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Aurelio Sanchez Memorial League Est. 2007
FFL: Preseason | NFL: Week 1


College: California | 8 years
Height: 6'2" | Weight: 211 lbs
Birth Date: 4/27/1992
2020 Bye Week: 12

Total Pts: 262
Avg Pts: 16.38
Rank: 6 WR

Free Agent

2020 RTSports Outlook

Allen had another big season as the No. 1 receiver for the Chargers, catching 97 passes for 1,196 yards and six touchdowns. Allen was 12th overall in fantasy receiver scoring. He had three 100-yard games and at least four receptions all but two games. Allen has averaged 100 receptions for 1,295 yards and six touchdowns the past two seasons. He remains just 27 years old and the top target in the Chargers explosive offense. Allen runs good routes and does a good job of just getting open. He is capable of turning a short play into a big one because of his quickness and moves in space. His hands were a concern entering his rookie season, but Allen really alleviated those concerns the last few seasons. Allen is a complete receiver. Fantasy Outlook: Allen just keeps producing. The numbers don't lie. His only issue is a lack of scores, having six each of the past two seasons. He'll get big reception and yardage totals, though, making him a low-end No. 1 fantasy receiver. Expect around 95 receptions for 1,300 yards and seven or eight touchdowns.

RotoBaller's Outlook

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen was able to shed his incorrectly-placed "injury prone" label last season. He played in 16 games in 2017 and 15 in 2018 after missing time in his first few seasons due to fluky injuries that, for anyone paying attention, were not signs of an injury prone player. Allen's 2018 featured 97 catches for 1196 yards and six touchdowns. He saw 159 targets in 2017 and 137 in 2018, and he should see a similar number of balls thrown his way in 2019 as well. With an ever-improving team and impressive coach Anthony Lynn around him, Allen's arrow is pointing almost straight up. He's just below the top-tier of wide receivers, but he has room to grow into that tier, and this may be the season he finally does so.

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Fantasy Week
Week 126.30Keenan Allen 123 receiving yds (12.30 pts)
Keenan Allen 28 yd TD reception (6.00 pts)
Keenan Allen 8 receptions (8.00 pts)
Week 217.80Keenan Allen 98 receiving yds (9.80 pts)
Keenan Allen 8 receptions (8.00 pts)
Week 343.60Keenan Allen 3 rushing yds (0.30 pts)
Keenan Allen 183 receiving yds (18.30 pts)
Keenan Allen 7 yd TD reception (6.00 pts)
Keenan Allen 12 yd TD reception (6.00 pts)
Keenan Allen 13 receptions (13.00 pts)
Week 49.80Keenan Allen 48 receiving yds (4.80 pts)
Keenan Allen 5 receptions (5.00 pts)
Week 55.80Keenan Allen 18 receiving yds (1.80 pts)
Keenan Allen 4 receptions (4.00 pts)
Week 65.30Keenan Allen 33 receiving yds (3.30 pts)
Keenan Allen 2 receptions (2.00 pts)
Week 710.10Keenan Allen 61 receiving yds (6.10 pts)
Keenan Allen 4 receptions (4.00 pts)
Week 812.30Keenan Allen 53 receiving yds (5.30 pts)
Keenan Allen 7 receptions (7.00 pts)
Week 97.00Keenan Allen 40 receiving yds (4.00 pts)
Keenan Allen 3 receptions (3.00 pts)
Week 1016.60Keenan Allen 18 rushing yds (1.80 pts)
Keenan Allen 68 receiving yds (6.80 pts)
Keenan Allen 8 receptions (8.00 pts)
Week 1121.10Keenan Allen 71 receiving yds (7.10 pts)
Keenan Allen 7 yd TD reception (6.00 pts)
Keenan Allen 8 receptions (8.00 pts)
Week 12
Week 1318.80Keenan Allen 68 receiving yds (6.80 pts)
Keenan Allen 36 yd TD reception (6.00 pts)
Keenan Allen 6 receptions (6.00 pts)
Playoff Week 113.30Keenan Allen 83 receiving yds (8.30 pts)
Keenan Allen 5 receptions (5.00 pts)
Playoff Week 218.90Keenan Allen 99 receiving yds (9.90 pts)
Keenan Allen 9 receptions (9.00 pts)
Playoff Week 312.10Keenan Allen 71 receiving yds (7.10 pts)
Keenan Allen 5 receptions (5.00 pts)
Player Notes
Dec 30 3:00am ET

