Guest of the League
Saturday Showdown
FFL: Week 12 | NFL: Week 12
Waiver claim submission deadline: Wed Nov 20 11:59pm ET

Projected: Wed Nov 20 11:59pm ET

1.17 WhooDoggy $30 Managed (1127.55pts)
2.Davcheck23/9 (1168.70pts)
3.Lazing - 13 (1207.40pts)
4.SAN DIEGO SHARKS XIV (1240.00pts)
5.Jersey Shore Score15 (1342.80pts)
6.Fire Dragons D629 (1358.05pts)
7.MommaMia (1383.60pts)
8.The Dirty Sanchez 3 (1423.50pts)
9.AUDAZ DONKEY CARTEL AA 1 (1426.95pts)
10.AAmsufanJuly 2 (1465.40pts)
11.6 (1487.85pts)
12.Assassins AA-29 (1564.60pts)
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