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Lineup Changes

Buzzards - Ken Wyrostek

BenchedRBMelvin Gordon, LACOwnerSun Oct 21 8:17am ET
StartedRBLatavius Murray, MINOwnerSun Oct 21 8:17am ET
BenchedDEFKansas City Chiefs, KANOwnerWed Oct 17 6:26pm ET
StartedDEFJacksonville Jaguars, JACOwnerWed Oct 17 6:26pm ET
BenchedRBLatavius Murray, MINOwnerWed Oct 17 6:25pm ET
BenchedDEFJacksonville Jaguars, JACOwnerWed Oct 17 6:25pm ET
StartedRBKenyan Drake, MIAOwnerWed Oct 17 6:25pm ET
StartedDEFKansas City Chiefs, KANOwnerWed Oct 17 6:25pm ET
BenchedRBJames Conner, PITOwnerWed Oct 17 6:23pm ET
BenchedWRJuJu Smith-Schuster, PITOwnerWed Oct 17 6:23pm ET
BenchedTEJimmy Graham, GNBOwnerWed Oct 17 6:23pm ET
StartedRBLatavius Murray, MINOwnerWed Oct 17 6:23pm ET
StartedWRNelson Agholor, PHIOwnerWed Oct 17 6:23pm ET
StartedTECameron Brate, TAMOwnerWed Oct 17 6:23pm ET

DYNASTY - Jackie Gentry

BenchedRBChris Carson, SEAOwnerWed Oct 17 11:43am ET
StartedRBChris Thompson, WASOwnerWed Oct 17 11:43am ET

Dynasty 2.0 - James Jankauskis

BenchedRBLeSean McCoy, BUFOwnerSun Oct 21 9:05am ET
StartedRBTarik Cohen, CHIOwnerSun Oct 21 9:05am ET
BenchedWRWill Fuller, HOUOwnerThu Oct 18 8:02pm ET
StartedRBLeSean McCoy, BUFOwnerThu Oct 18 8:02pm ET
BenchedKRobbie Gould, SFOOwnerThu Oct 18 8:01pm ET
StartedKBrandon McManus, DENOwnerThu Oct 18 8:01pm ET
BenchedQBRussell Wilson, SEAOwnerWed Oct 17 10:24pm ET
BenchedWRDavante Adams, GNBOwnerWed Oct 17 10:24pm ET
StartedQBAlex Smith, WASOwnerWed Oct 17 10:24pm ET
StartedWRAllen Robinson, CHIOwnerWed Oct 17 10:24pm ET

Hornets - Jim Wozniak

BenchedTERob Gronkowski, NWEOwnerSun Oct 21 11:55am ET
StartedWRTyler Boyd, CINOwnerSun Oct 21 11:55am ET

I am not a Gurley - Chris

BenchedRBAustin Ekeler, LACOwnerSat Oct 20 9:24pm ET
StartedRBMark Ingram, NOROwnerSat Oct 20 9:24pm ET
BenchedTEJared Cook, OAKOwnerSat Oct 20 9:23pm ET
StartedTETrey Burton, CHIOwnerSat Oct 20 9:23pm ET

Nytro - Greg Wyrostek

BenchedRBDuke Johnson, CLEOwnerThu Oct 18 9:12am ET
BenchedWRSterling Shepard, NYGOwnerThu Oct 18 9:12am ET
StartedRBAlvin Kamara, NOROwnerThu Oct 18 9:12am ET
StartedWRMichael Thomas, NOROwnerThu Oct 18 9:12am ET
BenchedTEVance McDonald, PITOwnerThu Oct 18 9:11am ET
StartedTEGreg Olsen, CAROwnerThu Oct 18 9:11am ET

Prestige Worldwide - Josh Jankauskis

BenchedWRJarvis Landry, CLEOwnerFri Oct 19 11:34am ET
StartedWRAlshon Jeffery, PHIOwnerFri Oct 19 11:34am ET
BenchedQBDeshaun Watson, HOUOwnerTue Oct 16 11:46pm ET
BenchedWRCooper Kupp, LAROwnerTue Oct 16 11:46pm ET
StartedQBMitch Trubisky, CHIOwnerTue Oct 16 11:46pm ET
StartedWRJarvis Landry, CLEOwnerTue Oct 16 11:46pm ET

Psych Ward - Shelby Milner

BenchedTEGeoff Swaim, DALOwnerThu Oct 18 2:24pm ET
BenchedKRyan Succop, TENOwnerThu Oct 18 2:24pm ET
StartedTEC.J. Uzomah, CINOwnerThu Oct 18 2:24pm ET
StartedKMatt Prater, DETOwnerThu Oct 18 2:24pm ET

Red Dragons - Michael Booth

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Titans - Terry & Kim

BenchedRBDerrick Henry, TENOwnerWed Oct 17 10:52pm ET
StartedRBTheo Riddick, DETOwnerWed Oct 17 10:52pm ET
BenchedQBMarcus Mariota, TENOwnerWed Oct 17 7:50pm ET
BenchedWRAntonio Brown, PITOwnerWed Oct 17 7:50pm ET
StartedQBMatthew Stafford, DETOwnerWed Oct 17 7:50pm ET
StartedWRTaylor Gabriel, CHIOwnerWed Oct 17 7:50pm ET