 dollars for his great accomplishment of finishing first overall.

"Brady and Gronk were a must have for me as they're a great go to connection, which is why I was able to win the contest on the night of the Super Bowl," said Gianfrancesco.

If you aren't familiar, rules for the Postseason Shootout contest are pretty simple. For an entry of 125 dollars (or three teams for 350 dollars), you select a roster from all the teams in the NFL playoffs that you think will score the most points this postseason (you can't select more than two players from each NFL team, though). Your roster will consist of two quarterbacks, two running backs, two wide receivers/tight ends, two flex players (RB/WR/TE), a defense/special teams and a kicker. There is no draft or head-to-head games. It is a total points contest. If you finish in the top 150, you are going to win some money. First place takes home 50,000 dollars while finishing 150th gets you 250 bucks.

With those rules in place, Gianfrancesco setup a strategy for picking the correct roster, which turned out to be a contest-winning strategy.

"Constructing my roster took a few hours of planning," Gianfrancesco said. "I actually drew on a sheet of paper pros and cons of each team. I also broke it down further before finalizing my choices. I looked at factors such as yards per catch and how many receptions per game by receivers and running backs."

Gianfrancesco's detailed preparation paid off, picking a roster that was able to defeat all the fantasy players in the contest. Every player he selected won at least a game in the playoffs, which helped pad Gianfrancesco's numbers early in the contest. He had two big first weeks, scoring 100.1 points in Week 1 and 230.45 points in Week 2. His roster was led by Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, the only two players that advanced all the way to the Super Bowl.

"Super Bowl week I knew I had a chance, 17.20 points behind first place," Gianfrancesco said. "Gronk cleared to play and both teams with great offense. I got my wish of a high-scoring game and with Dion Lewis being a non-factor. This allowed me to take a lead in the final minutes of the Super Bowl with Gronk's second touchdown of the game."

Although, it came down to the last game and near the end of that game, Gianfrancesco had high hopes early in the contest, mainly because of his fast start.

"After the first week, I felt great," Gianfrancesco said. "I believed I had a top-10 chance at that point. I got key victories from Tennessee, which upset all those fans with Kansas City Chiefs' players. Rams lost to my Falcons. Saints beat the Panthers, and Jags went on to give me protection for the second round."

So what is Gianfrancesco going to do with all his winnings? Well, he isn't going to going on a shopping spree, taking a more conservative approach to his big prize.

"I do not have any plans other than some minor vehicle repairs and saving the money," Gianfrancesco said. "We may decide to take a vacation before the start of the next football season, depending on our work schedules."

If you want a chance to take down Gianfrancesco next season, sign up for the Postseason Shootout before the start of the playoffs. We'll have links up on our site and home page. You won't watch postseason football the same way going forward.

"It really took until the minutes of the game to realize it could become reality," Gianfrancesco said. "Unbelievable how everything played out. This event had me on the edge of my seat all playoffs."

Click on this link to see more details about the contest or to sign up: Postseason Shootout