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Aurelio Sanchez Memorial League
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Lineup Changes

Buzzards - Ken Wyrostek

BenchedRBDamien Williams, KANOwnerThu Sep 19 6:39pm ET
StartedWRJames Washington, PITOwnerThu Sep 19 6:39pm ET

DYNASTY - Jackie Gentry

BenchedTEJared Cook, NOROwnerTue Sep 17 2:30pm ET
BenchedDEFDetroit Lions, DETOwnerTue Sep 17 2:30pm ET
StartedTEJason Witten, DALOwnerTue Sep 17 2:30pm ET
StartedDEFCleveland Browns, CLEOwnerTue Sep 17 2:30pm ET

Get the JA Done - James Jankauskis

BenchedTEJimmy Graham, GNBOwnerWed Sep 18 10:06pm ET
StartedTEWill Dissly, SEAOwnerWed Sep 18 10:06pm ET
BenchedTEDavid Njoku, CLEOwnerWed Sep 18 10:04pm ET
StartedTEJimmy Graham, GNBOwnerWed Sep 18 10:04pm ET
BenchedQBBaker Mayfield, CLEOwnerWed Sep 18 10:00pm ET
StartedQBJimmy Garoppolo, SFOOwnerWed Sep 18 10:00pm ET
BenchedRBDavid Montgomery, CHIOwnerWed Sep 18 9:59pm ET
StartedWRChris Godwin, TAMOwnerWed Sep 18 9:59pm ET

Hornets - Jim Wozniak

BenchedRBWayne Gallman, NYGCommissionerWed Sep 18 5:00pm ET
StartedRBJoe Mixon, CINCommissionerWed Sep 18 5:00pm ET
BenchedWRJamison Crowder, NYJOwnerWed Sep 18 4:59pm ET
BenchedWRJosh Gordon, NWEOwnerWed Sep 18 4:59pm ET
StartedRBWayne Gallman, NYGOwnerWed Sep 18 4:59pm ET
StartedWRMarquise Brown, BALOwnerWed Sep 18 4:59pm ET

I am not a Gurley - Chris

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Nytro - Greg Wyrostek

BenchedQBDrew Brees, NOROwnerTue Sep 17 8:51pm ET
StartedQBRussell Wilson, SEAOwnerTue Sep 17 8:51pm ET

Parker's Punishers - Monix

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Prestige Worldwide - Josh Jankauskis

BenchedWRRobert Woods, LAROwnerTue Sep 17 11:43pm ET
BenchedDEFBaltimore Ravens, BALOwnerTue Sep 17 11:43pm ET
StartedWRTyler Boyd, CINOwnerTue Sep 17 11:43pm ET
StartedDEFSeattle Seahawks, SEAOwnerTue Sep 17 11:43pm ET

Psych Ward - Shelby Milner

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Red Dragons - Michael Booth

BenchedTEO.J. Howard, TAMOwnerWed Sep 18 10:21am ET
BenchedDEFPhiladelphia Eagles, PHIOwnerWed Sep 18 10:21am ET
StartedWRMarvin Jones, DETOwnerWed Sep 18 10:21am ET
StartedDEFMinnesota Vikings, MINOwnerWed Sep 18 10:21am ET