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Friday Morning Special
FFL: Week 11 | NFL: Week 11


Red DivisionWinsLossesDivTot Pts
Roethlisbergers and Parad824-01413.80
Flood City 22461-31176.90
Chicago Blitz280-41190.30
Blue DivisionWinsLossesDivTot Pts
Big Papas Patriots AA30-9824-21377.15
NERD B0642-21319.05
Thunder v5641-21218.00
Cash Money Brothers552-31171.60
White DivisionWinsLossesDivTot Pts
Mr. Randy Watson (6-4) - 643-11274.15
Draft Machine552-21170.95
Dice man 59463-11129.10
Say What280-41055.35
Explanation of Standings
If Playoffs Began Today
1.Roethlisbergers and Paradise! (AA1)
2.Big Papas Patriots AA30-9 1
3.NERD B0 (Wildcard)
4.Mr. Randy Watson (6-4) - P

Championship Semi-Final
Mr. Randy Watson (6-4) - P
Roethlisbergers and Paradise! (AA1)
Championship Semi-Final
Big Papas Patriots AA30-9 1