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Last chance2 Tue Dec 10 8:04pm ET
U should have traded me when you had the chance
Last chance2 Tue Dec 10 8:04pm ET
Y u make me Tue Dec 10 4:22pm ET
Win ur division and dont worry about the wildcard spot
I love football 3 Tue Dec 10 4:16pm ET

how the hell do i finish 9 and 5  and dont make playoffs and team is 7 and 7 and does . thats the most fucked up thing . why have records then 

Last chance2 Tue Nov 5 9:46pm ET
Even if I accepted some of these offers it will get declined......
Last chance2 Tue Nov 5 8:39pm ET
Anyone willing to trade? Looking for rb. Willing to trade mike evans
Y u make me Tue Oct 1 1:12pm ET

who need a qb i got plenty to choose from i need rb

Last chance2 Wed Aug 28 12:20pm ET
Anyone want Elliott?
Y u make me Sun Jun 30 8:11pm ET
Ripper send me offer
Last chance2 Sun Jun 30 8:10pm ET
You talking about Elliott or green?