Guest of the League
NFC West
FFL: Week 8 | NFL: Week 8
Waiver claim submission deadline: Wed Oct 23 11:59pm ET

Projected: Wed Oct 23 11:59pm ET

1.Zombie Waldo (702.70pts)
2.BossAA918 (721.45pts)
3.FSN5 (772.35pts)
4.K-Town Killers (781.45pts)
5.TEAM SO-DAK (810.00pts)
6.The Best Team 4 3 (834.15pts)
7.YEP (835.95pts)
8.CashCowsPoker (854.75pts)
9.stubussss33 (878.50pts)
10.KState2010 (886.75pts)
11.PennSylvania Rowdies 1 (925.30pts)
12.Bismark Roughriders (1059.50pts)
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