Guest of the League
4th and 44
FFL: Offseason | NFL: Offseason


Week 1 - NFL Week 1

snowbum809 ANT AA126.00vsBIG BANG THEORY94.70
Bigdaddyyyy10134.50vsBledsoe 2166.70
Bounce It Out Wide112.45vsx97.25
B8S FAMILY139.60vsOld Milwaukee Kegs97.95
Maulers 42104.80vsChicago Blitz153.45

Week 2 - NFL Week 2

Gremlins91.60vsBledsoe 2115.80
snowbum809 ANT AA140.15vsBounce It Out Wide114.40
BIG BANG THEORY110.95vsx147.15
B8S FAMILY102.95vsMaulers 42141.85
Old Milwaukee Kegs107.05vsChicago Blitz112.15

Week 3 - NFL Week 3

seantaylor31170.80vsB8S FAMILY125.05
Gremlins167.80vsBounce It Out Wide114.70
snowbum809 ANT AA130.10vsOld Milwaukee Kegs127.35
Bigdaddyyyy1096.40vsBIG BANG THEORY136.80
Bledsoe 2136.35vsMaulers 42118.45
x88.10vsChicago Blitz131.85

Week 4 - NFL Week 4

seantaylor31119.65vsBIG BANG THEORY117.75
Gremlins61.30vssnowbum809 ANT AA134.75
Bigdaddyyyy1088.05vsB8S FAMILY88.30
Bounce It Out Wide104.05vsOld Milwaukee Kegs135.35
Bledsoe 2139.35vsChicago Blitz100.20
x159.40vsMaulers 42142.45

Week 5 - NFL Week 5

seantaylor3195.20vsBounce It Out Wide165.50
Gremlins130.95vsBIG BANG THEORY131.65
snowbum809 ANT AA89.55vsB8S FAMILY237.20
Bigdaddyyyy10115.90vsChicago Blitz113.90
Bledsoe 2146.55vsx122.35
Old Milwaukee Kegs118.90vsMaulers 42122.20

Week 6 - NFL Week 6

Gremlins115.10vsOld Milwaukee Kegs89.85
snowbum809 ANT AA124.40vsx162.85
Bounce It Out Wide145.40vsBledsoe 2184.90
BIG BANG THEORY94.05vsMaulers 42116.10
B8S FAMILY127.40vsChicago Blitz73.55

Week 7 - NFL Week 7

seantaylor31115.70vsB8S FAMILY84.90
snowbum809 ANT AA94.35vsBIG BANG THEORY79.20
Bigdaddyyyy1087.65vsOld Milwaukee Kegs119.40
Bounce It Out Wide110.45vsChicago Blitz174.35
Bledsoe 2108.35vsMaulers 4282.60

Week 8 - NFL Week 8

seantaylor31127.30vssnowbum809 ANT AA105.45
Gremlins134.55vsB8S FAMILY123.75
Bounce It Out Wide142.95vsMaulers 42119.35
BIG BANG THEORY142.20vsChicago Blitz114.15
Bledsoe 2123.75vsOld Milwaukee Kegs162.20

Week 9 - NFL Week 9

seantaylor31102.45vsBledsoe 282.15
Gremlins87.85vsBounce It Out Wide137.00
snowbum809 ANT AA122.15vsMaulers 42112.55
Bigdaddyyyy10106.10vsB8S FAMILY125.55
BIG BANG THEORY138.60vsOld Milwaukee Kegs151.20
x115.60vsChicago Blitz87.55

Week 10 - NFL Week 10

Gremlins129.60vsMaulers 42110.10
snowbum809 ANT AA112.65vsChicago Blitz142.55
Bigdaddyyyy1095.70vsOld Milwaukee Kegs137.40
Bounce It Out Wide116.45vsBIG BANG THEORY101.20
B8S FAMILY113.55vsBledsoe 2119.75

Week 11 - NFL Week 11

seantaylor31115.70vsOld Milwaukee Kegs118.85
snowbum809 ANT AA156.30vsBledsoe 2112.40
Bounce It Out Wide71.55vsMaulers 42142.80
BIG BANG THEORY101.10vsChicago Blitz103.85
B8S FAMILY63.85vsx102.45

Week 12 - NFL Week 12

seantaylor3175.55vsMaulers 42117.35
Gremlins144.05vsChicago Blitz132.75
snowbum809 ANT AA90.70vsx106.55
Bigdaddyyyy10150.40vsBounce It Out Wide99.95
BIG BANG THEORY78.70vsBledsoe 2120.75
B8S FAMILY107.50vsOld Milwaukee Kegs101.15

Week 13 - NFL Week 13

x130.50vsOld Milwaukee Kegs106.00
seantaylor31123.90vsChicago Blitz152.75
Gremlins124.35vsMaulers 42107.65
snowbum809 ANT AA95.35vsBigdaddyyyy10110.80
Bounce It Out Wide117.30vsBledsoe 283.85

Week 14 - NFL Week 14

seantaylor3197.95vsOld Milwaukee Kegs118.05
Gremlins85.75vsBledsoe 2105.15
snowbum809 ANT AA113.30vsChicago Blitz125.45
Bigdaddyyyy10133.45vsMaulers 42125.55
Bounce It Out Wide104.95vsB8S FAMILY134.35
BIG BANG THEORY110.15vsx94.70

Playoff Week 1 - NFL Week 15

x127.70vsBledsoe 2139.00
Old Milwaukee Kegs143.35vsChicago Blitz161.20

Playoff Week 2 - NFL Week 16

Chicago Blitz126.05vsBledsoe 2163.40