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen hauled in nine passes on Sunday against the Chiefs to set a new all-time mark for the Chargers. Allen's 104 receptions are the most ever by a Chargers receiver, and Allen finished the season with 1,199 yards as well. That makes three straight years where Allen has topped 1,000 yards, and if it's his last rodeo with Philip Rivers, he went out on a high note even if the team didn't. Allen's six touchdowns match his production for each of the last two seasons, and that's really the only figure that holds Allen back at all in the fantasy realm. If he can jump that number, he can easily be one of the very best wide receivers in the game.

From RotoBaller

Dec 28 2:20pm ET

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen will be looking to finish strong as he's approaching 100 catches once again. Allen fell just short of the milestone last year, tallying 97, but he cross the threshold in 2017. While his touchdowns have been down this year, Allen has still had a strong year in catches and yards, and one last game against the Chiefs should give him a real opportunity to go out on a high note. Last time he faced Kansas City, he hauled in eight balls for 71 yards and a touchdown. A day like that would be just what the doctor ordered to finish out the season for Allen, and it would be nice to have one more big day with Philip Rivers, if this is their last one together.

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Dec 23 2:40am ET

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen finished Sunday with 71 yards receiving on five catches, and he came so close to converting one of those into a touchdown. Allen snagged a short pass on the outside and turned upfield with a clear shot at the pylon. Unfortunately, he slipped just a hair and ended up tumbling to the ground a few feet short of the line. Melvin Gordon was then handed the ball for the quick TD. Allen has seemed quiet for most of the season since his big, breakout games happened way back in Weeks 1 and 3, but his 95 catches puts him on pace to challenge for a new personal best. He'll need eight grabs next weeks against Kansas City to set a new personal record, and that's how many he got against them a month ago.

From RotoBaller

Dec 22 11:03pm ET

Los Angeles Chargers WR Keenan Allen caught five of his 10 targets for 71 yards in a 24-17 loss to the Oakland Raiders in Week 16.

Fantasy Spin: Allen's steady season continued as he topped 60 receiving yards for the 12th time in 15 games. While he might not have the highest ceiling, Allen does offer a safe floor as a WR2. Expect more of the same in the finale when he faces a Kansas City team that he beat for eight catches, 71 yards and a touchdown earlier this year.

From TheHuddle

Dec 20 7:30pm ET

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen was rewarded with another trip to the Pro Bowl this week as credit for topping 1,000 receiving yards once again. The wideout has had a somewhat quiet time getting to the millennial mark this year due to only catching five touchdowns on the season, but he's still faithfully racked up the catches. Allen could challenge for a new career high in catches, as he only trails his 2017 season by 12 with two weeks remaining. First up, he'll get a day against the pillow-soft secondary of the Oakland Raiders. It should be a great chance for him to put up some huge numbers.

From RotoBaller

Dec 16 2:10am ET

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen hasn't been the loudest receiver on the block this season, but he's still put in the work and ground his way up over the 1,000-yard mark once again. Allen topped the millennial mark in Week 15 by posting nine catches for 99 yards in the team's blowout loss to Minnesota. Allen ranks fifth in the league in receptions and 11th in yards, though his five touchdowns are tied for second-fewest amongst 1,000-yard wideouts this year. It's hard to believe how bad the Chargers team has been this season with how well Allen, Mike Williams, and Austin Ekeler have played for the entire season, but it's evidence that big numbers to those guys don't necessarily translate to wins.

From RotoBaller

Dec 16 1:43am ET

Los Angeles Chargers WR Keenan Allen hauled in nine passes for 99 yards in a Week 15 loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Fantasy Spin: Allen led the way in receptions and receiving yards Sunday, and he has done a nice job of bouncing back following a stretch of uninspired play where he seemed to take a backseat to Hunter Henry and others. Against Oakland, Allen should be playable as a WR2.

