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Afternoon Superflex
FFL: Week 2 | NFL: Week 2

Lineup Changes

2nd - john kiang

BenchedRBJalen Richard, OAKOwnerSat Sep 14 3:10pm ET
StartedWRAntonio Brown, NWEOwnerSat Sep 14 3:10pm ET

Blue Dogs - Brad Huff

BenchedQBSam Darnold, NYJCommissionerSun Sep 15 6:25am ET
BenchedRBNyheim Hines, INDOwnerThu Sep 12 5:05am ET
BenchedWRAdam Humphries, TENOwnerThu Sep 12 5:05am ET
StartedRBMalcolm Brown, LAROwnerThu Sep 12 5:05am ET
StartedWRTerry McLaurin, WASOwnerThu Sep 12 5:05am ET

Crush Nasty 7 - MARIO AVILES

BenchedRBLatavius Murray, NOROwnerSat Sep 14 10:50pm ET
StartedTEDarren Waller, OAKOwnerSat Sep 14 10:50pm ET
BenchedWRJames Washington, PITOwnerSat Sep 14 10:50pm ET
StartedRBLatavius Murray, NOROwnerSat Sep 14 10:50pm ET
StartedWRJamison Crowder, NYJOwnerThu Sep 12 10:03am ET
BenchedWRTyreek Hill, KANCommissionerThu Sep 12 6:45am ET

Dak_And_Yellow - Layton Privett

BenchedRBJordan Howard, PHIOwnerSun Sep 15 12:10pm ET
StartedRBRaheem Mostert, SFOOwnerSun Sep 15 12:10pm ET
BenchedWRWill Fuller, HOUOwnerSun Sep 15 12:07pm ET
BenchedTEDavid Njoku, CLEOwnerSun Sep 15 12:07pm ET
StartedWRSammy Watkins, KANOwnerSun Sep 15 12:07pm ET
StartedTEJimmy Graham, GNBOwnerSun Sep 15 12:07pm ET
StartedRBJordan Howard, PHICommissionerSun Sep 15 6:25am ET
BenchedRBTevin Coleman, SFOCommissionerThu Sep 12 6:45am ET

Dort Wood - Steven Worvie

StartedWRJohn Ross, CINOwnerThu Sep 12 2:28am ET


StartedTEMark Andrews, BALOwnerThu Sep 12 10:54am ET
BenchedQBNick Foles, JACOwnerWed Sep 11 6:50pm ET
BenchedTEHunter Henry, LACOwnerWed Sep 11 6:50pm ET
StartedQBJosh Allen, BUFOwnerWed Sep 11 6:50pm ET

Good News Bears - Douglas Craig

BenchedWRCourtland Sutton, DENOwnerThu Sep 12 1:14am ET
StartedWRLarry Fitzgerald, ARIOwnerThu Sep 12 1:14am ET
BenchedRBJoe Mixon, CINOwnerTue Sep 10 11:51am ET
StartedRBDevin Singletary, BUFOwnerTue Sep 10 11:51am ET
BenchedWRAnthony Miller, CHIOwnerTue Sep 10 10:03am ET
StartedWRCourtland Sutton, DENOwnerTue Sep 10 10:03am ET

Pass IT 3 - Lynn Fetterman

BenchedQBJimmy Garoppolo, SFOOwnerSun Sep 15 12:31pm ET
BenchedRBDevonta Freeman, ATLOwnerSun Sep 15 12:31pm ET
StartedQBGardner Minshew II, JACOwnerSun Sep 15 12:31pm ET
StartedRBChris Thompson, WASOwnerSun Sep 15 12:31pm ET
BenchedWRSterling Shepard, NYGOwnerWed Sep 11 7:45am ET
StartedWRAlshon Jeffery, PHIOwnerWed Sep 11 7:45am ET

SKOL101 1 - Jared Mohelski

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

The Game - Kenneth Knutson

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

thought this was baseball 2 - Mike Valiquette

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Wrong Hole 30 g - Kenneth Jones

BenchedWRChristian Kirk, ARIOwnerSat Sep 14 1:36pm ET
StartedWRGeronimo Allison, GNBOwnerSat Sep 14 1:36pm ET