Guest of the League
Hump Day
FFL: Week 8 | NFL: Week 8
Waiver claim submission deadline: Wed Oct 23 11:59pm ET

Projected: Wed Oct 23 11:59pm ET

1.Gracchi (708.95pts)
2.Breach of Auction Integri (744.75pts)
3.08SUPER8 (759.90pts)
4.JW_draft 2 (789.25pts)
5.33 (796.00pts)
6.Donation nation3 (800.00pts)
7.Arick AA 8 (821.05pts)
8.Hkm 2 (836.55pts)
9.Murtig05 (895.15pts)
10.AA 05* - +3 (916.00pts)
11.Truth-16 (948.70pts)
12.cRunhappy (995.95pts)
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