From TheHuddle

Dec 15 12:40am ET

Following a series of ho-hum weeks through the middle of the season, Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen has been on a hot streak of late, racking up 27 catches and 290 yards receiving over the last four games. Allen was able to haul in a pair of touchdowns over the stretch as well, and he has put up 68 or more receiving yards in each of the games. That said, Allen will be facing a tough matchup as he'll possibly be lining up across from Pro Bowl cornerback Xavier Rhodes (ankle) and the rest of an intimidating Minnesota secondary. With the Vikings on a hot offensive streak, don't be surprised if LA is playing catch-up and Allen sees plenty of chances. He'll just have to fight his way through a lot of coverage to bring them in.

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Dec 9 3:00am ET

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen caught five of his passes sent his way on Sunday, tallying up 83 yards in the team's massive win over the Jaguars. Allen snagged a quick pass over the middle and led defenders on a long foot race to rack up a 45-yard gainer at one point. His 83 yards was the most receiving yards he's recorded in a game in over two months, and while he was held out of the end zone once again, it was good just to see him break free on a couple of routes. The 45-yarder was also Allen's longest single catch this season. He'll have a tougher matchup next week when he faces the stout Vikings Defense, but he's only been held to less than five catches once in his last six games. He should find a way to get his.

From RotoBaller

Dec 8 10:03pm ET

Los Angeles Chargers WR Keenan Allen caught five of his six targets for 83 yards in a 45-10 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 14.

Fantasy Spin: Although Allen hasn't had a lot of huge performances this year, he enjoys a steady role in the passing game. Allen is closing in on another 1,000-yard campaign, and he remains a reliable WR2.

From TheHuddle

Dec 7 3:30pm ET

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen is making up for lost time by racking up touchdowns in two straight games. Now, he'll face another stout defensive backfield that is tied for the fourth-fewest receiving touchdowns this season. Jacksonville has allowed quite a few yards to wideouts, but they've been able to keep them out of the end zone. Allen has done a good job of hauling in passes sent his way this year, but he's still pulling himself out of the doldrums where he struggled to get meaningful yardage in the middle of the year. He's been on a roll the last few weeks though, and he should find a way to continue that momentum this week. Expect solid numbers for the fantasy playoffs.

From RotoBaller

Dec 2 2:00am ET

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen took a wild, tumbling trip into the end zone on Sunday to notch his fifth touchdown of the season. Allen would also haul in four more passes on the day, tallying 68 total yards even though he was supposed to be held in check by Chris Harris Jr. Allen was instead the fortunate recipient of a handful of blown coverages and caught passes with impunity. Allen has been kept quiet the majority of the time this season as LA's offense has struggled with a variety of issues, not least of which is their quarterback's degradation, but the growth of Mike Williams should help take some of the heat off his seat from here on out. Hopefully, whoever is throwing him the ball can do so accurately.

From RotoBaller

Dec 2 1:23am ET

Los Angeles Chargers WR Keenan Allen caught six passes for 68 yards and a touchdown in a 23-20 loss against the Denver Broncos on Sunday, Dec. 1.

Fantasy Spin: It hasn't been a great year by Allen's standards, but he has played better recently, topping 65 yards receiving in three consecutive contests and scoring in the past two. He can plugged into your weekly lineup as a WR2.

From TheHuddle

Nov 29 4:20pm ET

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen is expected to have his hands full once again when he faces Denver and Chris Harris Jr. on Sunday. Allen was shut down by Harris in October, catching four passes for just 18 yards. Harris has subsequently already told the media that he's planning on shadowing Allen once again this week, so owners should prepare for another dud by the top-flight wide receiver. Allen finally ended an extended touchdown drought by snagging one against Kansas City two weeks ago, but it's unlikely he'll see the end zone again this weekend. His talent means he can always find his way into fantasy starting lineups, but only desperate owners should be rolling the dice on this one.

