Guest of the League
All Pro Fantasy Football League
FFL: Playoff Week 1 | NFL: Week 15
Waiver claim submission deadline: Wed Dec 11 11:59pm ET

Projected: Wed Dec 11 11:59pm ET

1.Scrabble Life (1474.50pts)
2.Laurel and Hardy (1531.25pts)
3.Cowboys (1532.20pts)
4.Teamallstars (1577.20pts)
5.BradysBullies (1685.65pts)
6.Robbison (1694.05pts)
7.ADogs (1715.25pts)
8.Murphys Browns (1739.60pts)
9.Revenge of Milksteak (1763.70pts)
10.Oorah (1832.50pts)
11.Serenity in Murder (1835.30pts)
12.Last One 2 (1989.50pts)
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