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FFL: Playoff Week 1 | NFL: Week 15


Week 1 - NFL Week 1

SP-AA38 (IN)163.05vsFlipping Animals77.65
Team Stark 1115.10vsxxWest of East136.10
------------------162.50vsThe Rams **IN**166.25
Roonsback115.35vsDavcheck 10/2132.20
FTP U112.65vsFunky Technicians86.30
BLUE FORCE118.25vsRTJ 16*131.20

Week 3 - NFL Week 3

SP-AA38 (IN)134.90vsxxWest of East104.35
Flipping Animals133.15vsTeam Stark 1136.20
------------------109.15vsDavcheck 10/2118.40
The Rams **IN**161.00vsRoonsback170.50
FTP U115.75vsRTJ 16*124.35
Funky Technicians102.95vsBLUE FORCE128.95

Week 4 - NFL Week 4

SP-AA38 (IN)165.00vs------------------97.40
Flipping Animals117.40vsThe Rams **IN**135.20
Team Stark 1147.75vsBLUE FORCE124.85
xxWest of East40.25vsRTJ 16*125.85
Roonsback91.25vsFTP U103.60
Davcheck 10/269.25vsFunky Technicians135.10

Week 5 - NFL Week 5

SP-AA38 (IN)160.20vsThe Rams **IN**170.90
Flipping Animals127.35vsRoonsback134.40
Team Stark 183.65vsFTP U123.30
xxWest of East175.10vsFunky Technicians177.70
------------------127.45vsBLUE FORCE122.95
Davcheck 10/2123.50vsRTJ 16*129.55

Week 6 - NFL Week 6

SP-AA38 (IN)147.60vsRTJ 16*115.90
Flipping Animals104.10vsBLUE FORCE134.15
Team Stark 1120.50vsDavcheck 10/284.35
xxWest of East112.25vsThe Rams **IN**120.85
------------------144.40vsFTP U117.75
Roonsback73.15vsFunky Technicians119.80

Week 7 - NFL Week 7

SP-AA38 (IN)102.85vsBLUE FORCE126.05
Flipping Animals100.35vsFunky Technicians112.80
Team Stark 1116.60vsThe Rams **IN**137.35
xxWest of East90.55vs------------------108.80
Roonsback132.70vsRTJ 16*118.45
Davcheck 10/271.30vsFTP U125.95

Week 8 - NFL Week 8

SP-AA38 (IN)134.05vsRoonsback96.05
Flipping Animals111.75vsDavcheck 10/2127.35
Team Stark 1115.10vsRTJ 16*117.10
xxWest of East155.15vsFTP U140.25
------------------112.30vsFunky Technicians127.45
The Rams **IN**141.70vsBLUE FORCE119.05

Week 9 - NFL Week 9

SP-AA38 (IN)114.05vsDavcheck 10/294.55
Flipping Animals121.70vsFTP U88.55
Team Stark 1132.40vsRoonsback112.45
xxWest of East124.25vsBLUE FORCE102.45
------------------132.80vsRTJ 16*130.15
The Rams **IN**142.00vsFunky Technicians111.75

Week 10 - NFL Week 10

SP-AA38 (IN)145.50vsFunky Technicians153.70
Flipping Animals91.80vsRTJ 16*116.25
Team Stark 189.65vs------------------137.95
xxWest of East138.80vsRoonsback117.70
The Rams **IN**130.10vsFTP U86.05
Davcheck 10/2131.10vsBLUE FORCE131.00

Week 11 - NFL Week 11

SP-AA38 (IN)153.90vsFTP U93.35
Flipping Animals95.25vs------------------95.00
Team Stark 194.25vsFunky Technicians100.75
xxWest of East104.10vsDavcheck 10/2114.60
The Rams **IN**134.40vsRTJ 16*133.50
Roonsback99.05vsBLUE FORCE131.20

Week 12 - NFL Week 12

SP-AA38 (IN)138.20vsFlipping Animals91.60
Team Stark 1107.20vsxxWest of East100.15
------------------175.85vsThe Rams **IN**106.60
Roonsback87.45vsDavcheck 10/2128.90
FTP U68.55vsFunky Technicians123.00
BLUE FORCE131.35vsRTJ 16*123.75

Week 13 - NFL Week 13

FTP U82.80vsBLUE FORCE113.95
Funky Technicians99.70vsRTJ 16*120.75
SP-AA38 (IN)111.70vsTeam Stark 192.70
Flipping Animals145.50vsxxWest of East110.40
The Rams **IN**124.40vsDavcheck 10/2116.05

Week 14 - NFL Week 14

SP-AA38 (IN)134.85vsxxWest of East105.35
Flipping Animals101.35vsTeam Stark 1112.35
------------------128.85vsDavcheck 10/2102.55
The Rams **IN**140.25vsRoonsback115.70
FTP U101.25vsRTJ 16*99.15
Funky Technicians174.10vsBLUE FORCE139.45

Playoff Week 2 - NFL Week 16

No Games Scheduled