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FFL: Week 3 | NFL: Week 3
Waiver claim submission deadline: Wed Sep 18 11:59pm ET

Projected: Wed Sep 18 11:59pm ET

1.Spearmint Rhinos 1 (3) (200.40pts)
2.YesMonkeys (206.60pts)
3.Junedraft 2 (211.65pts)
4.Pudgey 2019 (211.75pts)
5.BraidMyBallHair (220.90pts)
6.pat237 (228.35pts)
7.Risks Vs Rewards (232.20pts)
8.DRAFT MASTER (247.40pts)
9.Seconds Out - 12/C+ (250.90pts)
10.charlie1iloveuwithallmyhe (274.95pts)
11.Join (276.45pts)
12.BEER BEER BEER (303.45pts)
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