From RotoBaller

Nov 19 2:30am ET

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen finally ended his touchdown drought. In the third quarter of Monday night's loss to the Chiefs, Allen was able to snag a quick pass and dive his way through a couple of defenders to get the score. It was Allen's first touchdown in eight games, and his 71 yards receiving are the most he's posted since Week 3. After a monster start to the year, Allen has become a ghost. While it's easy to blame it on Allen, it's starting to look like the problem originates with Philip Rivers instead. Rivers appears to be getting real old real fast, and that could explain why Allen, traditionally the team's outside man, has gotten lost in the shuffle.

From RotoBaller

Nov 19 12:43am ET

Los Angeles Chargers WR Keenan Allen went for eight receptions, 71 yards and a touchdown on 12 targets in Week 11 against the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday, Nov. 18 in Mexico City.

Fantasy Spin: Allen had his first visit to the end zone since Week 3. He started out with three touchdowns in the first three games, but went scoreless in the past seven outings. He has four or more receptions in nine of his 11 outings, making him a stud fantasy option in PPR leagues. The Chargers are off in Week 12.

From TheHuddle

Nov 16 1:20pm ET

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen was able to snag eight passes last week, which is a great sign, but he still only tallied 68 yards on the day and hasn't scored a touchdown in seven weeks. In the thin air of Mexico City, Allen should have plenty of opportunity to go deep, but whether he can make something happen with that speed remains to be seen. If the game becomes a shootout, Allen could see plenty of chances, but KC's susceptibility to the ground game may negatively impact his targets. He's still dangerous, but there's considerable danger that he puts up another stinker this week.

From RotoBaller

Nov 8 1:30am ET

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen got some chances, but he was still held scoreless on Thursday night. Allen snagged eight of 11 passes thrown his way and tallied 68 yards receiving, but he failed to find the end zone for the seventh straight week. Allen has struggled to break out since Week 3, and this was a missed golden opportunity for him since Oakland's pass defense has been so bad this year. His talent and the cost most owners paid for him mean he'll stay active in just about everyone's lineup, but Allen is on his way to one of the most disappointing 1,000-yard seasons in recent memory.

From RotoBaller

Nov 8 1:03am ET

Los Angeles Chargers WR Keenan Allen caught eight passes for 68 yards against the Oakland Raiders in Week 10. Allen also ran once for 18 yards.

Fantasy Spin: Incredibly, Allen's eight receptions and 68 yards were his most since Week 3. He has been getting the looks recently with double-digit targets in three of his last four games, but the yards simply aren't there. After averaging 9.7 receptions, 135 yards and 1 TD per game over the first three, Allen's numbers have dropped to 4.7 grabs for 46 yards per game with no TDs in the last seven. His upside should be enough to keep him active, but he's a borderline WR2/WR3 right now.

From TheHuddle

Nov 7 3:50pm ET

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen has been a ghost over the last six weeks, averaging just 42 yards per week with zero touchdowns, but that could change in Oaktown. After a monster start to the year, Allen has disappeared while facing five above average defenses in the last six games. This week, he'll get to face the worst defense he's seen all year. Oakland's secondary is atrocious, and this will be a ripe opportunity for Allen to break out of his funk. Don't be surprised if this is one of those huge games where Allen goes for 125+ yards and at least one touchdown, like he did against Oakland in 2017.

From RotoBaller

Player Transactions
  • 07-Feb-2017: SDG - Off IR - torn right ACL
  • 11-Sep-2016: SDG - On IR - torn right ACL
  • 11-Jun-2016: SDG - Re-signed - Four-year extension (through 2020)
NFL Week
2019 Season262.0010411996149231600
Week 1IND26.30812311000000
Week 2@DET17.8089801500000
Week 3HOU43.601318321701300
Week 4@MIA9.805480500000
Week 5DEN5.804180600000
Week 6PIT5.302330600000
Week 7@TEN10.1046101100000
Week 8@CHI12.3075301000000
Week 9GNB7.003400400000
Week 10@OAK16.60868011011800
Week 11KAN21.1087111200000
Week 12bye
Week 13@DEN18.806681600000
Week 14@JAC13.305830600000
Week 15MIN18.9099901000000
Week 16OAK12.1057101001-500
Week 17@KAN23.2098211000000